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4          Nezhdanov A.G., Shabunin S.V., Safonov V.A. Selenium and reproductive health of animals

Modern literature data and own studies on selenium biological role and mechanisms of action in animals’ organisms are generalized. Clinical and economic efficiency of selenium drug usage for increasing their reproductive and productive health is shown. Key words: animals, selenium, productivity, reproductive function.


8          Orlyankin B.G., Mishin A.M., Kotel’nikov A.P., Aliper T.I. Efficacy of the national recombinant vaccine “Verres-Circo” on the pig farm enterprises

Comparison data of the national recombinant vaccine “Verres-Circo” testing provided on the two Russian and Belorussian pig farm enterprises were shown. The high efficacy of this vaccine has been demonstrated. Key words: porcine circovirus diseases, vaccine “Verres-Circo”, efficacy.

10        Mukhamedshina A.R., Kulikova N.S. Artificial insemination in the industrial pig  

Insemination – one of the most important components of success of the production. Modern high-quality equipment ensures the growth performance and facilitates the personnel's job. Key words: artificial insemination equipment, medium for sperm, pig.

14        Garbuzov A.V.,  Smolenskyi V.I.  On the quality medicines for animals  

Provides information about the Russian system of quality assurance of  medicines for veterinary use. Recommendations for informed choice of medicines for use to destinanion. Key words: registration, lictnsing, state control, ctrtification.


18        Shilova E.N., Riaposova M.V., Shkuratova I.A., Vyalyh I.V. Bovine viral diarrhoea in the Ural region

There were revealed persistently infected by BVD newborn calves on the farms Ural region with the help of solid phase ELISA for the detection of antigen of agent. In permanent cell line MDBK was isolated noncytopathogenic biotype of pathogen. Key words: cattle, viral diarrhea, persistent infection, fetal loss.

20        Simonyan G.A. Hematosarcoma is the neoplastic form of the hemoblastosis

Different forms of cattle neoplastic instances were identified through methods of clinical hematologic and cytomorphological examination within the dynamics of the hemoblastosis. Key words:hematosarcoma, lymphogranulomatous, glands, bone marrow, neoplastic cells.

26        Ovchinnikova E.V., Zinyakov N.G., Chvala I.A., Drygin V.V. Genetic analysis of the recombinant virus infectious bronchitis

Determined the complete nucleotide sequence of the genome of an isolate IBV27-11 infectious bronchitis virus. The recombination in the structural genes S and N of genotypes Massachusetts and 793В are determined. Key words: avian infectious bronchitis, genetic analysis, intergenomic recombination.

30        Obukhovskya O.V., Stegniy B.T. Influence of  Mycoplasma gallisepticum  vaccines on the serum proteins of chicken blood

There were studied the influence of inactivated vaccines against avian mycoplasmosis based on bacterin and the disintegrated cells of Mycoplasma gallisepticum on the serum protein fractions of chickens. It’s shown that a twofold intramuscular injection of both vaccines induced rise of concentration total protein, albumins & globulins, which indicates the intensification of metabolic processes and activation of the immune system in bird. The most striking indicators of this process were the levels of total protein and γ-globulin.Key words: blood protein fractions, inactivated vaccines, chickens, mycoplasmosis.  


35        Glamazdin I.I., Arkhipov I.A., Kurnosova O.P., Khalikov M.S., Khalikov S.S., Chistyachenko J.S., Dushkin A.V. Efficacy of pharmaceutical forms of Albendazole as Drug Delivery System produced by mechanochemical technology against nematodosis of sheep        

Anthelmintic efficacy of two pharmaceutical form of Albendazole (we see them as a Drug Delivery System) produced by mechanochemical technology was tested on sheep infected by nematode suborder Strongylata. The pharmaceutical forms № 2 and № 1 at doses 1,0 mg/kg showed 77,8 % and 88,9 % efficacy, respectively against Nematodirus and 100 % against other gastrointestinal nematodes. Albendazol (substance) at the doses 1,0 and 10 mg/kg wаs showed 7,1% and 100 % efficacy, respectively. Key words: sheep, pharmaceutical forms of Albendazole, efficacy, nematode, means for targeted drug delivery, Drug Delivery System, mechanochemical technology.  


