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3   Stryzhakov A.A. Paratuberculosis cattle in the world and in Russia

The report provided here contains the information about paratuberculosis (Johne's disease) of cattle in the world, also, in Russia in the recent decades and proposed the measures, directed toward averting of the uncontrollable spread of disease in Russia. Key words: paratuberculosis, epizootiology, pathologic anatomy, propagation in the world, propagation in Russia. 


10   Kontsevaya N.N., Soboleva G.L., Nepoklonova I.V., Aliper T.I. Inactivated combined vaccines for prevention  infectious abortion of cows

The article is described the role of viruses and bacteria in causing abortions in cattle, as well as the stages of development of an inactivated combined vaccine for the prevention of abortion. Key words: viral diarrhea, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, rotavirus, coronavirus, leptospirosis, abortion, cattle, antibodies, vaccines.

16   Paniushkin A.I. Approbation of  ICT for diagnostic viral transmissivny gastroenteritis, enzootic diarrhea and rotavirus infections in pigs

Field approbation of ZETECT Rapid test Kit (Bionote Inc., Republic of Korea) for detection of antigens of rotavirus, viruses transmissive gastroenteritis & enzootic diarrhea and infection of pigs showed sensitivity 97 – 99 % and specificity 98 – 99 %. It's easy to use these tests in field conditions. Used tests should be considered as screening methods and their results (especially the negative ones) need to be confirmed by appropriate methods of laboratory diagnosis. Key words: virus, diagnostics, rotavirus,  immunochromatographic test, transmissive gastroenteritis, screening, enzootic diarrhea.

19   Sanin A.V., Deeva A.V., Narovlyansky A.N., Pronin A.V., Kudinov A.V., Shirobokova D.A., Annikov V.V. Gamavit usage for stimulation of somatotropic hormone production in animal husbandry

Previously it was shown that Gamavit induced 2(fold increase in the somatotropic hormone (STH) blood level in calves. Here we studied Gamavit effect on the STH blood level in lambs. By enzyme immunoassay we showed that 3(fold Gamavit injection at a dose of 1 ml per 2 kg of live weight upon 7, 14 and 21 days after birth led to the increase of STH blood level up to 11,7 – 13,1 mMU/l (compared with 6,7 mMU/l in control) in 2 – 3 weeks. Key words: Gamavit, somatotropic hormone, lambs.


22   Gordienko L.N. The efficiency increase epizootological monitoring at reindeer' brucellosis 

Increase in coverage of studied livestock with the distant-pasture reindeer breeding allows to raise the efficacy epizootological monitoring for brucellosis. Key words: brucellosis, reindeer, epizootological monitoring, threatened zone. 

25   Kuvshinov V.L., Morugin A.K. Complex of slaw infections of sheep and perspectives of their prevention 

The article describes the effectivity of growing offspring on the substitute of ewes' milk. Animals kept isolated from the ewes have mobidity four times lower. Key words: slow infections, morbidity rate, sheep of Romanov breed. 

28   Burdinskaya O.N. Aujeszky`s disease: the routes of transmission and spreading 

The paper summarizes the published data on the routes of transmission and spreading of Aujeszky`s disease in domestic and wild animals. Key words: Aujeszky`s disease, virus, epizootology, insects, rodents, swine. 


31   Tolybayeva A.E., Karmaliev R.S. Anthelmintic efficacy of several drugs at  monithes sheep

In the region of West Kazakhstan in sheep parasitic cestodes Moniezia expansa. The largest infestation of sheep Moniezia expansa celebrated in the summer, and the lowest in winter. Key words: sheep, monithes, anthelminthics, West Kazakhstan.


33   Safarova M.I., Pankov I.Y., Panfilova M.N., Sidorkin V.A. Preparation Sepranol cows in the treatment of purulent endometritis, complications mycosis 

The results of the study of the therapeutic efficacy of a new obstetrics and gynecological drug Sepranol for purulent catarrhal endometritis, complicated by fungal infections. The preparation contains two active ingredients – chlorhexidine and propranolol. Chlorhexidine has a broad antibacterial spectrum of activity against gram-positive and gramnegative bacteria. Propranolol is a beta-adrenoceptor blocking drug (beta-blocker), which stimulates the activity of the uterus. Sepranol in a dose of 2 tablets per day (once) within 3 – 5 days has a high therapeutic efficiency of cows with purulent-catarrhal endometritis, complicated by fungal infections both in the individual and in complex treatment with antibiotics. Key words: Sepranol, cows, endometritis, fungal infections, therapy, complex application. 

38   Shkuratova I.A., Ryaposova M.V., Khalturina L.V., Belousov A.I., Danilkin O.A., Mymrin V.S. Comparative evaluation of breeding bulls in the Ural region 

The article presents the evaluation of bulls domestic and foreign selection for clinical, biochemical, immunological and echographic parameters. The interrelation of the individual biochemical blood parameters of breeding bulls with sperm production was established. Ejaculate volume and sperm concentrations were highest in bulls imported from France. Key words: biochemical parameters breed bulls, hormones, reproduction, semen, echography. 


42   Nikolaenko V.P., Klimov M.S., Mikhailova A.V. The appliance efficiency of Trisan in the hatching house 

A new home-produced preparation Trisan is developed for sanitation of hatching hens' eggs and production equipment of incubatory hatchery park. Key words: incubation, preparation Trisan, bactericidal action, sanitation.


45   Bokrev A.V., Stekolnikov A.A., Domansky N.K. The etio( logic and pathogenetic selection of drugs to treat inflammation metacarpus and metatarsus and finger in dogs by retro( grade intravenous chemotherapy 

Explored some cytological, histological and biochemical characteristics of subacute and chronic pododermatitis in dogs. Found that the latency and chronic canine pododermatitis occurs due to increased functional activity of macrophages and mast cells, as well as high activity proteolytic enzymes in the wound. Based on the findings concluded that the treatment of this disease is the most effective drug combination consisting of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory glucocorticoid hormones and inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes. Key words: dog, metacarpus, metatarsus, inflammation, fibrosis, disregeneration, capillary diffusion, enzymes. 


53   Panferova A.V.,  Tsybanov S.Zh., Lunicyn A.V. ,  Kolbasov D.V., Krasochko P.A. Development variants multiplex real(time RT PCR for identification serotypes 1 and 8; 4 and 16 BTV 

In this paper an original systems of "oligonucleotide primers – DNA-probe" are presented, which were used as a basis for development of multiplex serotype-specific real-time RT-PCRs to identify bluetongue virus serotypes 1 and 8; 4 and 16. There is also data on evaluation of analytical indicators of the assays. Key words: bluetongue virus, genome, serotype, real-time RT PCR. 

58   Morgounov U.P., Malogolovkin A.S., Kolbasova O.L., Koushnir S.D., Gazayev I.Kh., Tsybanov S.Zh., Jurkov S.G., Kolbasov D.V. Adaptation of various african swine fever virus seroimmunotypes  to continuous cell lines 

Experimental results of the adaptation of various strains of African swine fever virus serotypes 2 and 4 to the continuous cell lines are reported. Key words: African swine fever, adaptation, cell cultures, haemadsorption inhibition test, serotyping.


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