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3    Orlyankin B.G. Porcine circovirus diseases: distribution, diagnostics and specific prevention

Dates about distribution, an economic damage, diagnostics and specific prevention of swine circovirus infection are presented. The high efficacy of the Russian made recombinant subunit vaccine "VERRES-CIRCO" is demon­strated. Key words: porcine circovirus diseases, distribution, diagnostics, specific prevention, "VERRES-CIRCO" vaccine.


11   Samuylenko A.Ia., Tokarik E.F., Eremetc V.I., Skotnikova T.A., Neminushchaia L.A., Eremetc N.K., Bobrovskaia I.V., Smolenskyi V.I., Sverchkov A.V., Shubina E.A. Standardization of requirements for the development and manufacturing of medicines for veterinary application

In article the information on the new national standard of GOST Р 54763-2011 "Means medicinal for animals is pres­ented. Production production schedules. The maintenance, order of working out, the coordination and the state­ment". Standard action propagates on pharmacological, biological and homoeopathic medical products for veterina­ry science. As production schedules of production of medical products have variety of the features bound to specifi­city of let out production, the special attention of authors is given standard partitions about laboratory production schedules, about safe operation of production and preservation of the environment, and also about a role of system of the fabrication documentation in enterprise life. Key words: national standards, technical regulation, production regulation, technical documentation.

16   Makarov V.V., Gruby V.A. African swine fever: epizootic polymorphism and control

The main features of the current ASF, systematic types of epizootic situations, control scenario and the patterns of eradicating the diseases under the different conditions are considered in the paper. In the context situation with ASF in RF is discussed. Key words: African swine fever, epizootic, eradication, ASF in RF. 


23   Yurov K.P., Alexeyenkova S.V., Pchelnikov A.V., Mnikova L.A., Ishkova T.A., Yurov G.K. Current strategy of diagnostic of bovine respiratory coronaviral and herpes viral infections 

In some regions of Russia, we have observed the introduction of modified strains of bovine herpes virus (BHV5) and corona virus that cause severe outbreaks of respiratory diseases in cattle. These pathogens are widespread in the exporting breeding stock and animal products to Russia. Key words: herpes virus type 5, respiratory corona virus, bovine, molecular genetic analyze.

29   Arakelyn P.K., Bondareva O.V., Raznitcina G.V., Barabanova E.B., Dimov S.K., Dimova A.S. The experimental laboratory model of relief brucella infection

Guinea pigs experimentally infected with strain 16M B. melitensis. Injection of antibiotic drug Nitoks-200 in a dose of 20 mg/kg body weight followed 8 days later by conjunctival immunization by vaccine strain 19 B. abortus at a dose lower 10 times than recommended for subcutaneous administration provides during 1 month complete elimination virulent brucella strain from organism of laboratory animals. It was impossible to achieve such result with only drug Nitoks-200 or above men­tioned vaccine. Key words: antibiotics, brucellosis, experimental model, guinea pig, vaccinations.


32   Andreyanоv O.N., Skvorcova F.K. To differential diagnostics of incitans trichinellosis

Invasion Trichinella врр. was registered beside 8 vixens (50,0 %), wolf (20,0 %), timber (20,0 %) and stone marten (25,0 %). In muscular fabrics wild boar and ermine were revealed larvae trematodes Alaria вpр. (18,2 and 33,3%), boar - the class nematoda ascarises type (27,3 %). At differences larvae helmints in muscular fabrics commercial ani­mal, using classical methods of the meat study on trichinellosis, were revealed some morphological and biochemical differences. Key words: veterinary-sanitary expert operation, diagnostics, wild animals, muscular fabrics, sample, trichinellosis, alariosis.


37   Klimov N.T., Michalev V.I., Nezhdanov A.G., Perchin S.S. Technological parameters of the mechanical milking and the incidence of mastitis in cows

The questions of mechanical milking violation influence on the cow mammary gland are presented in this article. It is established that the vacuum resource below in two times than standard, the vacuum level in the underteat chamber below 37 kPa and the teat cup removal threshold less than 200 g/min lead to decrease of milk flow rate, increase of milking duration and development of udder inflammation. Key words: cows, milking, vacuum, milk, somatic cells, mastitis.

 39   Konopeltsev I.G., Muravina E.S., Sapozhnikov A.F. Using to ozoned emulsions at endometritis at cows

This is new method of therapy cows, sicks sharp endometritis. It is founded on using the ozoned emulsion. This emul­sion allows raising efficiency of conducted actions and shortening period from calved to fertizations. Key words: endometritis, therapy, cows.


43   Zavalishina S.Yu. Gemostatical activity of vessels piglets vegetable nutrition

Against a background of low levels of endotheliazitemia in healthy calves vegetable nutrition found a trend towards increased antiaggregative activity of the vascular wall. For vegetable nutrition characteristic hutches endotheliocytes enhancement products antitrombin III and tissue plasminogen activators. Key words: early ontogeny, calves, phase of plant nutrition, hemostasis, vascular wall.

46   Tremasov M.Ya., Papunidi K.Kh. Poisoning of sheep and calves fluorineacetate derivatives

A case of mass poisoning of sheep and a few bulls on private farms with fluorineacetate origin substance - ethyl ester of trifluoroacetic acid (F3COOC2H5). For the prevention of poisoning of animals should be given to control food safe­ty and their components, including feed additives. Key words: poisoning, toxicity, substances fluorineacetate origin, prevention.

47   Nikulin I.A., Korchagina O.S. Prevention of hepatosis at guard dogs by using of Hepavet premix

Positive influence of premix Hepavet on a functional condition of a liver and factors of nonspecific resistance at guard dogs is established. Key words: hepatosis, guard dogs, functional condition of a liver, Hepavet.


51   Morozenko D.V., Levchenko V.I. Role of connective tissue biopolymers in the control of treatment gastroenteritis of dogs

The diagnostic role of biopolymers connective tissue in the control of treatment of dogs from nutritional gastroenteri­tis considered in this article. Key words: dogs, gastroenteritis, treatment, glycoproteins, sialic acid, glycosaminogly-cans, hydroxyproline, uronic acid.


54   Shuralev E.A., Mukminov M.N., Whelan C., Clarke J. Detection of specific antibodies in elk infected by tuberculos

It was determined the possibility for serological diagnosis of tuberculosis in elk (Cervus elaphus subspp.) by multiplex chemiluminescent immunoassay. Key words: Mycobacterium bovis, elk, multiplex chemiluminescent immunoassay.

58   Kosovsky G.Yu., Sotnikova E.A., Mudrik N.N., Cuong Vu Chi, Toan Tran Xuan, Hoan Tran Xuan, Glazko V.I. Diagnostic enzootic bovine leukosis infection using primers of genes gag and pol

There was design a new test system of PCR on the basis of the original primers to gag and pol genes bovine leukemia virus. It allows to identify proviral DNA integrated into the genome of animals and gave high sensitivity. Key words: BLV, cattle, DNA, PCR.

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