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3 Tjurin V.G., Mysova G.A., Birjukov K.N., Kochish I.I., Vinogradov P.N. Zootechnical and environmental requirement for process design pig farms

This article presents zootechnical and environmental requirements in the design pig farms to ensure their protection and antiepizootic environment. Key words: pig farms, zootechnical, environmental requirements, environmental protection.



11 Gerasimov V.N., Muzhzhavlev E.F., Slugin A.V., Terent'ev S.N., Kurochkin E.V., Abdullayev Rh.S., Zakharov V.Y. Experience the eradication of African swine fever in the Ivanovo region

The data on the organization and implementation of measures for eradication of African swine fever (ASF) in the Ivanovo region in 2011 and 2012. The example of effective cooperation of the state veterinary service of the Ivanovo region with the administration and other bodies of executive power in the region of the Russian Federation (RF). Substantiated example of actions of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation in organizing the timely diagnosis, develop and implement quarantine measures during the winter, which helped prevent the spread of ASF on the Ivanovo region and beyond. Key words: African swine fever, the executive bodies of the Ivanovo region (state veterinary service, administration), winter.

15 Shilova E.N., Klimova L.A., Vyalykh I.V., Kadochnikov D.M., Tarasov M. Efficiency of inactivated vaccines Hiprabovis-4 to prevention of bovine viral respiratory infections in Sverdlovsk region

In the monitoring of viral infections in cattle on dairy farms Sverdlovsk region detected seroconversion to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus at a level of 10,0 to 35, 7 %. The infection of virus diarrhea in adult livestock observed in 29, 4 % of the surveyed herds, the number of persistently infected newborn calves amounted to 8,8 – 9,0 % of the investigated. The seroprevalence to respiratory syncytial virus infection was 37,7 %, for parainfluenza-3 – 100 %. In disadvantaged by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis herds in 92 % of the cows had clinical signs of vulvovaginitis. After the vaccination of Hiprabovis-4 number of cows with vulvovaginitis fell to 33,1 %. The level of blocking of antibodies to infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus after vaccination in blocking ELISA was 95,45±1,53 %. Key words: cattle, vaccine, prevention.

17 Gordienko L.N. The intensity of the prevalence of brucellosis in cattle meat breed under range conditions

The infection spread rapidly, covering livestock up to 30 % during the year, in a fresh outbreak of brucellosis in meat breed cattle herds with a backyard keeping. There was found that expression of the infectious process influenced factors associated with the specific industry transhumant. Key words: cattle, backyard keeping, brucellosis, distribution, intensity, focus of infection.


20 Mischenko A.V., Mischenko V.A., Drygin V.V., Scherbakov A.V., Yaryomenko N.A. Epizootological peculiarities of type A FMD caused by virus heterologous strains

The paper presents analytical data on type A FMD epidemic situation in the territory of the Russian Federation in 2013. FMD outbreaks in territories of the Zabaykalsky Krai and Amur Oblast were caused by type A virus belonging to South-East Asia genetic lineage (SEA 97). Isolates of type A FMD virus that affected animals in the territory of North Caucasus (Karachayevo-Cherkessian Republic, Krasnodar Krai, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic) belong to genetic lineage Iran 05, sublineage SIS 10, topotype Asia. Both agents were isolated in the territory of the Russian Federation for the first time. Key words: foot and mouth disease (FMD), cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, virus, antigenic relationship, vaccine.

24 Kovakyuk N.V., Satsouk V.F., Parhomovich D.N. The use of polymerase chain reaction in the diagnosis of cattle leukosis

Experimentally established that health events with using PCR diagnostics calves highly effective during the period of the individual content. Adult animals most effective health interventions with the use of diagnostic method AGID. Three PCR test-systems for diagnostics BLV were identical on the specificity and sensitivity. Key words: leucosis, PCR, AGID.

27 Repin  P.I., Chvala I.A., Pchelkina I.P., Bahchin I.V., Drygin V.V., Spiridonov A.N. Study of Newcastle Disease in experimentally infected pigeons

This article presents data on experimental infection of pigeons with epidemic isolate NDV/Pi/Rus/Kursk/2/13. Features of infection in pigeons are described. Key words: Newcastle disease virus, isolate, virulence, pathogenesis, infection.

30 Egorova I.Yu., Celyaninov Yu.O., Kulagina S.P., Sevskikh T.A. Resistance of field isolates of L. monocytogenes to physical factors and modern biocides of different chemical classes

In this article the results of disinfecting activity of some physical and chemical factors concerning listeriosis pathological agent are presented. It is established that from four tested methods only flowing steam (heat treatment method) completely inactivates L. monocytogenes cells, including in contaminated pathogenic fodder grain. Radiation of premises with ultra-violet light, their treatment with ozone and the action of electromagnetic fields of low frequency on the pathological agent cells do not provide reliable disinfection of veterinary sanitary inspection objects. Modern commercial biocide disinfecting activity studies showed that the disinfectants which compositions include quaternary ammonium compounds or their complexes, glutaraldehyde, alcohols and tertiary amines are most active concerning L. monocytogenes isolates. For reliable disinfection of Listeria contaminated surfaces, biocides on the basis of oxidizers and haloids need to be used in concentrations at 5 – 10 times exceeding their bactericidal activity determined by serial dilution assay. Key words: L. monocytogenes, resistance, antimicrobial and disinfecting activities.


