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3   Shchelkunov I.S. Problems of Russian aquaculture and fish health management

Aquaculture in recent decades has become one of the world's most rapidly growing livestock industry. Control of di­seases is one of the principal challenges if this production goal is to be reached. The author analyzes how the prob­lem was solved in the past and how it solves in present in the Russian Federation. Key words: aquaculture, control, diseases, fish.


9   Gulyukin M.I., Stekolnikov A.A., Kuzmin V.A., Fogel L.S. Bovine leukemia – managed disease

A retrospective analysis of the work which has been carried out in the farms of the Leningrad region allows to consid­er epizootic process at cattle leukosis operated, to liquidate this infection and to maintain on it resistant epizootic wel-lbeing. Key words: virus of bovine leukosis, diagnosis, cattle, improvement, prevention.

14   Brylin A.P. Innovative tool for prophilaxis infectious rhinotracheitis, bovine viral diarrhea, parainfluenza-3 and respiratory syncytial virus infection of cattle

The paper describes the unique vaccine Hiprabovis-4 (Hipra, Spain) capable to protect the cattle from infectious rhi­notracheitis, bovine viral diarrhea, parainfluenza-3, and respiratory syncytial virus infection of cattle. Key words: cat­tle, immunity, vaccine.

16   Skovorodin E.N., Davletova V.D., Dudbin O.V. Influence of drugs Solvimin Selen and Selemagum on the growth and development of musky ducks

There was studied the influence two drugs with selenium (Solvimin Selenium and Selemag) on the growth and deve­lopment of musky ducks in the first 70th days of life. Solvimin Selenium manifested high biological activity in the first weeks of postembryonal development, while the effect of Selemag had more late character. Key words: musky ducks, growth and development bird, seleniumcontaining preparations.


21   Simonyan G.A. Differential diagnostics of hemoblastosis forms

Different forms of cattle hemoblastosis can be identified by clinical-hematologic and cytomorphological examination in the dynamics of evolution leucemic process with the complex of further histological examination. Key words: hemoblastosis, hyperplasia, glands, lymphoblast, metaplasia, myelogram, prolymphocytes, spleen, cytology.

25   Badmaeva O.B., Tsydypov V.C., Rynchynova О.N.  Anthrax in the border areas of Buryatia and of Mongolia

Article is devoted to epizootic aspects of anthrax in border territories of Buryatia and Mongolia. The epizootological monitoring shows that disease is recorded in Kyakhta and Dzhida districts of Buryatia, aimags Selenge, Bulgan and Hovsgol of Mongolia. The density of animal population, the level of immunization and other factors influence on the intensity and dynamics of this infection in animals. Key words: anthrax, epizootology.

28   Kushnir A.T., Brit V.I. Oral vaccination of cross-bred broilers of KOBB 500 line against Newcastle disease

The report represents some results of investigations into efficacy of oral vaccination of broilers against Newcastle di­sease for serological indices, poultry population survival rates, and weight gain. Key words: Newcastle disease, bro­ilers, vaccination, immunity.

30   Stigniy B.T., Vorotilova N.G. The study of the biological properties of the virus isolate infectious laryngotracheitis of chickens isolated in Crimea

The article presents information about biological properties of infectious laryngotracheitis virus, isolated from dead chickens 150 - 162-day-old during an outbreak in one of the poultry farms Crimea. It was found that the nature of the lesions chorion-allantoic membrane of infected embryos was unconstant. The appearance of the first changes to the chorion-allantoic membrane of infected embryos were recorded in 75 % of cases after 72 hours of incubation and in 100 % cases after 96 hours of incubation. Virulence of virus strain was 6,5±0,81 lg EID50/0,2 сгп3. Key words: infec­tious laryngotracheitis virus, hen, embryos.


33   Shodmonov I., Engashevа Е.S. Therapeutic outcome Monizen cestodiasis in sheep

Studied the activity of a new anthelmintic drug Moniz (company LLC "NEC Agrovetzaschita", Russia) at cestodiasis lambs in the Republic of Tajikistan, and set its high effectiveness in monithes lambs. Key words: Monizen, М. expan­sa, M. benedeni, lambs.

