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3   Fedorov Ju.N. The clinic-immunologic characteristic and immunocorrection of the immunodeficienciens animals

The present paper describes classification, clinico-immunologic characteristics, possible mechanisms and principles of immunocorrection of the immunodeficiency animals. Key words: immune system,immunity, immunoassay, immunodeficiencies, congenital immunodeficiencies, secondary immunodeficiencies, immunocorrection.


9    Melnik N.V., Kolesnichenko I.S. New development stage of the Association "Vetbioprom"

There are described the history of creation, development stages and prospects of Russian agrobiological industry, the role of the National Association of organizations of veterinary and biological industry (Association "Vetbioprom") in the implementation of the Federal target program "National system of chemical and biological safety in the Russian Federation" and "The Complex program of development biotechnologies in the Russian Federation on the period until 2020". Key words: agrobiological industry, diagnostic preparates, immunobiological preparates, vaccines, Veterinary Service, World Trade Organization.

12    Ignatova I.A., Gergel M.A., Makova V.M., Yarygina N.V., Grudneva J.V., Obukhov I.L. Identification of unregistered genetically modified organisms in imported feed 

Authors describe the various molecular genetic approaches using for identification of GMOs in feeds. There are list genetic lines (registered and unregistered in the Russian Federation) which quantification is held in FGBU "VGNKI". Key words: molecular genetic techniques, quantification of GMOs in animal feed.

14    Romashin M.S., Vasilenko V.V., Idiatulin I.G. Price calculation methods for rendering paid services on veterinary-sanitary expertise

The article presents the price calculation methods for rendering paid services on veterinary-sanitary expertise performed by federal public institutions under control of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary supervision. Key words: payment for rendering paid services, price list and calculation of prices, cost accounting


19    Arakeljan P.K., Bondareva O.V., Dimov S.K., Dimova A.S., Dimov K.S., Chekishev V.M. Valuation epizootic activity of small ruminants brucellosis with the help of AGID

The epizootic activity of brucellosis in small ruminant flocks and their epidemiological danger may be check by serological examination in AGID. Antibody immunity of animals vaccinated with strain 19 B. abortus does not interfere with the results of AGID with O_polysaccharide antigen B. melitensis. This allows to raise reliability of infection control in vaccinated population of small ruminants. Key words: brucellosis, vaccine, small ruminants, AGID, serological diagnostic, epizootic control, B. abortus, B. melitensis.

21    Lenchenko E.M., Motorygin A.V., Plotnikova E.M. Antigenic structure and pathogenic properties of E. coli strains isolated from animals with gastrointestinal diseases

There are submitted results of serotyping, testing of the pathogenic properties E. coli strains isolated from calfs, pigs, pigeons, chickens with gastrointestinal diseases. Key words: antigens, antibodies, pigeon, cattle, chickens, agglutination test, pigs, serotyping, E. coli. 

25    Shuralev E.A., Mukminov M.N., Valeeva A.R., Vasin A.A., Ivanov A.V., Whelan C. Assessment of antigen specificity for diagnostics of tuberculosis in wild boars

The authors have demonstrated the ability of using recombinant mycobacterial proteins, rMPB83, rMPB70-6, rCFP-10, rRv3616c & combined antigen PPD-b for serological diagnosis of TB in wild boars by ELISA with hemiluminiscent detection. There were identified significant differences between median levels of antibody titres in infected M. bovis and infection-free and wild boars. Key words: antigens, antibodies, wild boar, multiplex сhemiluminescence immunoassay, specificity, M. bovis.


29    Ponomar S.I., Soroka N.M., Ponomar Z.S. Complex ethiotropic therapy for pigs infected by nematodoses

In 2 trials there were used piglets with mixed infection of A. suum, T. suis, Oesophagostomum spp., Strongyloides spp. and A. suum, T. suis, Metastrongylus spp., respectively. The monotherapy by Alben forte, Ivomec, Brovalevamisol and complex therapy with Alben forte and Ivomec or Brovalevamisol lead to full elimination all nematodes except T. suis. But 80 days later was found out reinvasion of animals. The reinvasion was lowest in the group of pigs treated by Brovalevamisol. The complex use of Levomisole and Alben forte not only increase helmintelimination action but decrease the level of nematode reinvasion during the time of all trials. Key words: anthelmintics, ascaridosis, swine, trichocephalosis, metastrongyloidosis, oesophagostomosis, strongyloidosis.


