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3       Panin A.N.,  Kulikovskii A.V.  Monitoring zoonoses and  antimicrobial resistance of the  zoonotic agents in EU countries

 The paper presents information on prevalence zoonosis, foodborne diseases and antimicrobial resistance of the zoonotic agents  in the Member states of the EU, taken from the  last two EFSA reports (2013).  Campylobacteriosis  and  salmonellosis were the most spread zoonotic infections  and foodborne diseases. Isolated from different sources Salmonella and Campylobacter demonstrated multi-resistance to some antimicrobials. However, these bacteria  in general have been sensitive to the medical drugs used for  human treatment.Key words:monitoring, zoonoses, foodborne diseases,antimicrobial resistance zoonotic agents.


6       Chvala I.A. Avian influenza epidemiology in Russia

There are summarized the results of avian influenza laboratory monitoring obtained in FGBI ARRIAH in 2012. Avian influenza genome was detected in the samples from Krasnoyarsk and Amur region. Subtype H5-specific antibody were found in wild birds serum from 3 regions of  Russia. Key words: antibodies, avian influenza, genome, monitoring.

9       Efanova L.I., Rubtsova Yu.A., Manzhurina О.А., Kondaurova V.Yu.

A role of pathogenic citrobacteriеs is in the pollution of concentrated forage for animals

Bacteriological examination of 672 samples of forages from 64 farms of the Central region of 114 (17 %) of them were contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms. Last identified in samples oil cake and meal (22,4% of cases), forages for pigs (21,5 %), forages for the birds (15,1%), corn (12,2 %), flour, animal origin (11, 1%). In addition to the regulated current Rules of bacteriological tests of forages (1975), E. coli, Salmonella spp., toxigenic Cl. perfringens, identified as well not regulated by this document pathogens Citrobacter freundii, Citrobacter diversus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus vulgaris, among which were the dominant citrobacteriеs, isolated in 43,9 % of cases. Key words: citrobacteriеs,  forages, animals, contamination, microorganisms.

 13     Preobrazhenskiy G.D. The new cause of lameness in broilers and key to solve of this problem

The isolation of  Enterococcus cecorum from arthritis and osteomyelitis lesions, and its association with lameness outbreaks in broilers and broiler breeders has sparked increased interest in this topic. In this article we describe main causes of this disease and also clinical signs, post-mortem lesions and prevention. Keywords: lameness, broilers, causes, clinical signs.


15     Gulyukin M.I., Albertyan M.P., Iskandarov M.I., Fedorov A.I.

Tests of mild-agglutinogenic vaccine against brucellosis of live-stock animals

The article contains results of laboratory study antigenic, immunogenic and allergenic properties of mild-agglutinogenic vaccine against brucellosis of live-stock animals, undertook on laboratory animals and sheep. Key words:Brucellosis, diagnosis, laboratory animals, sheep, specific prevention.                         

 19     Diev V.I., Konstantinov A.V. , Basova D.K. , Ashurov S.A. Duration and level of post-vaccination immunity against type Asia-1 foot and mouth disease virus in sheep

The immunogenic activity of  sorbated cultural 3-component (A, O, Asia-1) vaccine was 14 PD50/cm3against strain of FMV type Asia-1 adapted to sheep. Strong immunity developed during 3 months in all sheep after vaccination in doses of 1,0 and 0, 5 cm3 (14 and 7 PD50, respectively). Key words: foot and mouth disease, immunity, lesions, sheep, vaccine, viremia.

22     Morgunov U.P., Morgunov S.U., LunitsinA.V., Ulasov V.I. The strategy of application of a vaccine against myxomatosis in rabbits and PCR diagnostics

The report describes a procedure for application of vaccines against myxomatosis in rabbits due to various epizootics emerging at the virus circulation in various seasons in the Russian Federation, and the use of new diagnostic methods for viral genome myxoma detection and Shope fibroma. Key words: vaccine, virus, immunity, molecular diagnostics, myxomatosis of rabbits.

24     Egorova I.Y., Selyaninov Y.O. Susceptibility of L. monocytogenes cultures isolated from wild fauna to antibacterial preparations

The report provides data on a comparative study of the susceptibility levels of L. monocytogenes of various origin to antibacterial preparations (ABPs). The majority of the examined listerial strains/isolates were shown to have a classical susceptibility to antibiotics. Detection of L. monocytogenes isolates having a multiple resistance against ABPs indicates that there is a relation between natural and anthropurgic listerial foci. Key words: L. monocytogenes, antibacterial preparations, susceptibility.

 27     Plotnikova E.M., Lenchenko E.M.  Assessment of the pathogenic properties of Enterobacteriacea isolated in the gastro-intestinal disease of birds

The article presents data on the quantity and species composition of the intestinal microflora in poultry with digestive system diseases, pathogenic properties of isolated Enterobacteriaceae strains, toxigenicity of strains Escherichia coli. Key words: bacteria, gastroenteric illnesses, birds, Escherichia coli, toxigenicity.


