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3 Yurov K.P., Alexeyenkova S.V., Yurov G.K. Current diagnosis of eguine infectious anemia

Major method of laboratory diagnosis of equine infectious anemia is the agar gel immunodiffusion (AGID - Coggins test), which is used for monitoring of horses for international transportation. In some cases, there may be alternative methods: RT-PCR, ELISA, virus isolation in cell culture, Western blot. Key words: equine infectious anemia, agar gel immunodiffusion, reverse transcription - polymerase chain reaction, Western blot.


8 Shemelkovа G.O., Yuzhakov A.G., Soboleva G.L., Koritkaya M.A., Shemelkov E.V., Ivanov E.V., Aliper T.I. Isolation of вovine adenovirus type 1 and assessment of its biological properties

The paper presents a classification and characterization of bovine adenoviruses. It describes the work on the isolation and identification of field strain of bovine adenovirus, its adaptation to the continuous cell lines. Key words: aden¬ovirus, cattle, PCR, DNA sequencing.

12 Korennik I.V. Processing futures of udder post milking
After milking teat canal stays opened for an hour. Milking creates "soft vacuum" inside the udder which helps the bacteria to penetrate the teat canal from the environment. This can be prevented by treatment teats immediately after milking by preparates Kenocidin 100 or Kenolac. These preparates provides antiseptic effect, stimulate healing of skin injuries, soften and nourish the teats skin, creates drape, which stops microorganisms entry in teat canal. Key words: antiseptic, cow, mastitis, microorganisms, prevention, udder

13 Karanikolova M., Vesselova S., Kanora A., De Gussem K., Petkov S., Nazarov V. HydroDoxx® 500 mg/g Powder (doxycycline) in porcine respiratory disease complex

We investigated on pigs pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of doxycycline - active substance of HydroDoxx® product line. After an oral administration in drinking water the concentration of doxycycline in the plasma was 0,25 -0,5 jig/ml. Such level accords to MIC of this antibiotic for PRDC pathogens. Key words: antibiotic, MIC, HydroDoxx®, pigs, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, doxycycline.

15 Mukhamedshina A.R. The Swiss quality for the Russian animal husbandry

In the article is given information about high-quality semiautomatic syringes for a vaccination and injection of prepa-rations to all species of agricultural animals and birds, and also about needles, spare parts, macro - and micropipet-tes produced by Swiss company Socorex. Key words: syringes, needles, vaccination, pipettes.

17 Delyan A.L., Dukhovskiy A.A. Fly control program in livestock and poultry housing

Flies are one of the most common insects. Dramatic results on fly control in livestock facilities can be achieved only by using an adultacide and a larvacid at the same time, accordind to manufacture instructions. Key words: flies, larvae, flies control, desinsection, larvicide, insecticide.


20 Nikitina E.G., Salnikov N.I., Tsybanov S.Zh., Kolbasov D.V. Schmallenberg virus (survey data as of February 2013)

The article reports on the Schmallenberg disease, characterized by fever, diarrhea, malnutrition and reduced milky ield, malformations, deformities, non-viable offspring. Key words: Schmallenberg diseases, cattle, midges Culicoides

23 Arakelyn P.К., Dimov S.К. The struggle against livestock brucellosis in modern conditions

Discusses the problem of improvement in current conditions the control of livestock brucellosis, which have high epizootic and epidemiological significance. Key words: brucellosis, vaccination, infection control, farm animals, serological diagnosis.

27 Baryshnikov P.I., Bondarev A.J., Novicov B.V., Razymovskay V.V. The associated course of the infectious diseases of wild birds in the forest steppe area of the Altay territory

Bacteriological and serological studies have found a high incidence of mixed bacterial and viral infections in wild birds of forest-steppe area of Altay territory. Key words: antibodies, bacteria, chlamydia, ELISA, mixed infections, salmonella, pasteurella, influenza, Newcastle disease, infectious laryngotracheitis, Gamboro disease, staphylococcus.


30 Safiullin R.T. Bioreks-GX sarcoptic mange in swine

Scabies infected pigs after treatment with 0,025 % aqueous emulsion Bioreks-GX with a flow rate of 300 ml twice on the head was free from scabies mites - EE=100 %. Prescribed concentration of boars marked Bioreks-GX with rate of 500 ml on the head twice. In young boars efficacy was 100%, and boars producing EE was 92,3 %, IE - 96,15 %. Key words: pigs, ectoparasites, infestation, Bioreks-GX, Butoxy, efficiency.

32 Engashev S.V., Novak M.D., Kolesnikov V.I., Lemekhov P.A. Methods of dealing with blood-sucking insects livestock buildings and pastures

The article presents data on the production of a new test drug Flayblok repellent against mosquitoes, developed by LLS "NEC Agrovetzaschita" and tested in different areas of Russia. Key words: cattle, Flayblok, blood-sucking insects, pasture, farm buildings.