27 Jushmanov P.N., Kirillov A.A., Batrakov A.J. Study anticoccidial activity Koktsistata at a separate coccidia infection of chickens

Combined preparation Koktsistat consisting of ½ preventive doses nikarbazina farmkoktsida and has expressed anticoccidial properties. In experimental coccidiosis caused by Eimeria coccidia three types acervulina, E. maxima and E. tenella, set high specific activity Koktsistata. Key words: coccidiosis, nikarbazin, farmkoktsid , Koktsistat.



30 Shabunin S.V., Cheskidova L.V., Vostroilova G.A. Foamy aerosols in treatment of cows and sows with endometritis

In article the data of therapeutic efficiency of complex antibacterial drugs Viapenum and Floropenum is presented. At treatment of farm animals with pyoinflammatory diseases of a uterus as local causal treatment foamy aerosols have set of advantages. Key words: antimicrobial drugs, medicinal forms, foamy aerosols, cows, sows, inflammatory diseases of the generative organs.



34 Vanner N.E., Prokonenko A.A. Technology of disinfection in incubator houses and eguipment with directet aerosols of neutral anolite ANK in case of colibacteriosis and aspergillosis of poultry

The high bacterial contamination of the surfaces of incubators and incubating machines was established with E. coli and fungi and other microflora. Aregime and technology of disinfection of the above - mentioned houses with the directed aerosols of neutral AHK anolite were developed and recommended to be uset in veterinary practice. Key words: bacteria, fungi, contamination, installations, ANK anolite, disinfection, regimes, technology, using.

36 Frolova E.M., Evstafev D.M., Erin S.N., Gavrikov A.M. Aldiekoseptimol-A – the new disinfectant

The characteristic of the new disinfectant broad spectrum Aldiekoseptimol-A rendering antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral effect. The optimal regimen and treatment of cows in the postnatal period with a diagnosis of chronic endometritis. Key words: Aldiekoseptimol-A range of actions, methods of use, treatment regimens.



39 Gertman A.M., Samsonova T.S., Fedin A.Y. Treatment of chronic acidosis scar in the conditions of natural-technogenic province of the southern Urals

Among the many factors restraining milk productivity, we can distinguish chronic acidosis scar, which develops in winter stall period. One of the etiological factors for the development of the noted problems are salts of heavy metals in significant quantities in the diets of cows. Integrated approach to diagnostics, as well as the concomitant use of mineral enterosorbent vermiculite and yeast culture Yea-sacc1026 normalize indicators of cicatrical digestion and on this background activates all kinds of exchanges in the organism of animals. The proposed method of treatment of chronic acidosis scar has a pronounced therapeutic effect. Key words: chronic disorders of the scar, salts of heavy metals, high-yielding cows, technogenic pressure.

42 Kostylev V.A., Kontsevaya S.Y., Derkho M.A. Features of clinical and biochemical parameters in the pre and postoperative periods of treatment of dogs with cholelithiasis

Anomalies of the biliary tract-congenital and developmental defects, which are often the cause of functional disorders of the biliary tract with subsequent development of inflammatory changes and the formation of gallstones. Inflammation of the gallbladder is probably the most common diseases than thought. This pathology is accompanied by changes in biochemical and clinical analysis of animal blood. And the main objective of therapeutic interventions after diagnosis, surgery and cholecystectomy with subsequent correction of underlying aimed at improving the quality of life. Key words: dogs, cholelithiasis, cholecystectomy, blood, enzymes.



45 Belousova R.V., Vinogradova E.A., Gracheva N.S., Deeva A.V. Test of immunomodulators Fosprenil and Gamavit on sables under production conditions

Inclusion of Fosprenil and Gamavit immunomodulatory drugs in sable rearers ration once a week enables optimization of physiological state, immune status and safety. Key words: sables, Fosprenil, Gamavit, biochemical indicators, immunological studies, reproductive.

48 Engashev S.V., Muromtsev A.B., Yefremov A.Y. Effects of drug Emidonol 20 % on productive qualities mink

We studied the feasibility of using the drug Emidonol 20 % of lactating females with food, its impact on increasing the intensity of growth and development of mink. The dynamics of weight gain pups safety of young animals to jigging in 45- days of age. Key words: mink, lactation, lactating female, milk yield, the absolute increase in body weight, puppies, whelping, Emidonol 20 %, safety of young.

51 Titova E.I., Samujlenko A.J., Eremets V.I., Neminushchaja L.A., Vorobiova G.I., Bobrovskaja I.V. The use of synbiotical complex in the period of weaning foals from the mares

This article refers to the study of the clinical status and dynamics metabolism of foals in the period of weaning from mares on a background of destination synbiotical complex, which consists of two probiotic drug and feed additive with prеbiotic properties. Key words: horse-breeding, probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics.

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