35   Gusmanova G.I., Karmaliev R.S., Ladina D.S. Preventive measures echinococcosis sheep

To way of influence on the process transmission of the agent from the final host to the intermediate carnivores can be attributed dewormed, preventing dispersal of eggs E. granulosus in the external environment chemicals and vaccina­tion of animals. In the cycle of development helminths there are several of vulnerable parts of the gap which gives the greatest preventive effect. Furthermore, an important factor that Deplete parasitic system is accelerated fattening ani­mals. Larvotsisty do not have time to develop to the infective stage, and the biological cycle of E. granulosus interru­pted. As carnivores can be infected E. granulosus, they are a danger to humans and farm animals as a source of the pathogen invasion. Key words: sheep, echinococcosis, prevention.


37   Padric P., Boolitko T., Rybakov I., Hullap T., Yaakma U. Technology which improves the quality of frozen bull's semen

Specialists from Livestock Association of Estonia and Estonian University of Life Sciences developed an innovation technology that improves the quality of frozen bull semen and efficiency of artificial insemination of cows. Key words: artificial insemination, bulls, sperm.


41   Lunitsyn V.G., Boranbaev A.V. Survival of M. bovis and experimental establishing the possibility of it sanation by disinfectants

The terms of conservation pathogenicity and survival in the soil the strain of M. bovis, isolated from deer were esta­blished. In experimental conditions tested disinfectants were not enough effective for desinfection soil in affected by tub­erculosis maraloferms. Key words: survival, disinfection, red deer, mycobacterium, guinea pigs, soil, tuberculosis.

43   Stekolnikov A.A. Features of the seasonal distribution of metals in abiotic components and the fish fauna in the centers pollution of the river Volhov

The use of analytical methods for evaluating fish habitat in areas of river pollution Volhov showed that water and sedi­ment, as well as fish contain various metals, which together with other pollutants have chronic effects on aquatic orga­nisms, including fish. Revealed some seasonal features of the content of metals in fish and their habitat. Key words: water, sediment, fish fauna, metals, hot spots, seasonality.


47   Nikulina N.B., Aksionova V.M. The morphometric characteristic of neutrophils of blood at calfs at nonspecific bronchopneumonia

We established that at animals development of a bronchopneumonia is accompanied by increase in the general con­centration of leukocytes in blood, change of morphometric characteristics and a functional condition of neutrophils. Increase of number of leukocytes in blood of sick calfs was accompanied by increase low-new dialdehyde in plasma. Key words: bronchopneumonia, calfs, leukocytes, neutrophils, phagocytosis, low-new dialdehyde.


50   Sidorkin V.A. Experience and application prospects p-adrenoblokatora Uteroton in practice of veterinary medicine of Russia

Studied therapeutic and prophylactic efficacy р-adrenolitic to Uteroton at various gynecologic diseases of cows and pigs. Shows undoubted advantages in comparison with Oxytocin. Besides, single application of a preparation signifi­cantly increases fruitfulness of insemination of females, and expediency of its broad application in veterinary obstet­ric practice as medical and a prophylactic, and also means raising an fertility of animals, doesn't raise doubts. Key words: cows, endometritis, retention of placenta, Uteroton, pigs, MMA syndrome.

54   Schiriev V.M., Aminova A.L., Scharifjanov B.G., Jachin F.F., Ardaschirov S.S. The efficiency of the use of the drug in pig Helsivit

The influence of operating conditions of complex vitamin preparation Helsivit on the reproductive functions of bree­ding boars, pregnant and lactating sows and the growth and development of the pigs in the various phases of produc­tion and feeding. Found that the new vitamin complex promotes the improvement of the productive qualities of pigs of different age groups and improve the efficiency of pig production. Key words: complex vitamin preparation Helsi-vit, breeding boars, suckling and gestating sows, piglets, piglets, weaners, rearing, fattening pigs, the weight of the nest, prevention, treatment.

57   Nikulin I.A., Samotin A.M., Korchagina O.S. Efficiency and metabolism at turkeys by using of Energen

Energen application in a rate of 300 g per 1 ton of compound feed normalizes metabolic processes in the organism of turkeys and increase their growth and development. Key words: Energen, turkey, metabolism, body weight gain.

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