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3          Vasilevich F.I., Sidorchuk A.A. Unification and harmonization of veterinary education according to modern requirements

The issues of standardization in the preparation of veterinarians, in accordance with the requirements of the international veterinary authorities on the basis of decisions of global conventions on veterinary education and resolutions of the OIE. The main provisions of the recommendations to be used in the preparation of new standards and educational programs for veterinary medicine in our country.  Key words:veterinary education, WAHO (OIE), graduate competence,  unified  veterinary educational space.


7          Glotov A. G., Glotova T.I., Semenova O.V., Voytova K.V.  Etiology of prevalence of cattle bronchopneumonia on dairy industry farms

The data on the associations of viruses and bacteria resulting in acute outbreaks of bronchopneumonia in calves in big dairy farms on the imported cattle are submitted. In the first 2-3 years after the entering of animals respiratory diseases are caused by interaction of several infectious agents with the predominant role of bovine viral diarrhea virus and M. haemolytica with infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, bovine respiratory syncytial virus and bacteria P. multocida serotypes A and D. Key words: association of causative agents, bacteria, viruses, cattle, respiratory diseases.   

11        Kushnir A.T., Brit V.I.  Immunization of broilers against Newcastle disease by spraying the vaccine

The report represents experimental data of investigations the efficacy of immunization KOBB 500 line cross-bred broilers by spray of vaccine from La Sota strain of virus Newcastle disease. Key words: broilers, Newcastle disease, strain La Sota, spray, vaccination.

14        Varenikov M.V.,  Liepa V.L.,  Kotelnikova M.V., Gudenko N.D. On the application of the medicinal product Polyoxidonium®-vet  for the regulation of the immune system in cattle

The effectiveness of the new immunomodulator "Polyoxidonium®-vet" to enhance the immune response after vaccination in the calves was studied, as well as the treatment of acute and subclinical mastitis in cows. The optimum duration of treatment for the improvement of the humoral immunity was determined. Phagocytic activity with  Polyoxidonium®-vet  was higher than that of the animals in the control group by 1,08 times, the phagocytic index was higher by 1,16 – 1,21 times, and phagocytic number was higher by  1,24 – 1,29 times. The duration of mastitis treatment was decreased, and milk somatic cell count was lowered. Key words: immunomodulator, phagocytic activity, phagocytic index, antibodies, calves, cows, mastitis, somatic cells.

18        Bazilyuk D.V. Stop cannibalism in pig breeding  

This article describes how extensive damage causes cannibalism to pig-breeding farms, and what are the main issues in the treatment of pig cannibalism haven’t been solved to present day. But thanks to the unique invention of the Belgian company CID LINES specialists - antibacterial spray KENOFIX Pro, which has no analogues in the world, the optimal problem solving of this pathology treatment was found. Key words: pig, cannibalism, antibacterial spray, wounds, skin damage, healing, «second skin» effect.


21        Shilova E.N. , Shkuratova I.A. , Riaposova M.V. , Vyalyh I.V. , Kozlova N.A. Effectiveness specific methods of diagnostic chlamydiosis in cattle  

Epizootic situation of cattle chlamydiosis in some dairy farms in Ural region is troubled. There are necessary sensitive and specific diagnostic methods for effective struggle against this infection. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent test system Chlamydophila abortus Antibody Test Kit (IDEXX Laboratories Inc., USA) can detect up to 58 – 78,5% more seropositive animals in comparison with complement fixation reaction. In the cases of abortion it can be confirmed the etiological role of Chlamydophila abortus by finding in ELISA 4 -fold increase of titer specific antibodies in paired serum samples. Key words: cattle, ELISA, the incidence of abortion, chlamydia.  

24        Arakeljan P.K., Barabanova E.B., Bondareva O.V., Raznicyna G.V.,  Dimov S.K., Dimova A.S. Agglutinogical and  protective properties of different variants of adjuvant-vaccines against the brucellosis

There are describe the results of study in guinea pigs agglutinogenic and protective properties of the different variants adjuvant vaccine against brucellosis. Key words: adjuvant, brucellosis, vaccine, immunogenicity, protective effect.

27        Sindryakova I.P., Morgunov S.Y., Tcibanov S.Z., Kolbasov D.V.  Phylogenetic analysis of the myxoma virus strains circulated

A phylogenetic analysis by gene-M022L show that the same group strains of myxoma virus is circulated in Russian Federation and Europe. Vaccine strains B-82 and Mix-98 are relates to a particular branch of the phylogramm. Key words: myxoma virus, phylogenetic analysis, rabbit.      


