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3   Khomenko S., Beltran- Alcrudo D., Rozstanlnyy A., Pinto J., Lubroth J., Martin V., Gogin A., Kolbasov D. African swine fever in the Russian Federation: risk factors for Europe and beyond

An extensive ASF endemic zone got established in the last 5 years in the Russian Federation. This zone progressively expands and threatens European countries and other Eurasian states with further introductions. This paper reviews the structure and peculiarities of the pig production sector in the Russian Federation, the distribution and density of the susceptible population, including wild boar, the seasonality and epidemiology of ASF in the country, as well as identifies main risk factors for its spread and endemisation. It expected that epidemiological situation will further worsen and the disease will expand to the nearby countries, particularly those with low biosecurity dominated pig production sector (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Baltic states, Poland, Romania). The critically important measures to contain current epidemic in the Russian Federation and the region as a whole are discussed. Key words: African Swine Fever, low biosecurity, epidemiology, spread, wild boar, endemicity, forecast, risks, Russian Federation, Eastern Europe.


16   Mikhalishin D.V., Mischenko A.V., Zakharov V.M. Efficiency of Transcaucasian FMD buffer zone

Efficiency of the anti-FMD vaccine supplied by the FGBI "ARRIAH" to the Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia with the EuFMD and FAO financial support is analyze. The vaccine is well established in the field conditions that largely contributed for prevention of Transcaucasian region from FMD and so minimized the risk of virus introduction to Russia in 1999 – 2012 despite a complicated epidemiological situation in neighboring countries (Turkey and Iran). Key words: buffer zone, foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), vaccination.

19   Babkova E.А., Lukinyuk O.V. A rational approach to the prevention of bacterial diseases broiler poultry industry

Analysis of the results of growing each batch of chickens can help to accurately predict the time of the beginning chicken deathes and adjust the scheme of preventive antibiotic treatments. Using for this purpose Enroflon® 10%, Dolink® and Neomycin® can increase the safety of grown broilers and profitability of the poultry. Key words: antibiotics, bacterial infections, poultry industry.


22   Gaffarov H.Z., Ivanov A.V., Efimova M.A. Etiological reoviruses value in the pathology of cattle

There are presented literature data, confirming the participation of reovirus in the pathogenesis respiratory and digestive diseases of calves. The first domestic diagnostic ELISA test kit and vaccine against this disease were developed. Key words: vaccine, ELISA, cattle, pathomorphology, reovirus, symptoms.

27   SlivkoI.A., SafonovG.A., KhripunovY.M., GoginA.Y., ZhesterevV.I.,  BankovskyD.OProbable causes of failure oral antirabic immunization of wild carnivores in the Russian Federation

EU countries eradicated rabies, while the Russian Federation remains one of the most rabies-affected countries. The lack of native uniform requirements for the procedure of determining safe rabies virus vaccine strains and national program for rabies control do not allow to achieve a significant success in the struggle against this dangerous zooantroponosis. Key words: rabies, virulence, immunization, national control program, carnivores, prevention.

32   Shevtsova L.I., Ylasov V.I., Panin A.N., Burmakina G.S., Lunitsin A.V. Fight against rabbit haemorrhagic disease

The characteristic of viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits, show the reasons for its wide distribution and the factors influencing the effectiveness of preventive measures. Key words: viral haemorrhagic disease of rabbits, vaccine, prophylaxis.


35   Shodmonov I., Engashev S.V. Efficiency Alezan past and drugs Monizen at cestodiasis and nematodosis horses

In the conditions of the Republic of Tajikistan Alezan anthelmintnic activity of paste and Monizen preparation is studied at cestodiasis and nematodosis horses. Key words: horses, cestodes, nematodes, Alezan past, Monizen, efficiency.