35 Narizhny A.G., Kuripko A.N., Kreindlina N.I. Improving the reproductive functions of boars during treatment Sidnokarb

Introduction to the diet of boars of drugs that stimulate the central nervous system Sidnokarb between lethargy and depression at low atmospheric pressure for 1 hour prior to semen collection significantly improves the sexual parts of the reflex, quality and quantity of sperm and has no adverse effects on the fertility of sows. Key words: breeding boars, depression, sexual reflexes, sperm, fertility of sows.


38 Rostomyan D.K. Aerosol misting and disinfection with cold fog - easy, silent, effecient, profitable

Article about the methods of modern aerosol misting in the agricultural sector of Russia. Work carried out by cold fog generators. Key words: Aerosol misting innovations, cold fog, agrobusiness, disinfection, air aeration, processing facilities in the presence of animals and fowl.

39 Popova T.V. Use of the drug BioZol® to improve productivity of broilers

Use the drug BioZol®, which contents probiotic& biotin, allows to achieve equitable growth of broilers and additional profits. Key words: average daily gain, safety index, profit margin.


41 Medvedev I.N., Parakhnevich A.V. Aggregative and cytoarchitecture properties of erythrocytes from milking sows

The microrheological properties of erythrocytes in sows in many ways provide needed to suction fluid properties of blood and, thus, its inflow to the lactating milk glands and regenerating the uterus. This helps maintain the proper body metabolism in cells, contributing to the optimal state of the animal. Identified characteristics of cellular composition and aggregation of erythrocytes of sows is also largely provide training their body for a new pregnancy. Key words: erythrocytes, aggregation, cytoarchitecture, sows, unmetered.

44 Sobolev V.E., Zhdanov S.I. Analysis of urine in the sable of "wet belly"

The article has shown a result of the study, which been made in the young sables on fur farm, and includes estimation of daily urine output, clinical and biochemical analysis of the urine (concentration of total protein, albumin and creatinine) in animals affected of "syndrome urinary incontinence" (SUI). Animals with SUI ("wet belly") compared with healthy ones have considerably reduce of urine daily volume, and often has crystals of cystine in the urine sediment. Key words: urinary incontinence syndrome, sable, "wet belly", urinalysis, cystinuria.


46 Deltsov A.A., Antipov A.A. Morphological changes in the liver and kidneys pigs when iron deficiency anemia and its prevention

The article presents data on the morphological characteristics of the microstructure changes in the liver and kidney of pigs with iron-deficiency anemia and its prevention, are associated with imbalance of free radical oxidation and antio-xidant protection in violation of iron metabolism. Key words: iron deficiency anemia, free radical oxidation, morphology, kidney, liver, iron dextran.

49 Sanin A.V., Deyeva A.V., Videnina A.А., Kozhevnikova T.N., Narovlyansky A.N., Pronin A.V., Naidensky M.S., Mishina D.M.

The effectiveness of Gamavit and Phosprenyl combined use in aviculture
Gamavit and Phosprenyl stimulate embryogenesis, growth and development of chicken, and normalize the blood count. They also possess adjuvant properties, antioxidant, detoxicant, and anti-inflammatory activity. Combined usage of Gamavit and Phosprenyl drugs increases their effectiveness. Key words: Gamavit, Phosprenyl, combined application in aviculture.


52 Efanova L.I., Sviridov M.M., Manzhurina O.A., Pasko N.V., Rogulina I.N. Detection with the help of PCR some microbs in porcine sperm, aborted fetuses and vaginal smears of sows with endometritis

The article presents results of testing in PCR boar sperm, samples of aborted foetuses and vaginal smears of sows with endometritis from Central black soil Region of the Russian Federation in 2009 - 2012. There were established circulation of Mycoplasma sp., Chlamydia sp., Salmonella sp., Leptospira sp., Campylobacter sp., virus of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, porcine parvovirus porcine circovirus, which capable to be the etiological agents of pig reproductive disorders. Also it was shown dominant role of Mycoplasma sp. in the development of the reproductive pathologies of swines during last 2 years. Key words: aborted fetuses, bacteria, mycoplasma, polymerase chain reaction, sow, sperm.
55 Zakutsky N.I., Konakova L.D.LYurkov S.G. Inactivated vaccine from concentrated antigens of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and bovine parainfluenza 3 viruses

Concentrated suspensions of bovine rhinotracheitis and bovine parainfluenza 3 viruses were stored at - 60 0C during 3 years. During this period the infective and antigenic activity of these materials didn't reduce. In the dilution 1:200 (V/V) virus antigens in the forms of associated inactivated oil and aluminum hydroxide - saponin vaccines induced in rabbits a high level of virus neutralizing (VN) antibodies. Deposition of high concentrated virus antigens allows to prepare IBR and BPI-3 associated vaccine in necessary quantity in a short time, which make unnecessary the step of preparation of cell cultures. Key words: antigen, bovine parainfluenza, bovine rhinotracheitis, neutralizing antibodies, rabbits, vaccine.


59 Donnik I.M. The Ural state agricultural academy in system of the russian agrarian education and science
Information about the structure of the Ural GSHA, the organization of educational, scientific, educational processes is submitted; faculty of veterinary medicine, its personnel and scientific potential, direction of research activity. Key words: Ural GSHA, faculty of veterinary medicine, schools of sciences, patents.

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