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3               RybakovS.S., GrubyyV.AMajor approaches to the development of asf vaccine (review)

Main attempts to develop vaccines ensuring protection of pigs against ASF are presented in the review. Main difficulties of their production by classic methods are described. Results are provided which were obtained using up-to-date molecular and genetic methods. Key words: African swine fever virus, inactivated and live vaccines, peptides, recombinant proteins, DNA vaccines.


10             Yamkovaya T.V., Glotova T.I., Glotov A.G., Semenova O.V., Yamkovoy V.I., Panin L.E. The drug activity Vitalang-2 against virus of bovine viral diarrhea-mucosal disease

The results of studies the effectiveness of the preparation Vitalang-2 against virus of BVD-MD are submitted. The preparation had antiviral activity in cell culture leading to a significant reduction in viral titer at 1,97 lg10 TCD50/см3. Similar results were obtained in experiments on infected calves. Administration the drug at a dose of 0,5 mg/kg lead to reducing the excretion of agent with nasal secretion, the normalization of body temperature and hematological parameters in calves with subclinical form of the disease. Key words: yeast, oleic acid, high-polymeric RNA, virus diarrhea-mucosal disease.

14             Ilyukhin V.I., Senina T.V. Glanders in the XXI centure: dissemination, scientific achievements

On the basis of genetic investigations of the last 10 years the taxonomic position of Burkholderia mallei as an deletion mutant of B. pseudomallei has been determined. In natural conditions outbreaks of glanders occurs among solid-hoofed animals in some regions of Asia, Africa and South America. Now effective genetic and engineering methods of identification and typing of B. mallei (PCR, VNTR) have been developed. The most effective for glanders chemotherapeutic drugs are combined sulfonilamides, tetracyclines, carbapenems, fluorchinolones. Their therapeutic effect increases in combinations and using in liposomal forms or clathrates. Key words: Burkholderia mallei, chemotherapy, glanders, identification.  

18             Potapova A.Yu., Bazhenova N.B., Plemyshov K.V. Morphological criteria for the effictiveness of Haemobalans in mare`s placenta

The paper brings out the results of the histological and histometric study of the mature mare`s placenta. The angiogenic effects of the Haemobalans were proven by an increase in the number of functioning chorionic villi (area in test-placentae more in 8,3 % (p≤0,05). Key words: placenta, histological analysis, angiogenesis, Haemobalans, mares.  


21             Makarov V.V., Sukharev O.I., Strizhakov A.A. Bluetongue 8 in Europe: epizootic pattern

The epizootic peculiarities of emergent invasion and spreading bluetongue 8 serotype in north-west Europe 2006 – 2012 are described and considered in this analytic paper. The main data of the epidemic pattern of the disease under conditions in unendemic territory are presented. Key words: bluetongue, unendemic territories, ways of invasion.

24             EruslanovB.V., SvetochE.A., YacovlevS.S., PirojkovM.K., PaninA.N. Latex test-system for rapid serologic diagnosis leptospirosis of animals

A latex test-system for the quantitative and qualitative detection antibodies to genotype Leptospira interrogans in cattle, horses and dogs has been designed and tested under laboratory and industrial conditions. Using this latex test-system allows a fast serologic diagnosis of leptospiral infection in animals. Key words: antibodies, outer membrane protein, leptospira, microagglutination test, latex agglutination test, cattle, horse, dog.

28             Kashirin V.V. Influence of the temperature on pathogenic of Pasteurella multocida – natural mechanism of pasteurellosis

The influence of low, moderate and raise temperature of an environment on capsula and pathogenic of property P. multocida is investigated. The dependence infectionis and invasionis of bacteria from temperature of an infecting material and environment is shown. The conditions of increase virulentus P. multocida and natural way of infection pasteurellosis are revealed. Is confirmed functional thermolabilis of P. multocida and the law of occurrence pasteurellosis is caused during sharp fluctuations of temperature and loss of rains. Key words: pasteurellosis, P. multocida, capsula, temperature factor, pathogenic properties, mechanism of infection.      


33        Lunitsyn V.G., Mihajlov V.I., Tishkov M.J.Epizootology a situation on invasion to illnesses red deers

The situation on parasitic disease red deers in a section of areas of Altai territory and Republic Altai is shown epizootic, the basic kinds helminthosis, entomosis are determined and their associations, are established the maximal and minimal parameters extensiveness invasion and intensity invasion. Keywords: monitoring, marals, helminthosis, entomosis, intensity of an invasion.


