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3       Naymanov A.H., Tolstenko N.G., Vangeli E.P., Bukova N.K., Kalmykova M.S.   Paratuberculosis of the cattle

Are presented historical information about opening of an illness, data on the causative agent of paratuberculosis and distribution of an illness, an epizootology, a current, symptoms and pathoanatomical changes at paratuberculosis at the cattle, traditional and modern methods of diagnostics of an illness, and also prevention and fight measures are described. Key words: paratuberculosis, mycobacteria, epizootology, diagnostics, allergy, serology, PCR, prevention, fight measures.


10     Gergel M.A., Ignatova I.A., Makova V.M., Obukhov I.L., Panin A.N.

State control of fish meal, animal feed and feed ingredients for the presence of ruminant tissues

The results of state control and monitoring of fish meal, animal feed and feed ingredients for the presence of DNA of ruminants made in 2001 – 2013 and consequent inter-laboratory comparison tests made in 2008 – 2013 are presented. The technique to improve the system of state control and monitoring of feeds and feed additives for the presence of ruminant tissues have proposed. Key words: state control, DNA, ruminants, feed and feed additives, fish meal, scanning electron microscopy, PCR.

 14     Pokhilenko V.D., Perelygin V.V., Sadikova  G.T., Spiridonov D.N., Zevakova V.K. Evaluation of the efficacy of applied Bacillus lentus bacteriocin for broilers

The inclusion of the feed bacteriocin B. lentus have a positive effect on the growth rate of broilers and reduce feed conversion. Key words: bacteriocins, broilers, combined feed, feed antibiotics, microorganisms, probiotics.

 19     Balyshev A.V., Abramov S.V.,  Abramova E.V., Dragunkina O.S., Zhukova N.N. Effectiveness the new feed additive Butofan or for broilers

Results of field experiments showed that the new feed additive Butofan or had positive effect on the dynamics on broiler's growth, reduced the pecking and mortality. Key words: Butofan or, feed additive, butafosfan, vitamin B12, efficiency, broiler chickens, the safety of livestock.


21     Shulga N.N., Ryabukha V.A., Shulga I.S., Lavrushina L.A., Dudkina D.V. Leptospirosis of cattle in Amurskaya region

Wide spread (64,5 %) of leptospirosis determined in cattle of backyards in Amurskaya region. Key words: cattle, leptospirosis.

23     Arakelyn P.K., Raznitcina G.V., Barabanova E.B., Dimov S.K., Dimova A.S., Melnikov D.P. Serological monitoring of brucellosis in cattle herds immunized with live low agglutinogenic vaccines

Experimentally proved that R-antigen of natural strain B. ovis is ideal for the differentiation in complement fixation test post-vaccination immunity and the antibody response to Brucella infection in cattle immunized with live vaccines, prepared from dissociated strains of  Brucella. Key words: brucellosis, vaccination, cattle, CFT, epizootologic analyses.

 27     Bakulin V.A., Belkina I.V., Suhinin A.A., Prihodko E.I., Muriy V.A., Alieva A.K. Epizootology, diagnosis and prevention of chicken adenoviral hepatitis – hydropericarditis

Set the integrated approach diagnostic adenovirus hepatitis – hydropericarditis of chicken and approved the vaccine against this disease. Key words: adenovirus, hepatitis – hydropericarditis, epizootology, pathology, vaccination.


31     Andreyanov O.N. Biological features of trichinells of the central Russia

Some biological properties trichinells circulating in the Central Russia are studied. Survival and intensity of infection of circulating natural types trichinells allocated at wild carnivorous almost is twice lower in comparison with laboratory Trichinella spiralis isolate. The high rate of fertility of a look trichinells is noted by T. nativa at the mongolian sandwort. The full inactivation of muscular larvae trichinells at deep freezing (a minus 70 0С) in carcasses of white not purebred rats comes through 3 (T. spiralis) and 5 (T. nativa) of hours. Key words: survival, fertility, resistance to freezing, larvae trichinells, T. spiralis, T. nativа.


