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3   Dgavadov E.D. Innovative directions in veterinary medicine – the key to successful development of the poultry

The article discusses the problems of poultry biosecurity in recent conditions and the role of veterinary science in its maintenance. There are consider priorities for relevant institutions in developing effective tools and methods for diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases of birds. Key words: scientific researches, innovations, industrial poultry, infectious diseases, diagnosis, vaccination.


10   Ivanov A.V., Salmakov K.M., Fomin A.M. Situation and perspectives of specific preventive maintenance and elimination bovine brucellosis

There is improved the system of specific preventiofon and eradication brucellosis of cattle on the base of application live vaccines from weak agglutinogenic strain B. abortus 82 and inagglutinogenic strain B. abortus R-1096, and using the special kit for serological differentiation brucellosis from immune answer of cattle after inoculation vaccine from strain 82. Key words: brucellosis, cattle, specific preventive maintenance brucellosis.

14   Tuleva N.P., Tulev Y.V., Ledovskikh V.A., Lykova A.A. Immunoprophylaxis of inflammatory postnatal processes of infectious genesis at cows 

Immunoprophylaxis of inflammatory postnatal processes of infectious etiology with drug Vitulin-B promotes natural resistance, excludes the appearance of inflammatory processes in the birth canal and completely restores reproductive function of cows. Key words: cattle, immunomodulatory drugs, prophylaxis, reproduction.

15   Panyushkin A.I. Test-system ELISA ZETECT PRRS for serologic diagnosis of swines reproductive and respiratory syndrome

There are presented results of field approbation of ELISA test-system ZETECT PRRS (BioNote Inc., Korea) intended for serological diagnosis of swine reproductive and respiratory syndrome. Key words: antibodies, ELISA, microneutralization assay, reproductive and respiratory syndrome, swine, serological tests.

18   Mukhamedshina A.R. Modern methods of poultry cannibalism prevention

Beak trimming is the only reliable method of poultry cannibalism. Modern aquipment provides optimun conditions for this procedure. Key words: debeaker, cannibalism, beak trimming, poultry.


21   Shabunin S.V., Vostroilova G.A., Belyaev V.I., Mikhaylova S.V., Ermacova T.I. Testing complex antibacterial drug Phenitil on calves and pigs

Results of the experiments conducted in households showed that complex antimicrobial drug Phenitil effective for therapy calves and piglets with colibacillosis, mixed infection of Escherichia coli/Enterococcus faecalis and dysentery of piglets. Key words: antimicrobial drugs, associative infection, calves, colibacillosis, dysentery, pigs.

23   Romanenco V.F. Epizootic epidemiological features of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Dates presented in article proved that all three types of mycobacterium tuberculosis – М. tuberculosis, M. bovis and М. avium – are different variants of one agent the genome of which carries information necessary for adaptation to unusual hosts and cause tuberculosis. Key words: tuberculosis, mycobacterium, epidemiological features.

28   Nalivaiko L.I., Tsinovyi A.V., Shomin A.A., Nikolaenko V.N., Ryabinin S.V., Ryabeca D.A. Avian pneumovirus infection in poultry farms in Ukraine

This article describes the results of epizootically monitoring of the avian pneumovirus infection in Ukraine. Key words: avian pneumovirus infection, monitoring, chickens$broilers, turkeys, laying hens.


32   Engashev S.V., Novak M.D. Efficiency of a coccidiastatics preparation Eimeterm at eimeriosis and cryptosporidiosis of cattle

In dairy cattle breeding at eimeriosis of cattle the efficiency of Toltrasuril, Diclasuril is not investigated yet, and also the circuits of application of these preparations are not developed with the purpose of the warning of occurrence steady isolations of Eimeria. The study of efficiency of coccidiastatics preparations against cryptosporidiosis is urgent. Key words: cattle, eimeriosis, cryptosporidiosis, extensiveness, intensity of invasion, latent form of eimeriosis, enterocolith, diarrhea, coccidiastatics preparations, Eimeterm.

34   Khussaiynova N.T., Iskakov M.M. Eimeriosis in cattle in the East and North-East of Kazakhstan

Problems of epizootology, treatment and prophylaxy of cattle eimeriosis are discussed. There were found 8 species of eimerias in the East and 7 species in the North-East of Kazakhstan. On the basis of the results researches developed new approaches to control this invasion. Key words: coccidiostatics, invasion, prophylaxus, eimeriosis, epizootology.


