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3          Shabunin S.V., Belyaev V.I., Buzlama S.V. Ecotoxicants, distribution, prevention and treatment

Preliminary data on sources of environmental contamination by ecotoxicants are represented and toxicosis preventive measures are offered in the article. Key words: environment, anthropogenic ecotoxicants, pesticides, fertilizers, prophylaxis.


9          Fisinin V.I., Kavtarashvili A.S., Kolokolnikova T.N.  Modern strategy of struggle with heat stress in poultry

Authors summarized physiological and metabolic changes in poultry in conditions of heat stress, its negative impact on the immune system, growth, development, productivity and product quality. Many ways are proposed to mitigate these negative impacts, including management of nutritional value of  diets; special regimes of feeding, drinking, lighting, cooling; technological and selection techniques, etc. Key words: poultry, heat stress, physiological changes, immunity, productivity, methods of struggle.

14        Selyaninov Yu.O., Egorova I.Yu., Prudnickova E.Yu., Balyshev V.M.  Methods for disinfection of coat of livestock unsusceptible to African

Swine Fever Some results of evaluation of disinfecting activity of biocides belonging to various chemical groups against African swine fever (ASF) virus are reported. Methods and regimes for life-time disinfection of hair & feather coats of economically most important short- and long-haired animal and poultry species which may serve as ASF virus mechanical transmitters are offered. Key words: African swine fever, disinfection, disinfectant, hair coat.

19        Nekrasov A.A., Popov N.A., Fedotova E.G.,  Moiseev A.N., Nekrasova N.A.,  Muravjov V.N., Barysnikov P.I. The use of immunomodulators in complex immunoprophylaxis  of infectious respiratory diseases calves

Respiratory diseases calves are widespread and cause significant economic damage. To date, received plenty of evidence that respiratory disease of young cattle are on the background of immunodeficiency. The use of immunomodulators in the complex immune prophylaxis of respiratory diseases calves contributes to increase the immunogenicity of vaccines, increasing the probability of successful vaccination. This reduces the incidence of calves and increases their safety, the immune response to the vaccine simultaneously with immunomodulators was observed in all animals. Key words: immunomodulator, Roncoleukin, polyoxidonium, vaccines, hyperimmune serum, titers of antiviral antibodies, the immune system.


22        ScherbakovA.V., TiminaA.M., ZinyakovN.G.Phylogenetic study of foot-and-mouth disease virus isolates responsible for the outbreaks in Russia in 2013

The article presents the results of phylogenetic study of FMD virus isolates responsible for the outbreaks in Russia in 2013. The study showed that FMD outbreaks in the Northern Caucasus and the Far East of RF were caused respectively by A/Iran-2005 and A/Sea-97 virus lineages which had never been registered in Russia before.  FMDV A/Sea-97 genetic lineage was also responsible for the outbreaks in Mongolia and Eastern Kazakhstan in 2013. Key words: foot-and-mouth disease virus, phylogenetic analysis.

26        Gadzevych O.V.  Immunobiological properties of the vaccine against streptococcal, enterococcal and staphylococcal infections in animals  

The paper presents the results of a series of experimental vaccines against streptococcal and staphylococcal infections of animals in terms of quality, antigenic and immunogenic activity. Studies have shown that the vaccine is highly immunogenic and antigenic activity, harmless, highly effective for the prevention of streptococcal and staphylococcal infections. Introduction animal vaccine activated both cellular and humoral immunity, as evidenced by an increase in population of lymphocytes and antibody titers. The use of the vaccine led to increased lysozyme, total protein level of immune complexesis, while not caused suppression of the immune system in animals. Key words: streptococci, enterococci, staphylococci, biological, immunological and antigenic properties.

30  Spiridonov A.N., Repin P.I., Irza V.N., Chvala I.A., Dolgov D.L. Immunobiological properties of newcastle disease inactivated vaccine designed for pigeons

This article presents the results of Newcastle disease vaccine antigenicity and protectivity studies in pigeons challenged with virulent ND virus strains of different genetic lines. Key words: vaccine, pigeon, newcastle disease.


33        KryuchkovaE.N., AbalihinB.G., AndreyanovO.N., SafiullinR.T.Current status of the parasite fauna of the weasel familyin the Central Non-Black Earth zone of the Russian Federation

Thus, mammal families marten in the Central Non-Black Earth Region the Russian Federation infected by 27 species of parasites from which 8 types are helminthozoonosis. Researches testify that badgers are infected by 18 species of parasites, martens – by 14, minks – by 15, polecats – by 9, otters – by 2, ermines – 4 and caresses – by 1 in the territory of the Central Non-Black Earth zone of the Russian Federation. Key words: badger, marten, mink, otter, ermine, caress, parasite fauna.  


