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3          Kolbasov D.V., Balyshev V.M., Sereda A.D. Results of research works on the development of live vaccines against african swine fever

This report summarizes the results of works on preparation of attenuated African swine fever (ASF) virus strains of seroimmunotypes I to VIII and development of live vaccines from them destined for temporary protection of pigs for the period of an epizootic in the 1st threat zone. The developed vaccine preparations against ASF virus of seroimmunotypes I to V protected pigs from virulent strains and isolates of a homologous serotype on day 14 post vaccination for at least 4 months. Key words: African swine fever, attenuated strains, vaccines, seroimmunotypes.


9          Gulyukin M.I., Sotnikov A.N., Luchko M.A., Stafford V.V. Questions of the etiology and epizootology of Europianfoulbrood of bees

This article is about the etiology and epizootology of the Europian foulbrood bees in the Russian Federation and in foreign countries. Key words: Europian foulbrood, Melissococcus plutonius, Bacillus alvei, diagnostics, American foulbrood, saccular brood.

12        Rinchinova O.N., Badmaeva O.B., Bayanzhargal B., Tsydypov V.Ts. Serological investigation of the sheeps blood in border areas of  Buryatia and Mongolia  

The article is devoted the aspects of serological study of the sheeps blood on the border territories of Kyahtinsky district of Buryatia, Selenge and Sukhbaatar aimags of Mongolia for brucellosis, listeriosis, IEB , Chlamydia. The positive results were obtained in 50 of IEB 3863 samples in Buryatia, in 39 of 1865 samples in Selenge aimag of Mongolia. The climatic and environmental conditions determine the identity of the nosological profile of infections in border territories . The intensity and dynamics of the infection depends on the difference in density content, coverage of preventive immunization of animals and forms of farming. Positive results in serological tests for sheep brucellosis in Selenge and Sukhbaatar aimags of Mongolia indicate brucellosis pathogen circulating in animals in the border aimags of Mongolia. Key words: sheep, serology, brucellosis, IEB, listeriosis, Buryatia, Mongolia, transboundary areas.  

15        Afonyushkin V.N., Ryabchikova E.I., Silnikov V.N., Dudareva E.V., Aksenov A.N. , Galtsova M.S.  Influence flavivirus infection on broilerproductivity  

Established etiological significance of flavivirus in disease of broiler which appeared in poultry farms of Russion Federation in 2011-2013 and was associated with reducing the productivity. There were developed in ill poultry the complex of pathological changes (cuticulitis, pancreatitis, accumulation of clear fluid in caecum or rectum). Virocide «Triviron» show high efficiency in treatment of this disease. Key words: antivirus drug, broilers, productivity, flaviviruses, electron microscopy.

20        Nikitin I.N., Vasiliev M.N., Pustohodov V.B., Mochalova T.V. Justification government task of federal state budget institution «Veterinary centre»

Developed Government task of Federal state budget institution «Veterinary center» for 2014 and the planning period of 2015 and 2016, providing timely and adequate financial support for its main production activities, as well as ensuring appropriate and efficient use of the federal budget. Key words: federal budget, budgetary institution, government task.


23        Arakelyan P.K., Barabanova E.B., Bondareva O.V., Raznicina G.V., Dimov S.K., Dimova A.S.  Agglutinogenic and protective properties of several variants vaccine from strain 19 B. abortus at different methods of immunization

In experiments on guinea pigs there was found that the adjuvant vaccine from inactivated cultures of strain 19 B. abortus demonstrated high agglutinоgenic activity and 60 – 80 % (depending on the concentration of microbial cells) protective effect. The live vaccine from the same strain induced 80 % protective effect and not so high level of agglutinogenic activity than after subcutaneous inoculation in the same dose and in comparison with the inactivated vaccine. Key words: antibody, brucella, immunogenicity, vaccine.

25        Lenchenko E.M., Plotnikova E.M.  Histochemical of  immunity birds when escherichyosis

The article presents the results of histochemical studies of tissues and organs immunity birds in escherichyosis. In the thymus, bursa of fabricius, spleen, gland Gardar, lymphoid apparatus blind guts chicks and ducks detected massive disintegration of lymphocytes type karyorhexis and karyopyknosis, swelling of loose connective tissue infiltration by mononuclear leukocytes and pseudoeosinophils.  Key words:  birds, Escherichia coli, toxigenicity, laboratory models, the immune system, thymus, bursa of fabricius, spleen, gland Gardar, lymphoid apparatus blind guts.    


29        Bittirov A.M., Shipshev B.M., Kuznetsov V.M., Toкhaeva A.I., Midova L.A., Bittirova A.A., Kabardiev, Magomedov O.A., Zubairova M.M. Environmental assessment epizootic helminth fauna aboriginal goats and their hybrids in the North Caucasus

In the foothills of the region North Caucasus in indigenous goats allocated 28 species of different genera of helminth, but the relatively large values ​​of the extensiveness and intensity of invasion inazii. Invasion of hybrids 1 and 2-the second generation of indigenous goats and Orenburg down helminth species ranges 8,0 – 80,0 %. On average, one species of hybrid goats 8, 42 helminth species encountered with intensity invasion 405, 1±30,9 ekz/goal. Key words: North Caucasus, plains, foothills, mountain area, goat, fauna, helminths, epizootiology, invasion.  


