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3    Aliev A.S., Burlakov M.V., Gromov I.N., Selikhanova M.K., Taimasukov A.A., Alieva A.K. Associate flow chickens infectious anemia and infectious bursal disease

The paper considers peculiarities of manifestation of infectious anemia in the associative flow with infectious bursal disease. The role of morphological methods for the diagnosis of mono-and associative flow of chicken infectious anemia. Key words: chickens, pathomorphological changes, infectious anaemia, bone marrow, thymus, bursa of Fabricius, spleen, liver.


8    Tatarnikova N.A., Zhdanova I.N. Efficiency Bioinfuzin and Bactotsellolactin at the pathology of the postnatal period cows

In article results of researches on efficiency studying immunogenic preparations are stated at treatment of pathology of the postnatal period at cows. It is established that efficiency of complex application bioinfuzin and baktotsellolaktin made 80 %. Key words: an immunomodulator, a horned cattle, resistance, postnatal endometritis, therapeutic efficiency.

10    Gavrikov A.V., Oborin A.E. Features pharmacodynamics of amoxicillin suspensions

According to veterinarians from farm the injection amoxicillin suspensions from different manufacturers show different therapeutic effect. The reason for these differences can be distinguished bioavailability of drugs. Key words: suspension, pharmacodynamics, amoxicillin, enrofloxacin, Amoximag®, Atcilomag®.

13    Kostromitinov N.A. The biological activity of Vitamin Trace Oral on calves

There were compared in the field conditions on the calves Vitaminо Trace Oral, which containing 8 vitamins, 17 amino acids, 6 macro- & microelements, with another vitamin-mineral drug. Both preparates were equally effective. They increased the intensity of animal growth and reduced their feed consumption. Key words: calves, vitamins, feeding, minerals, ration.

15    Gavrilin K.V., Vorobiov N.A. Assessment of effectiveness Antibak 100 at aeromonoses of carps

A fish in 3 farms affected by bacterial hemorrhagic septicemia were treated with drug Antibak 100 during 5 days. The new cases of disease were not registrated, but aeromonades were isolated in from liver of some fishes which was pre¬dicated by reinfection from the water. Key words: antibiotics, aeromonades, aeromonosis, therapy.


17    Yurov K.P., Alexeyenkova S.V., Yurov G.K. Equine herpesvirus type 5 is the cause of equine pulmonary fibrosis

Several viruses were detected in clinical and mortem samples from the horses with multinodular pulmonary fibrosis by PCR: EHV-5 in 75 % and EHV-4 in 25 % cases. EHV-2, EAdV-1, ERBV, EIV (H3N8) were not detected. Our results confirmed the dates of other authors about etiology of equine мultinodular рulmonary fibrosis. Also EHV-5 was detected in lungs of aborted fetus and newborn foal which suffered from diarrhea and died: apparently EHV-5 has a tropism not only to the respiratory tract but to other organs too. Key words: equine herpesvirus type 5, ELISA, OT-PCR, PCR, NT pulmonary fibrosis.

22    Soltynskaya I.V., Davydova E.E., Yatsentyuk S.P., Obukhov I.L., Smolenskyi V.I., Panin A.N. Molecular-genetic identification of Newcastle disease strains in vaccine preparations

Nucleotide sequences of F and M gene fragments of Newcastle disease vaccine strains were analyzed. Two samples of Newcastle disease vaccine have contained undeclared vaccine strains. The application of genetic analysis is an important advancement in vaccine safety and quality control. Key words: vaccine quality control, Newcastle disease virus, DNA sequencing.

26    Dmitrenko V.V., Zakoutsky N.I., Baluisheva V.I., Jurkov S.G. Modified viral vaccine against classical swine fever prepared from strain LK-VNIIVVIM herpesvirus type 5 is the cause of equine pulmonary fibrosis

There was demonstrated a high immunogenicity of vaccine against classical swine fever prepared from strain LK-VNIIVViM grown in the continuous cell line PK-15. This cell culture have high sensitivity to virus of classical swine fever, can be used for titration and reproduction this virus, have potency for multiple passaging and long storage; it's very technological and efficiency for production vaccines against CSF Using cell line PK-15 in production of vaccine against CSF excludes livestock slaughter for preparing primary testicular tissue culture or lamb serum. Key words: attenuated strains, vaccine, virus, immunogenicity, dassical swine fever (CSF), cell culture.