36        AliyevA.Yu., KlimovN.T. Mastitis in ewes in the Republic of Dagestan environment

The data on mastitis spread in ewes in the Republic of Dagestan, the methods of its diagnostics and the results of therapeutic effectiveness study of the complex method of its treatment with the use of Cefazolin, Oxytocin and procaine block are represented in the article. Key words: ewes, mastitis, spread, diagnostics, milk control panel, molting fluid microflora, treatment, Cefazolin, Oxytocin, procaine block.

38        BarkovaA.S. Ultrasound characteristics of the bovine teat with lesions hyperkeratosis

The study of the internal structures of the breast nipple lactating cows in various forms of damage teat hyperkeratosis with the use of the ultrasound scan. In this case we used two methods of ultrasound – directly through the skin of the nipple and the use of aqueous buffer. Ultrasound examination revealed the presence and depth of mucosal lesions, to determine the severity of mucosal folds of breast tank. Key words: hyperkeratosis, teat, ultrasound scan, the morphological structure.

41        KorochkinaE.A., Plemyashov K.V., Gordash M.L. Preventative care of hypocalcaemia of high-yielding cows

The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of supplementation with oral calcium boluses produced within foreign and one country on preventative care of hypocalcaemia of high-yielding cows by analysis of mineral metabolism. Results of this study indicate that calcium bolus supplementation produced by Holland CalciumExtra and Russia CalciumIntensiv is a beneficial method of preventative care of hypocalcaemia. Key words: high-yielding cows, calcium and phosphorus metabolism, calcium bolus supplementation, preventative care of hypocalcaemia.  


44        NovikovaS.V., Dragunkina О.S., Sazonov А.A. Influence of preparation Butofan on blood biochemical parameters of piglets in the treatment of acute gastroenteritis

The results of the joint use of the drug Butofan with antibiotic drugs (Ceftonit, Tylosin-200) in the treatment of acute gastroenteritis of pigs. Key words: Butofan, antibiotic drugs, the use of complex, acute gastroenteritis, pigs, biochemistry.  

47        KolesnikE.A., DerhoM.A.Estimation of intensity of metabolism and body weight gain in broiler chickens by lipoprotein index

Presented research of intensity a metabolic processes and evaluation weight gain of chickens broilers, based on consideration of the functional interaction of proteins and lipids in homeostasis on results calculation of the lipoprotein index (LPI, in conventional units). Found that the ratio of protein and metabolites of the lipids in the blood serum of broiler chicks in the age 1, 7 , 23 and 42 days is range of 5,73±0,07 up to 49,65±0,46 contingent units. If the value of the lipoprotein index in 1 days age chickens higher than 5 conventional units – weight gain body of chickens in early ontogeny was more than 35 g, at a value of LPI in 7 days age chickens over 12 conventional units – gain weight body of chickens in the second ten-day period of ontogenesis exceed 65 g, the index value of the lipoprotein in the 23 days age chickens in the range of 39 – 50 conventional units consistent weight gain body of chickens in the fourth ten-day period of ontogenesis at least 1800 g. Key words: metabolism, body weight gain, protein and lipid metabolites, index of lipoprotein, homeostasis, broiler chickens.

51        TremasovM.Ya., PapunidiK.Kh., IvanovA.V.  Rumen acidosis in calves for fattening  

Identify causes of the mass and forced the slaughter of calves for fattening in a large pastoral enterprise of Republic of Tatarstan, due to the development of acute rumen acidosis caused by an excess in the diet of brewers grains and other food with high acidity, complicated aflatoxicosis. Key words: mycotoxins, brewer's, grain, feed, grain forage, rumen, pH, acidity, protozoa, calves.      


53        KutsanO.T., FilatovaO.I. The content of lipids and products of their peroxidation in blood serum of broiler chickens under experimental acute intoxication by insecticide Confidor 200 SL  

The article presents the influence of insecticide Сonfidor 200 SL on lipid metabolism, lipid peroxidation and the status of the antioxidant defense system in the blood serum of broiler chickens under experimental acute intoxication. Key words: insecticides, lipid metabolism, lipid peroxidation, antioxidant defense system.  


57        Kolychev N.M. To the question of unification and harmonization of veterinary education  

The article deals with the unification and harmonization of Russian veterinary education. Key words: veterinary education, unification, harmonization, methodology, organization.    

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