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Veterinary control of swine reproduction

S.V. Shabunin, A.G. Shakhov, A.G. Nezhdanov

 The characteristic of manifestations sows reproductive function disorders in different periods of the reproductive cycle was given. Diagnostic monitoring system and treatment-and-prophylactic measures of obstetric-gynecologic pathology, providing intensive animal reproduction were considered. Key words: sows, disorders of reproductive function, diagnostics, preventive and therapeutic bases.


 Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in young calves

A.G. Glotov, T.I. Glotova, O.V. Semenova

 The manifestations of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in calves up to 30-day age were studied on big dairy farms. They were infected by the cows, especially first calved. The average detection rate of the virus genome in calves without colostral antibodies was 30,9 % and in animals with colostral antibodies – 5,0 %. The most susceptible for agent were calves of 10-30 days age. Viral DNA was detected in nasal, conjuctival exudates, tonsils, nasal and tracheal mucosa, lungs, lymphatic nodes, kidneys and liver, which shows the systemic form of infection. A systemic form of the infection in calves of this age should be considered when planning vaccination programs. Key words: infectious bovine rinotracheitis, calves, colostral immunity, PCR, vaccination.

 The efficiency of the antiepizootic measures for foot-and-mouth disease in Mongolia

A.V. Mishchenko, Ts. Bandi, V.A. Mishchenko, D.V. Mihalishin, V.M. Zakharov

 The results of use of FMD vaccines production FGBI "ARRIAH" in a complex anti-epizootic measures are provided in 2011 – 2012 prosperity of Mongolia for FMD. Key words: FMD, complex of FMD measures, Mongolia.

 The use of biogenic stimulants to improve reproductive function boars

A.G. Narighniy, A.N. Kuripko, A.Ch. Dzhamaldinov, N.I. Kreindlinà

 Introduction to the diet breeding boars hips natural instant dose of 4 g per day with feed production has greatly improved sexual potency, sperm quality and fertility of sows. Key words: breeding boars, potency, quality of sperm, fertility of sows.


 Reoviruses and their role in the ecosystem (Review)

H.Z. Gaffarov, A.V. Ivanov, M.A. Efimova

 Reoviruses are infectious for human and animals. Their structure, genome, morphology, physical-chemical and immunological properties, the nature of replication, as well as criteria for identification and classification are describe. Key words: reoviruses, immunobiological properties, laboratory animals.

 Comparative analysis properties of strains African swine fever virus isolated

A.A. Varentsova, S.G. Remyga, V.L. Gavrilova, I.Y. Zhukov, O.S. Puzankova,

N.N. Vlasova, A.A. Shevtsov., K.N. Gruzdiev

 African swine fever causes significant damage to pig farming in Russian Federation since 2007. ASF virus which circulating on the vast territory undergoing significant changes. This article presents a comparative analysis of the cultural-biological properties of 2 ASF virus isolates obtained in 2013. Key words: African swine fever, virulence, wild boar, cell culture, pathogenicity, virus population, pig.

 Experimental reproduction of equine infectious anemia

N.N. Gerasimova, O.L. Kolbasova, A.V. Lunicyn, D.V. Kolbasov, V.V. Pronin,

G.V. Korneva

 This paper presents the results of experimental reproduction of equine infectious anemia in the susceptible animal and detection of the virus genome in samples of the material. During the period of monitoring of the animal observed the characteristic clinical signs of EIA. At autopsy revealed pathological changes characteristic of subacute course of the disease. By reverse transcriptase PCR in blood samples revealed EIAV viral RNA, starting from the 2nd to 35th day after infection (time of observation). In samples of internal organs also detected genome of equine infectious anemia virus. Specific antibodies to the EIA virus determined by the AGID, starting from the 30th day after infection. PCR was rapid, sensitive and specific diagnostic method for detection of the EIA virus genome in the initial period of the disåase. Key words: EIA, horse, reverse transcriptase PCR, antibodies.


 Zoofilnye flies in poultry

R.T. Safiullin, P.V. Novikov, L.A. Bondarenko

 The results of the study of occurrence of adult flies and their larvae in the premises for growing broilers at cell battery maintenance and young chickens egg breed in outdoor technology content, seasonal abundance and daily activity of adult flies in poultry areas, the species composition of flies in poultry houses and poultry territory. Key words: flies, maggots, the incidence in poultry houses, seasonal abundance, daily activity, species composition.


 Motility, plasma membrane and acrosome integrity of dog semen after addition of low-density lipoproteins extracted from chicken egg yolks to the cryopreservation media

A.R. Korbetskyy

 Evaluation of sperm plasma membrane integrity and functionality by HOST method and determination of acrosin activity for assessing the quality sperm acrosomes can be used instead of expensive and time-consuming methods of using fluorescent markers. In our study were confirmed that medium with 6 % of low density lipoproteins showed the best results in terms of motility, plasma membrane and acrosome integrity for thawed dog semen compared with other concentrations and with 20 % of whole egg yolk. Key words: dog semen, cryopreservation, chicken egg yolk, low density lipoproteins, sperm plasma membrane integrity, acrosome intactness.

 Early pregnancy diagnosis in cows by ELISA

J.V. Samsonova, A.P. Osipov, A.M. Egorov, T.N. Rybina, N.V. Kireev

 Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay was used for early pregnancy diagnosis in cows. Pregnancy was diagnosed on the basis of progesterone concentration recovered from whole milk samples taken on day 21 post insemination. The sensitivity of the method was estimated as 100 %, specificity – 67 % and diagnostic accuracy – 86 %. Key words: pregnancy, cattle, whole milk, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, progesterone.


 A new therapeutic concepts of treatment anemia of pigs

A.A. Sazonov, S.V. Novikova, V.À. Orobets

 The article describes the results of studies of use of the drug Ferran on piglets. Eighty piglets were used in trials to evaluate the effects of intro muscular injection of iron-dextran in combination with vitamin B9, B12 and PP from drugs based on Fe-dextran. Concentration Fe in serum and plasma rapidly increased compared with conventional products which based on iron-dextran. The use of Ferran on newborn piglets leads to more than twofold increase body iron, which leads to an increase in plasma levels of erythrocytes, hemoglobin and iron. Key words: pigs, anemia, iron-dextran, iron supplements, vitamins, Ferran.

 Prevention of metabolic disorders of cows in Yakutia

M.P. Neustroev, I.S. Tretyakov, N.P. Tarabukina, I.I. Trofimov

 The effect of protein-mineral of oil plant preparation Sakhabaktisubtil on some of the indicators of metabolism in pregnant cows was studied. Mineral supplement with probiotic Sakhabaktisubtil increases the vitality of the body and stimulates the immunobiological reactivity of cows, normalizes intestinal microbiocenosis. Key words: Sakhabaktisubtil, mineral exchange, resistance, metabolism.


 Quality indicators of meat of broilers when using feed additive Activ Ist

E.A. Oleynik, I.G. Seryogin

 The feed additive of Activ Ist used at cultivation of meat broilers, provided increase of a daily gain of weight of a body of chickens, improvement of physical and chemical indicators and meat structure. Harmlessness and biological value of meat is defined, the veterinary and sanitary assessment of products of slaughter of broilers is recommended. Key words: broilers, stern, additives, weight gain, meat, quality, safety, veterinary and sanitary assessme

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