31        SafiullinR.T., TashbulatovA.A., NovikovP.V., BondarenkoL.A. New in the fight against flies and other arthropods in poultry farms   

Tests contact and residual microencapsulated, sustained drug Drucker 10.2 in 1 – 5 % concentration for larvae of flies in laboratory experiments in vitro have shown its effects on fly larvae during the 56 days. In terms of production preparation in the form of a 5% spray against zoophilous flies in poultry houses showed 94,3 – 95,35 % intens for 6 weeks and 100 % effective against the chicken mite to 70-day-old chicks. Key words: poultry houses, flies and maggots, mites chicken, broilers, chickens egg, intensefficacy, economy.              


31        KotcarevV.N., NezhdanovA.G., VostroilovaG.A., CheskidovaL.V., BoevV.J., ShymskiN.I.Complex therapy of sows with postpartum endometritis and metritis-mastitis-agalactia

The results of researches on studying the efficiency of complex treatment of sows with acute postpartum purulent-catarrhal endometritis and metritis-mastitis-agalactia with the use of drugs of causal (primapenum), symptomatic (oxytocin) and pathogenetic (PDE and aminoseletonum) therapy are presented. Shown stimulating effect of tissue preparation - aminoseletonum on the course of metabolic processes, recovery of sows and their reproductive function. The complex therapy of purulent-catarrhal endometritis provides clinical recovery 100 % sows, of metritis-mastitis-agalactia – 93,8 %. Fertility of sows increased by 9,9 % and the yield offspring by 4,0 %. Key words: sows, endometritis, metritis-mastitis-agalactia, therapy, medications, blood.

40        BarkovaA.S. The effectiveness of the use of probiotic agents in disease prevention program udder

A study of the effectiveness of the use of probiotic agents for the prevention of diseases teats and udder of cows in lactation. The use of probiotics has reduced the prevalence of latent mastitis in the experimental group during the three months of application by 3,6 times, the spread of complicated forms of teat hyperkeratosis of 8,5 times, while reducing the number of somatic cells in milk collecting 1,5 – 1,7 times. Key words: cows, mastitis, hyperkeratosis, probiotics, prevention.


45        RodinV.I., SonK.N., FilipenkovaG.V., NikitchenkoD.V. Veterinary-sanitary and ecological requirements at design, construction, reconstruction and operation of farms of cattle

Veterinary-sanitary and environmental expertize of project documentation and natural assessment of largescale livestock farms and complexes by the criteria developed earlier is carried out. Basic veterinary and sanitary principles (veterinary maintenance of cultivation and sagination of young growth of cattle). Key words: environmental expertize of project documentation, natural assessment, veterinary maintenance of cultivation and sagination of young growth of cattle.

49       SmirnovaI. R., GlebochevS.N., ZaznobinD.E.Zoohygienic assessing fish feeds for fur animals  

The article presents a review of the literature on the use of fish, seafood and their processed products for feeding fur-bearing animals. Key words: fur farming, fish feed, zootechnical requirements for the feeding of fur animals.    


54        BachinskayaV.M., DeltsovA.A.Studying of safety of meat of rabbitswhen using in the preparation diet Bio-iron with microelements  

In article researches on determination of toxicity and safety of meat of rabbits are shined when using in their diet of a preparation bio - iron with microelements. High quality of meat and compliance to its accepted standards of safety according to normative documents is proved. Key words: rabbit breeding, rabbits, microelements, iron, veterinary and sanitary examination, toxicity, safety. LABORATORY PRACTICE

56        Chernitskiy A.E., Sidelnikova V.I., Retsky M.I. Modification of the method for determining the middle molecular peptides in biological fluids

The present paper describes the modified method of determining the average molecular weight substance in the serum, urine, cerebrospinal fluid and exhaled breath condensate, allowing to identify the peptides with a molecular weight up to 1500 D. Key words: endogenous intoxication, inflammation, middle molecular peptides, method of determining, biological fluids.

58        Nesterenko I.S., Vylegzhanina E.S., Filippova K.M., Sorokin A.V., KomarovA.A., PaninA.N.Production immunoreagents for the determination of fluoroquinolones by ELISA  

The possibility of using a new adjuvant-based supplement Floravit for preparing highly sensitive reagents for the detection of  fluoroquinolones in ELISA.  Key words: adjuvant, antibody, ELISA, fluoroquinolones.   

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