36        Nezhdanov A.G., Mikhalev V.I., Klimov N.T., Smirnova E.V. Embryonic and fetal intrauterine growth restriction in cows

Ultrasonographic diagnostic criteria of embryonic and fetal intrauterine growth restriction in cows during the first trimester of pregnancy were determined. Some risk factors and the role of steroid hormones imbalance in the manifestation of this pathology were presented. Keywords: cow, embryo, fetus, growth restriction, hormones, ultrasonography.

40        BatrakovА.Ya., VasilievaS.V., KostyakovA.R. Preventive measures udder disease in cows and improving the quality of milk

Violation of the milking cows cause mastitis. Drugs Kompomol DC+ is intended for hygienic treatment udder, it is effective in preventing mastitis. Solution Kompomol iodine 100+ designed for processing teat after milking. As a result of the use of drugs Kompomol DC+ and Kompomol iodine 100+, made ​​in Russia, for five months reduced the number of mastitis in cows by 40%. It will improve the quality of milk. Кеу words: bacterial contamination, number of somatic cells, milk quality, remedy Kompomol DC+, Kompomol iodine 100+.


42        Isamov N.N., Sarukhanov V.Ya., Isakova V.N. Resistance of sheep erythrocytes at enhanced doses of lead in the ration

Data are presented on the erythrocyte resistance dynamics in sheep during chronic administration of lead for 3 months. Adoptive and toxic effects of the metal on the erythrocyte resistance were found at enhanced doses. Effects of increasing lead doses on the contents of micro- and macroelements in the blood are estimated. Keywords: sheep, erythrocyte resistance, microelements.    


45        Medvedev I.N., Krasnova Е.G. Vascular haemostasis in sows during gestation

In a survey of 37 pregnant sows is lower content in their blood products of peroxide oxidation as a result of the significant increase in the activity of antioxidant capacity of plasma. For pregnant sows has low levels of endotheliazitemia. In many ways, it provides increased their antiaggregative, in the anticoagulation and fibrinolytic activity of the vascular wall. The increase of vascular control of haemostasis in pregnant sows is increased synthesis of nitric oxide in endotelia receptacles, prostacyclin, antithrombin III and tissue plasminogen activator. Key words:sows, gestation, haemostasis, vascular wall, lipid peroxidation.  


49        Azarnova T.О., Indyukhova Ye.N., Yartseva I.S., Zaitsev S.Yu., Naydensky M.S., Radkevich M.A. Iodinated transovarial nutrition chick embryos as a way to stimulate embryogenesis and mass synchronization hatching chicks

Iodinated transovarial food chicken embryos had a stimulating effect on their development and vitality that is apparently due to the activation of the antioxidant system and a reduction of lipid peroxidation in animals of the experimental group. Key words: chickens, embryogenesis, Klamin, hatching, hatchability, antioxidants, stress, allantois.  

52        Zholobova I.S., Luneva A.V., Lysenko Yu.A. Effect of sodium hypochlorite on the quail in a period of intense egg-laying  

The effect of selected concentrations of sodium hypochlorite on the quail organism in a period of intense egg-laying was investigated. Research showed that the use of sodium hypochlorite solution at a concentration of 100 – 200 mg/ l has no negative influence on the organism of the quail in a period of intense egg-laying, the safety of population and the intensity of egg production are increasing, economic and biochemical quality indicators of quail eggs are improving.Key words:quails, sodium hypochlorite, safety, hematological parameters of blood, egg-laying qualities, quality of eggs.  

56        Tremasov M.Ya., Papunidi K.Kh., Makaev X.N. Poisoning cows nitrogen compounds, diagnosis, treatment and prevention  

A case of mass poisoning in a pasture of cows with nitrogen compounds – urea, nitrates and nitrites has been described. Poisoning and deaths of cows occurred after the cows returned from pasture and received water for watering. Factors that increased the toxicity included eating nitrate accumulate plants (legumes and other herbs), high ambient temperature and the heat. Key words: poisoning, toxemia, nitrogen compounds, nitrate, nitrite, urea, ammonia, hypoxia, dyspnea, tachycardia, treatment, prevention.


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