36   Zubarev V.N., Pankov I.Y., Egunova A.V. Modern treatment of cows endometritis

The article describes scheme of complex treatment of postpartum endometritis in dairy cows. This scheme allows reducing withdrawal time and getting the best economic impact. Key words: cows, postpartum endometritis, Ceftonit, Sepranol, comprehensive treatment.

38   Korochkina E.A., Plemyashov K.V. Reproductive ability of males under stress

The sustainable stress of different focuses creates some conditions which have an influence on the testicles and adrenal gonads of rats. There is especially a morphofunctional changes. The result of that is a negative effect on the reproductive ability of animals. Key words: reproduction, male, testis, adrenal glands, hormone testosterone, cortisol, physical and psycho emotional stress.

41   Belogurov A.N., Trojanovskay L.P. Morphology of the endometrium Japanese quail oviduct during egg production period

There are describe the morphological changes of the plate endometrium Japanese quail oviduct during different stages egg production in the cases of feeding birds by conventional and enriched with grain spawn Shiitake and Ganoderma rations. Key words: mushroom, uterus, morphology, ciliated cells, tubular glands, Japanese quail.


44   Butko M.P., Frolov V.S., Belyakov V.S. Thermochemical aerosols for disinfection and disinsection of objects of animal Husbandry

The article presents information on the development and application installation "Stork-2M" for aerosol disinfection and pest control in various sectors of livestock (in the poultry, pig, etc.). At present, it has been used successfully in 135 farms in different regions of Russia for the prevention and forced disinfection. Key words: spray rig "Stork-2M", disinfection, pest control, the application of.


47   Zolotarev A.I., Chernitskiy A.E., Retsky M.I. Acid$base status and blood gas composition in calves with bronchitis

The dynamics of acid-base status (ABS) and gas composition of venous blood in calves at the first clinical signs and the height of bronchitis was studied. It was established that at the moment of appearance of the cough reaction by palpation of the last tracheal ring in calves, when other symptoms of bronchitis still missing, ABS in 66,7 % of the animals is characterized as the respiratory-metabolic acidosis, compensated or decompensated, and in 33,3 % – as the compensated respiratory acidosis. At the height of bronchitis among the all disturbances of acid-base balance in calves the metabolic alkalosis compensated, partially compensated and decompensated in 25,0; 66,7 and 8,3 % of animals respectively are dominant (80 %). The other disorders of ABS at this stage of the disease are much rare than these ones. It was shown that the clinical picture of bronchitis in calves depends on disturbance of acid-base balance and blood gas composition. Key words: calves, bronchitis, acid-base status, blood gases, clinical signs, treatment.

53   Shlyk P.N. The correction of biochemical blood changes in boars with osteodystrophy

The biochemichal analyze of blood demonstrated that the boars with osteodystrophy had disturbance of Ca: P ratio and decreased content of glucose. Including vitamin-mineral additive in ration of such animals corrected biochemical parameters and allowed to use boars for semen collection. Key words: glucose, calcium, blood, osteodystrophy, semen, phosphorus, boars.


55   Tremasova A.M., Beleckii S.O., Tremasov M.Ya. Shungite for veterinary

The estimation of properties of a natural mineral shungitis is given, the spectrum of its possible application in veterinary practice is defined. Key words: shungite, pigs, calves, mycotoxicosis.

57   Deltsov A.A., Sodboev C.C. Comparative estimation of intensity of processes free radical oxidation of lipids at introduction Ferranimal-75 and Ursoferran-100

As a result spent researches, it is not established an authentic difference in activation of processes free radical oxidations at introduction of Ferranimal-75 and Ursoferran-100. Key words: anemia, irondextran, oxidation of lipids.


59   Timina A.M., Scherbakov A.V., Perevozchikova N.A. Diagnostic of swine vesicular disease by realtime polymerase

Chai-time PCR for swine vesicular disease virus RNA detection was developed. Specificity and sensitivity of the method were tested using viruses from the FGBI "ARRIAH" collection and confirmed within international comparison tests for the diagnosis of swine vesicular disease and foot and mouth disease. Key words: swine vesicular disease, RT-PCR.

62   Egorova I.Y., Selyaninov Y.O. New method of listerial hemolytic activity determination

The report represents dates about new double$layer agar designed for detection of listerial hemolytic activity. The developed medium is of high sensitivity and informativity for listeria hemolysin.
Key words: L. monocytogenes, listeriolysin O, nutritient medium.

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