29    Lomakina N.F., Georgiou Ch., Zablotsky V.T., Gulyukin M.I., Touratier L. Genome study of equine trypanosomiasis causative agents (T. equiperdum and T. evansi)

The minicircle kinetoplast DNA of T. equiperdum and T evansi has been studied by sequencing and phylogenetic ana-lysis. On a dendrogram both tested trypanosomes are located in a group of T evansi strains. Key words: genome, kinetoplast, PCR, equine trypanosomiasis, T. equiperdum, T. evansi.

33    Kereev Y.M., Karmaliev R.S. Opisthorchosis prevalence in the West Kazakhstan areal

There was revealed a high (57,2 %) level of infection cyprinids in the Basin Ural River by metacercariae O. felineus. An average extensiveness of infection adult trematodes O. felineus in dogs and cats was 55,5 and 71,4 %, respectively. Efficiency treatment of carnivorous against opisthorchosis by Santomektin reached 98,2 %. Key words: helminthes, trematodes, Western Kazakhstan, dog, cat, fish, family Cyprinidae, Opisthorchis felineus


35    Dyulger G.P., Khramtsov V.V., Kertjeva N.M., Tabakov G.P., Varichenko T.R. Use of gonadoliberin agonists, pituitary and placental gonadotropins in equine reproduction

The use of gonadoliberins, pituitary and chorionic gonadotrophins in equine reproduction are described in this article. Key words: agonists of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, pituitary and chorionic gonadotrophins, equine reproduction.

39    Padrik P., Bulitko T., Rybakov I., Kaart T., Hallap T., Jaakma U. The influence of inbreeding of sperm quality characteristics of Estonian Holstein dairy bulls

We conclude that the inbreeding has an effect on sperm morphology in fresh semen and FT sperm quality parame¬ters. The effect of inbreeding can increase the percentage of young bulls that do not qualify for breeding because of low semen quality. Key words: sperm, inbreeding, bulls.


43    Zolotarev A.I., Chernitskiy A.E., Retsky M.I., Efanova L.I. Bronchitis' early diagnosis in newborn calves

The diagnostic approach suggested by the authors permits one to identify bronchitis in calves for 12 - 20 days before the clinical signs' manifestation. The present study has shown that at the moment of appearance of the cough reaction by palpation of the last tracheal ring the exhaled breath condensate pH is reducing, and malondialdehyde, y-glu-tamyltransferase, alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase expiration in newborn calves are increasing significantly. So, there is ample evidence of inflammation. In this point respiratory minute volume and tidal volume in calves decreased by 25 - 30 % in comparison with healthy ones (p<0,05). Key words: newborn calves, bronchitis, early diagnosis, exhaled breath condensate.

48     Korochkina E.A. Influence of Haemobalans and method of abdominal therapy on cell immunity of rats under stress

This article includes the influence of abdominal therapy and preparation Haemobalans on cell immunity of rats in physical and psyhoemotional stress. Key words: differential white blood cell count, physical and psychoemotional stress, rats, Haemobalans, method of abdominal therapy.


50    Papunidi K.Kh., Ivanov A.A., Idiyatov Kadikov I.R., Vafin I.F. The chronic intoxication of sucking-pigs by dioxin in slight doses

This article contains the results of experimentally-chronic influence of dioxin in slight doses on clinical status, hema-tological, biochemical and immunobiological characteristics of sucking-pigs. Key words: 2,3,7,8-tetrachlordibenzo-p-dioxin, alimentary poisoning, addition of weight, hematogenesises, lipids peroxidation, biochemical profile, immune status.


56    Efimova M.A., Ivanov A.V., Gaffarov Kh.Z., Moskvichev O.V. ELISA test-system for the diagnosis of reovirus infection in cattle and control post-vaccination immunity

Results of working out of immunoenzymatic test system for quantitative and qualitative definition of antibodies to a reovirus of type I at a horned cattle are presented. The immunoenzymatic test system is tested in laboratory and wor¬king conditions, she allows to spend screening of a number of cattle in the relation of reovirus infections and to esti¬mate the immune status of the vaccinated animals. Key words: ELISA, antibodies, Reovirus type I, cattle.


60    Garbuzov A.V. 20 years to the system of the certification drugs for animals

There is information about development the system of certification of veterinary drugs, its activity in 1993 - 2012 in the field of providing quality veterinary drugs and perspectives of further development. Key words: veterinary drugs, certification.


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