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3   Zakutsky N.I., Kolomitsev A.A., Gouzalova A.G. Morbillivirus disease and characteristics of its epizootics

Morbillivirus disease of cetaceans is widely distributed all over the world last 10 - 15 years. It affects bottle-nosed dolphins, por¬poises and other sea mammals of dolphin family. In this report the actality of the problem, general characteristics of the disease and its pathological agent, historical and geographical analysis of cetacean morbillivirus disease distribution, the infection epi-zootological characteristics, clinical manifestations, pathologo-morphological changes and the disease diagnostics data are presented. Key words: cetacean morbillivirus disease, dolphins, disease, morbillivirus, pathological agent, antibody.


9   Donnyk I.M., Voronin B.A. Adaptation period for the Russian agriculture-industrial complex to the conditions of WTO

The article devotes to the problems of arrangment native agro-industrial complex to introducion in World Trade Organization (WTO). Key words: agriculture, WTO, quality, competitiveness, agricultural products, raw materials and food.

14   Gavrikov A.V. Combined injectable antibiotics

The purpose of this paper is to review reported in the Russian Federation, injecting veterinary antibiotics and studies the reasons for choosing antibiotic combination products (synergy or extended-spectrum). Key words: veterinary drugs, antibiotic, injection, combined.

20   Ugryumova V.S., Ravilov A.Z., Shilyaeva Y.N., Ugryumov O.V., Ravilov R.Kh., Sharipov I.S., Gayfullin R.M. Cleanofort lux - universal disinfectant

Developed and integrated into the widespread veterinary practice universal disinfectant for wide range of applications. Key words: disinfection, aerosol sanation, range of application.


23   Gulyukin M.I., Albertyan M.P., Iskandarov M.I., Fedorov A.I., Kolomytsev S.A. Livestock brucellosis in the Russian Federation

There are review dates about epizootic situation of livestock brucellosis in Russian Federation during the period from 2000 to the present. Authors analysis the dynamics of morbidity brucellosis depending on specific prevention and other factors. Key words: brucellosis, diagnosis, specific prevention.

28   SamolovovА.А., Lopatin S.V. Lameness, disorders of daws, necrobacillosis of dairy cows

А lameness have wide distribution among cows in dairy herds all over the world. It is caused by disorders of claws area (mainly laminitis and necrobacillosis) in more than 90 % cases. The main predisposing factor of laminitis is feeding. By this reason preventive measures for diseases of claws must be based on organization feedings instead of vaccination. Key words: claws, feeding, laminitis, necrobacillosis , pathogenesis.


32   Safiullin R.T., Tashbulatov A.A., Murzakov R.R., Kulikova V.A. Draker 10.2 against chicken mites

The new prolangirovanny Draker 10.2 (3 % soluchion) at a rate of 1 l of 200 m2 surface used for disinfection in the poultry hous during the preparation showed no chicken mit and 70 dayold chicken eggrearing species. At 84 and 100 days of days of age samples were positive in 10 cases and 15 % respectively. Key words: poultry, fllor maintenance, rearing chickens, chicken mite infestation, Draker 10.2, efficiency.

34   Akbaev R.M. Parasitic arthropods of birds in different biogenosis anthropogenic landscape

Studied the fauna of ectoparasites of commensal species of birds breeding in Factory farms and residerces for people. Key words: birds, mites, fauna.


36   Ryaposova M.V., Shkuratova I.A., Zauzolkova O.I., Sivkova U.V., Stepanov I.V. Sonography of high yielding cows in early pregnancy

Conducting early diagnosis of pregnancy by ultrasonography allows to identify cows with pathology of reproductive organs and to establish the actual level of latent abortion. Based on this study it can be concluded that the level of fetal mortality in high yielding cows depends on the season and productivity with ranges from 4,17 to 20,23 %. In 2012 on the dairy complex of Sverdlovsky region with the help of ultrasonography were identified 347infertile cows on avera¬ge 30 days earlier than usual. Prevented damage by reducing the days of infertility in all cows was more than 3,5 mil¬lion. Key words: cows, fetal, ultrasonography, pregnancy.


40   Smirnova I.R., Sadekov P.T., Mednikov A.V., Michalev A.V. Sanitation and environmental basis of management of modern production processes in aquatic ecosystem

The article deals with the management of environmental modifications, from the standpoint of fish farming. Key words: fish ponds, the metabolism of ecological communities, fish productivity.

43   Kolesnichenko I.S. The sensitivity of dogs to repeated radiation exposure

Primary low doses radiation of dogs increases their sensitivity to repeated exposure to ionizing radiation in two or more times. Key words: dog, ionizing radiation, radiation disease.


45   Golubeva E.A. Risk factors of the development regional vascular keratitis

There are described the results of determination risk factors of the development marginal vascular keratitis in horses. Key words: horse, marginal vascular keratitis, risk factors.

47   Zavalishina S.Yu., Glagoleva T.I., Medvedev I.N. Dynamics of hemostatic activity of vessels in the newborn calves with deficiency treated with Ferroglucin and Krezacin

Combination of Ferroglucin opportunities and Krezacin for correction of hemostatic vascular activity in newborn cal¬ves with iron deficiency and signs of anemia. Found that correction through 3 days combined after its completion is able appreciably reduce lipid peroxidation in plasma observed animals, significantly increasing antiaggregative, anti-coagulant and fibrinolytic activity of the vascular wall. Key words: antiaggregative, anticoagulant and fibrinolytic activity, vascular wall, newborn calves, iron deficiency, anemia.


50   Engashev S.V., Staroverov S.A., Volkov A.A., Larionov S.V., Kozlov S.V. Comparative data biodynamics chelate complexes of iron and dextran

Shows the dynamics of changes in the concentration of iron in the blood serum of piglets against application of iron dextran and a chelate complex. Found that iron, a part of the chelate compound has a higher bioavailability compa¬red to its form dextran. Key words: iron chelate iron, dextran iron complex, succinic acid, serum iron, unsaturated iron binding capacity of serum (NZSS), total iron binding capacity of serum (OZSS).

52   Vinogradova E.A., Belousova R.V. Fosprenil and Gamavit for optimization of a physiological condition, immune reactivity and increase of efficiency of females of sables

Inclusion of Fosprenil and Gamavit immunomodulatory drugs in Sable female ration once a week during time period of gestation, whelping and lactation enables optimization of physiological state, immune reactivity and, as a result, reproductivity enhance. Key words: females sables, Fosprenil, Gamavit, biochemical indicators, immunological stu¬dies, reproductive females.

54   Haugegaard J., Kristensen P., Wachmann H. Additional injection of iron supplements to piglets

The article presents dates about the positive influence of two iron dextran injection Uniferon® at a dose of 200 mg on growth of pigs and the level of hemoglobin in their blood. Key words: pigs, body weight gain, hemoglobin.


56   Nazarov N.A., Rybakov S.S., Metlin A.E. Development latex agglutination test for the diagnosis of rabies in animals

The method of preparation and methods of control of latex-agglutination tests for the diagnosis of rabies in animals was developed. Spectrophotometric method and ELISA were used to evaluate the degree of sensitization of latex par¬ticles. The relationship between diagnostic and quantitative sensitivity (0,125 - 0,250 N.g/ml) of latex preparations was determined. The diagnostic specificity of the test was found to be 87 - 100 %. Modalities and criteria of evaluation of latex-agglunation tests were developed. Key words: rabies, diagnostic, latex-agglutination test.


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