32     Safiullin R.T.,  Novikov P.V.  Contact and residual action of agent Draker 10.2 on fly larvae in laboratory experiment in vitro

Tests contact and residual microencapsulated, sustained drug Draker 10.2 in

1 – 5 % concentration for larvae of flies in laboratory experiments in vitro have shown its effects on fly larvae during the 56 days. Key words:larvae during, laboratory experiments, Draker 10.2, contact and residual action.


35     Evstafyev D.M.,LaptevаN.N.,  GavrikovA.M. Prevention and treatment of chronic endometritis in cows

We study the main factors of the animals in suhostoynvy period, their influence on reproductive capabilities posleotelny period. Predlozheny optimal treatment regimen cows posleotelny period with a diagnosis of chronic endometritis. Key words: body weight, active exercise, the dry period, chronic endometritis, treatment regimens.

38     Abilov A.I., Zhavoronkova N.V., Amerkhanov Kh.A., Yeskin G.V., Kombarova N. A., Fyodorova E.V., Turbina I.S.,  Samorodov I.D.  Stress Influence on qualitative and quantitative semen bulls of modern breeding

It has proven that a stress provoked by a blood test (a routine veterinary and preventive care) adversely influences on the semen production (concentration, total number of ejaculate spermatozoa, frozen semen dose output) for 24 to 48 hours in spite of the year season. An abrupt collecting a sire semen sample during routine veterinary and preventive actions has been suggested to correct for reducing both technological defects and economic losses by 20 % within the period of the short-term stress factor impact. Key words:stress, semen, semen defect, concentration, reproduction.


42     Nikolaenko V.P., Klimov M.S., Mikhailova A.V.  The influence of antiseptics Brokarcept and Brokarcept-aroma on the chicken production

The test data in practicing of antiseptics Brokarcept and Brokarcept-aroma during the hatching egg and production manufacturing equipment sanitation are provided in the article.Key words: antiseptics, bactericidal action, sanitation, hatching house, chicks, eggs brooding, Brokarcept.


46    Medvedev I.N., Zavalishina S.Yu.  Age dynamics of haemostatisis activity of piglets during early ontogenesis

Against a background of low levels of endotheliazitemia in healthy calves during early ontogenesis found increased in the anticoagulation, antiaggregative and fibrinolytic activity of the vascular wall. To endotheliocytes calves during the first year of life is characterized by the accumulation of products of antiplatelet agents, antitrombin III and Tissue plasminogen activators. Key words: early ontogeny, calves, haemostatisis, vascular wall.

49     Vatnikov U.A., Mitrokhina N.V.  Determination of the period of recurrence of osteosarcoma in replants in the performance of safe operation

One embodiment of the reconstructive surgery for bone tumors of the bone defect substitution is replants obtained directly during the operation of the resected bone after the pretreatment. To investigate selected replants, frozen and subjected to irradiation at a dose of 200 Gy. The aim of this study was to examine the morphological level possible recurrence of the tumor. Key words: osteosarcoma, replants, osteogenesis, incorporation, recurrence.


52     Bachinskaya V.M., Deltsov A.A. Influence of drug Abiopeptid on the egg production and quality of eggs

Application of drug Abiopeptid in poultry farming promotes shorter molt and stimulates egg production. Key words: amino acids, hens, peptides, poultry farming, egg production.  

54     Beltyukova Z.N., Okulovа I.I., Domsky I.A.  The immunostimulatory effect of probiotic Subalin in vaccination minks

The haematological, biochemical, immunological, bacteriological studies in young mink, subject to certain of the changes in post-vaccination immunity under the influence of probiotic Subalin. Key words: parvovirus enteritis, immunity, interferon.

57    DugarzhapovaE.D., TsidipovV.Ts.,   ZverevaO.A. The results of  biotest on cats on alimentary toxic paroxysmal myoglobinuria

In this article we are announced the resalts by diagnostic biological tests in cats. They are got fish from unfortunate by ATPM Kotokel river. Key words: alimentary toxic paroxysmal myoglobinuria (ATPM), cats, biotest, bream.


 60    Misсhenko V.A., Korpusova T.I., Dumova V.V., Pichueva A.A., Koropova N.V., Kononov A.V., Avsitidiyskiy E.A., Nesterov A.A., Hlebopashnikova S.V. Optimization of culturing of bovine viruses in passage cell cultures

We studied the effect of growth media formulation on the virus yield of bovine vaccine strains cultured in RBT, MDBK, Taurus-2, СПЭВ and BHK-21 cell cultures. When compared the serum substitute showed better results than fetal bovine serum. RBT and BHK-21 cultured in rolling bottles and supplemented with synthetic serum (Fetal clone) at a concentration of 3 – 5 % produced virus yields with highly activity and immunogenicity  free of mycoplasmas and other viruses. Cell cultures supplemented with serum-free growth media allows to produce reliable results in microneutralization and bioassays as weel as avirulence testing of vaccine products. Key words: culturing, bovine viruses, cell cultures, serum substitute.



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