33        Laptev G.J., Novikova N.I.,  Ilina L.A., Yyldyrym E.A., Dumova V.A., Plemyashov K.V., Korochkina E.A. Comparative analysis of vaginal microbiocenosis of high-yielding cows in postpartum period by Real-time PCR-method

The objective of this study was to realize the comparative analysis of vaginal microbiocenosis of high-yielding cows in the postpartum period by Real-time PCR-method. Results of this study indicate that cows with acute postpartum endometritis have an acrid increase of number of opportunistic and pathogenic microorganism compare with clinically healthy cows. We determinate the positive influence of feed supplement Provitol on the complex treatment in postpartum endometritis of high-yielding cows.Key words:high-yielding cows, postpartum period, vaginal microbiocenosis, feed supplement Provitol, Real-time PCR-method.

37        NarizhnyA.G., DzhamaldinovA.Ch., KreindlinaN.I., FainovA.A. Reduce the effects of heat stress in breeding boars using biologically active substances

Essential phospholipids can be successfully used in the diet of breeding boars to recover in the hot season of impaired spermatogenesis by preventing lipid peroxidation of cell membranes to eliminate violations and restore function in sperm. Key words: breeding boars, heat stress, essential phospholipids, sperm.

41        TyuakovaR.K., LiA.A., Arystanova G.A.  Specific structure and antibiotic susceptibility microflora, isolated from milk cows, sick with mastitis

By results of research revealed from milk of patients by mastitis of cows: Staph. aureus, Str. epidermidis, E. coli. The highest antibacterial activity possessed: against Staph. aureus – gentamycin, doxycycline, cefotaxim, E. coli – tsefataksim and gentamycin, doxycyclin, Str. epidermidis – gentamycin, vancomycin, doxycyclin, erythromycin. Established the destructive action of antibiotics on mastitis microflora. Key words: antibiotic susceptibility, identification of microorganisms, bacterial contamination.  


45        Safarova M.I., Zhukova N.N., Novikova S.V. Effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Flunex at complex application with the drug Doxylox the timing of recovery of calves with acute traheobronchitis

It has been found that the use of Flunex at the therapy dose of 1ml per 99lb (45 kg) body weight in complex with Doxylox antibiotic dose of 1ml per 22lb (10 kg) can hasten recovery and decrease the quantity of injections compared to the Doxylox monotherapy. It’s also proved to be well tolerated by calves aged 3 – 6 months of age if injected intramuscularly. Key words: Flunex, Doxylox, complex application, antibiotics, acute tracheobronchitis, calves.  

49        KubrakN.V., KrasnovV.V.The anatomical substantiation and technique of sacral puncture performance in rabbits   The work deals with the anatomical substantiation as well as the technique for performing sacral puncture in rabbits. Key words: rabbit, spinal cord, sacrum, sacral puncture.    


52        Novitsky A.A., Kolychev N.M., Plechakova V.I., Mitrakov N.V. EM-technology role in efficiency increaseand safeties of agricultural animals  

Application EM-technology in animal husbandry makes positive impact on development and safety of young growth of agricultural animals, on dairy efficiency and quality of milk. Key wods:EM-technology, effective microorganisms, ecology, "Baykal-EM1, a concentrate feed ' EM-Kurung.  


55        Arutyunova M.A., Tsibezov V.V.,  Raev S.A., Musienko M.I.,  Alekseev K.P., Verkhovsky O.A., Aliper T.I.  Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of IgG and IgM antibodies to porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2)  

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is described for differential detection of porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2) IgG and IgM antibodies using the anti-IgG and anti-IgM Mabs, recombinant PCV2 capsid protein and anti- capsid protein Mabs. In a comparative test of 185 pig sera against a commercial ELISA kit the results showed that the diagnostic sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of the IgG assay were, respectively, 96, 94 and 95% and 100% of the    IgM assay.  This ELISA should be helpful for the development of a reliable serology diagnostic test for large scale detection of PCV2 antibodies and for the evaluation of vaccine against PCV2 in swine. Key words: Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), porcine circovirus 2 (PCV2), antibodies, immunoglobulin G, immunoglobulin M. 

59        Vikulova L.S.,  Fomenko M.V.   Research the different extraction methods in determination the content of aflatoxins B1, B2, G1 and G2 in plant products  

Describes comparative studies of wheat containing aflatoxins group B (B1, B2, G1, G2) introduced into the samples at or above the maximum permissible concentration (MPC) - 0.005 mg / kg [4], established regulations of the Russian Federation. By using two different extraction methods: ultrasonic (US) extraction and accelerated solvent extraction - Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE) and further analysis of aflatoxins by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with fluorescence detector. Key words: ultrasonic extraction, aflatoxin B, accelerated solvent extraction, ASE.

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