32    Pankratova A.V., Fedotov S.V., Nasibov F.N., Guslinsky N.E., Anishchenko N.I. Reproductive status of cows in dairy farming Vologda region

The authors of article analysed the main factors that have a negative impact on the reproductive status of cows in dairy herds of the Vologda region. Key words: cattle, endometritis, ovarian disorders, reproduction.

35    Danilov M.S., Vorobyov A.L. Phyomineral complexes in prevention of diseases of mammary of cows

It is created phitogels using phitomineral complexes: bentonite, Plantaqo major and Abies Sibirica needles, which have antimicrobial, reqeneratinq and reparative effects, and have njt allerqic and sensitizinq effects. Bentonite phitoqels have hiqh preventive effectiveness to hide of nipples diseases and mastitis of cows. Key words: cows, mastitis, prophylaxis, bentonite, Plantaqo, Abies Sibirica needles, phitoqels, reqeneratinq, uber.


39    Derkho M.A., Sotsky P.A., Koncevaya S.U. Regulation bulls adaptive abilities by Ligfol in the technogenic province

The changes of content lead and nickel, as well as leukocytes counts in blood of young bulls with age in the area of air emissions of Magnitogorsk metallurgical complex. Regular (monthly) treatment of animals by drug Ligfol, which have adsorption and antioxidant properties, increases the functional activity of leucopoiesis organs and help cattle to adapt for influence adverse anthropogenic factors. Key words: adsorbent, antioxidant, cattle, leukocytes.


42    Korochkina E.A., Plemyashov K.V. Using vitamin-mineral boluses to high productive cows in dry period

The metabolic disorders are one of the main causes of decrease reproductive ability of high productive dairy cows. The authors described the method of prevention such disturbances by administration vitamin-mineral boluses with prolonged action. Their effect was determined on metabolism, parturition and involution of genital organs, viability of neonatal calves and productivity of cows. Key words: bolus, biochemical blood assay, cow, metabolism, minerals, vitamins.

46    Krasnova E.G. Physiological characteristics of platelet disorders in piglets of plant nutrition

Plant-based nutrition for pigs is gradually increasing activity of platelet aggregation and the arrangements for its implementation. This helps ensure adequate animal hemostatic readiness necessary to carry out their functions at this stage, the individual development. Key words: piglets, early ontogeny of the power plant, phase, platelet aggregation and thromboxane.

49    Bokov D.A., Stadnikov A.A., Diakonova E.A., Antimonova L.S., Topuriia L.Iu. Maturing and reorganization of the microenvironment of limphoid tissue in the system of bursa fabricii – spleen – harder`s gland
in determining the structural properties of a range of adaptive В-immunity modulation

Structural regulation of the spatial organization lymphatic tissue, level of its lability is defined by necessary immunoresponsible status of gland of Harder, active formation of immunogenetic histiones in it on the basis of reorganizationglandular epithelium and interstitium that is defined by concrete dynamic of lymphoproliferation and differentiation inbursa Fabricii and a spleen. Key words: lymphatic tissue, spatial organization, adaptive-variable properties of mutual relations, immunopoetic and immunogenetic histiones.


53    Lunitsyn V.G., Grishаeva I.N. Means for healing of wounds on the basis of production velvet reindeer breeding

The way of reception of concentrates from velvet sinews, tails, germ and genitals of males of marals with application of progressive technologies – the ultrasound, biologically active substances containing high guantity is developed. On the basis of concentrates, spirit and water extracts from production velvet reindeer breeding and vegetative raw materials means accelerating process of healing wounds on 25,8 – 26,7 % are created. Key words: velvet, production velvet reindeer breeding, vegetative raw materials, effect healing of wounds.


56    Gerasimova N.N., Baryshnicova E.I., Kolbasova O.L., Tsybanov S.G., Lunicyn A.V., Kolbasov D.V. Detection of equine infectious anemia virus genome by molecular genetic techniques

There was developed nested reverse transcriptase PCR tes-system for detection equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) genome. The results of it approbation are present. Level of nucleotide homology of PCR-positive samples with EIAV is 100%. Phylogenetic analysis revealed genetic relationship of EIAV found in horse from Nizhny Novgorod with strains of agent circulated in Italy and Austria. Key words: EIA, nested reverse transcriptase PCR, phylogenetic analysis.

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