37   Alekhin Iu. N. Differential diagnosis of antenatal fetal hypoxia and intrapartum asphyxia newborn calves

The investigations on the differential diagnosis of fetal distress and asphyxia newborn calves. Screening is recommended for cows 30 days before the planned date of calving. At the pulse of the fetus, in cows presence of acidosis, hypoxia, anemia, and endogenous intoxication. In assessing the condition of the fetus during labor differential is the presence of acidosis and hypoxia in the beginning or at the end of the period of exile. Newborn calves should assess the severity of the metabolic component of acidosis, endogenous intoxication, hemolysis, carbohydrate and electrolyte metabolism, as well as prevailing complications. Key words: fetal hypoxia, asphyxia newborn, cattle, diagnosis differential.


42   Tashbulatov A.A. Biosafety at the hatchery – reliable investments of poultry breeders

A comprehensive programme of hygiene and disinfection at the hatchery developed by "RABOS International", includes the use of modern effective detergents and disinfectants CID LINES (Belgium) for washing hatchery and its equipment, used with the aerosol equipment IGEBA (Germany). The algorithm of the veterinary and sanitary service actions at the all major critical points hygienic control of hatching eggs: pedigree breeding stock; transportation (external and internal); reternable pack (trays), conveyor belts; staff; hatching eggs (contaminated with mechanical injuries); incubatory cabinet. Key words: biological safety, Virocid, DM CID, resource-saving technologies, poultry house, staff, the complex program of hygiene, disinfection at the hatchery, the aerosol equipment, veterinary-sanitary service.

47   Prokopenko A.A. Air disinfection using UV radiators-recirculators with increased efficiency in small premises of poultry factories

At a chicken farm in the premises of the hatchery, (sorting, washing, guard room) and the egg-warehouse research was carried out for the disinfection of air using UV-rays, obtained from irradiators-recirculators with improved efficiency. As a result of experiments effective regimes and the technology of their application in small premises hatcheries and egg-warehouse are developed. This methods are recommended for introduction in veterinary practice. Key words: UV radiator-recirculator with increased efficiency, hatchery, egg-warehouse, poultry house, modes, technology, disinfection, UV-rays.


50   Kuzovkova N.Iu., Parakhin A.V., Parakhina M.V., Sletova S.M., Teplova E.A., Garbuzov A.V., Kozlova M.N., Larichev O.V., Maslowski K.S. The drug GastroVet forte for the prevention and treatment small animals and birds

The data on modern methods of treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases environmentally friendly enzyme preparation GastroVet line. Application Pet showed efficacy, safety, lack of undesirable side reactions and adverse effects. Key words: enzymes, small animals, birds, therapeutic effect, safety.

54   Krasnova Е.G. Iron deficiency and anemia in piglets

Iron deficiency is a condition often found in piglets, leading to a number of negative phenomena in their body. When anemia in piglets are decreasing mean daily growth, lagging behind in development. Despite major advances in the study of correction of iron deficiency, is still not fully understood the functionality of dynamics of the vascular wall in newborn piglets with anemic against the backdrop of the most frequently used her options – in the case of the isolated use of drug and its combination with other drugs. Key words: piglets, iron deficiency, anemia, anemia correction.


57   Lukicheva V.A., Kochish I.I., Masalov V.V., Penshina E.Y., Timonin A.N. Effect of Zinc glycinate on the development of free radical reactions in the broiler chicken in stress

Zinc glycinate increases the antioxidant activity of serum chickens under stress and have a positive effect on the activity of certain antioxidants. Key words: Zinc glycine, stress, antioxidant protection, antioxidants, superoxide dismutase, catalase.

59   KhoroshevskayaL.V., DontsovaT.N., KhoroshevskyA.P.  The influence of rations containing the whole wheat grains on the development of the digestive tract of broilers and nutrient assimilability

The study found that the introduction of the whole wheat directly into the granules structure gives the best production indicators for growing chicken broilers. Key words: the whole wheat, appetite stimulation, the internal organs, the increase in body weight, homogeneity.

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