38        Hlopitsky V.P., Kriventsev K.A.  Prevalence of postnatal diseases of sows, their value in system of reproduction of pigs    

In the spent work distribution postnatal purulent-kataralnogo endometritis and a syndrome «ММА» in the conditions of six pig complex industrial types is defined. Efficiency and interrelation of clinically registered postnatal diseases with spent treatment-and-prophylactic actions and registered rerumbleis tracked. Key words: postnatal diseases, endometritis, a syndrome ММА, treatment, preventive maintenance.  

42        Varenikov M.V., Liepa V.L., Turchina V.I. Efficiency of insemination depends on progesterone level  

The reasons of poor efficiency of insemination and the reasons of sterility in diary husbandry have being brought into limelight. Mechanisms of influence of the main reproductive hormones on sex cycle and on insemination efficiency have also being illustrated. They have searched comparative efficiency of use of the preparations with different content of D-cloprostenol (Oestrophantin and Oestrophan) for dairy cows’ estrus induction as well. Estrus synchronization was up by 17,14 % after use of Oestrophantin. Oestrophantin-taken cows had estradiol rate up by 24 % by the moment of estrus signs performance. Pregnancy rate among Oestrophantin-raised estrus cows was up by 5,7 %. Кey words: dairy cows, estrus, conception rate, progesterone, estradiol, prostaglandin F2α, Oestrophan, Oestrophantin.  


45        Korennik I.V. The basic principles of disinfection in dairy cattle breeding The article reflects fundamental aspects of disinfection in dairy cattle breeding. These are the principles of preventive and emergency disinfection, germicides on the use of new methods, particularly in the presence of animals at one of the farms of the Moscow region. Key words: disinfection, pathogenic microflora, objects of disinfection, infectious diseases, Virudez MAX.

48        V.P. Nikolaenko, M.S. Klimov, A.V. Mikhailova Brokarcept for poultry industry The test data in practicing of antiseptic Brokarcept in the poultry industry are provided in the article. Key words: antiseptic,       bactericidal action, Brokarcept, disinfection, hatchery, brooding of eggs, poultry.  


53        Engashev S.V., Daugalieva E.Kh., Novak M.D. Clinical study of efficiency of a preparation

Emidonol Emidonol (Scientific enterprises the Centre «Vetprotection») and having antioxydantic and antihypocsantic by influence, studied at necrobacteriosis of the cows, послеродовой of pathology at pigs, at bronchopneumania, enterocolit of kalbern and поросят. The results of researches have shown, that the preparation used intramuscular daily once or twice during 5 – 7 or 10 days in a complex with antibacterial and all stimulating by therapy warns complications at necrobacteriosis of the cows and послеродовом залеживании свиноматок, at bronchopneumania, is intimate - lung of insufficiency, enterocolitis at kalbern and pigs; renders beneficial effect on rehabilitation the period. Key words: cattle, kalbern, pigs, поросята, necrobacteriosis, послеродовая a pathology, bronchopneumania, enterocolit, Emidonol, antioxydantic efficiency, antihypocsantic by influence.

56               Kotsumbas G.I., Lemishevskyi V.M. The influence of probiotic additive Probion-forte on morphofunctional parameters of the duodenum of pigs  

The aim of the work was to study morphometric parameters, ultrastructure and content of nucleic acids in the wall of the duodenum of pigs by forage feeding with the addition of probiotic fodder additive Probion-forte in dose of I g/kg of fodder. It was shown that villus height is increase, crypt depth and a number of plasma cells in the lamina propria of mucosa of the duodenum, which helps the digestive process and increases the area of nutrient absorption in the intestines. The numbers of plasma cells are increased in the lamina propria of mucosa and testify immunomodulatory effect of fodder additives. Ultra structural alteration of microvilli and changes in the nuclei of duodenal enterocytes of piglets of the first group indicates a more pronounced acfunctional activity of enterocytes and thereby increases the activity of parietal digestion in the intestine. Key words: probiotic, pigs, intestine duodenum, villi, enterocytes, plasma cells, RNA, DNA.  


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