34     Shabunin S.V., Nezhdanov A.G., Mikhalev V.I., Vostroilova G.A., Skorikov V.N., Filin V.V. Aminoseleton in the complex treatment of endometritis in cows

The evaluation of biological effect of the new tissue preparation Aminoseleton from spleen on the cow’s organism was given. Also, efficiency of its inclusion in the complex treatment of postpartum endometritis in cows was established. Efficiency was 89,4 – 100 % and depended on character of the pathological process. Key words: cows, postpartum endometritis, treatment, the tissue preparation, Aminoseleton.

 38     Pavlov A.V., Rud A.I., Larionova P.V., Glazkova N.A., Scorih K.S. Boar blood selection

There were specified the prevailing methods of boar blood sampling, described the results of approbation of blood selection taking both from the boar hind limb superficial veins during the ejaculation and from the sow at the stall. Key words: pig-breeding, boar, sow, blood taking.


40     Gaeva V.A., Minchenko V.N., Gamko L.N. The morphology of the liver oa ping included chlorella suspensions in the iet

The results of studies have shown that long-term taking of microalgae suspension influences the structure of the main structural components of the hepatic lobules quite significantly. The noted changes were dependent of dose receiving suspensions. Key words: liver pig, Chlorella, hepatic lobules, hepatocyte, interlobular vein, artery, bile duct, sinusoidal capillaries, nuclear-cytoplasmiс ratio.

 43     Satiukova L.P.,  Smirnova I.R. The impact of macro- and microelements on the processes of metabolism in the body of the bird

With the intensification of poultry production in the Russian Federation importance to the efficient combination of macro - and micronutrients in the diet, affecting the metabolism and activating the enzyme processes. Key words: poultry, macro- and microelements, feed, metabolic processes at the tissue and cellular level.


48     Karimov M.M., Musaev M.U., Temirov I.T., Djuraeva D.R. The pharmacological research of antiprotozoal preparation Policarb

In the work are given the results of the pharmacological researches of the antiprotozoal preparations Policarb which is the complex imidocarb with polimetacril acid. It was set that LD50 for white mouse is 600 (360 – 840) mg/kg, for white rat – 375 (280 – 475) mg/kg by hypodermic operation. Policarb possesses low acute and chronic toxicity, has no collateral effect. The obtained data give the grounds to carry a preparation to 3 class of harmless substances according to GOST 12.1.007. Key words: Policarb, toxicity, blood, biochemical indexes, liver, kidney, stomach, patomorphological research.

53     Erastov G.M., Khoroshevskaya L.V., Grib A.P., Larichev O.V., Maslowski K.S., Kozlova M.N.  Biological and economic rationale for the use of drugs in the poultty line GastroVet

The data on the effectiveness of drugs GastroVet line for use in the poultry industry. Average live weight at slaughter increased by 2,2 – 4,2 %, the safety – 1,3 – 4,6 %, feed conversion – 2,6 %. Gastrointestinal disease decreased by 2,3 %. The economic effect on 1 ruble costs ranged from 8,7 to 11,2 rubles. Key words: broilers and health care, and economic efficiency.

 58     Varakin A.T., Salomatin V.V., Kharlamova E.A., Stepurina M.A., Salomatina M.V. Influence of mineral feed supplements for lactating cows

Given the characteristics of two feed supplementsand made the analysis of their influence on physiological condition and productivity of lactating cows. Key words: cows, dairy productivity, diet, feed additives, lactation, physiological indicators.


 61    Ivanov A.V., Plotnikova E.M., Nizamov R.N., Fazliahmetov R.G., Glagoleva I.S., Haziev L.R. Influence of γ-irradiation on the continuous cell line of MDBK

γ-irradiation allowed to get subline 02 of continuous cell line MDBK with increased radioresistance, proliferative activity and the final density of the cell monolayer capable of supporting intensive reproduction the virus of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis. Key words: cell culture, virus of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, growth medium, sterilization, serum.




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