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4          Gulenkin V.M. Foot and mouth disease in the Asia-Pacific region and its economic consequences

This article present recent data on FMD spread in the Russian Federation and in the Asia-Pacific region by countries with estimation of its economic loss in a number of them. The identified index of spread and size of economic loss reflect serious problems in FMD control and in selection of effective measures to eradicate it. Key words: foot and mouth disease, economic loss, control measures, effectiveness of animal desease control.


9          Kukushkin S.A., Nikulin N.M., Goman V.V., Orlov M.V., Okovytaya T.V. Integrated approach to vaccination of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae  

The article presents the results of serological monitoring of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and Glässer’s disease in Russian pig farms. The field data of an integrated approach to the prevention of APP in large pig farm, including vaccination against APP and PCV2 are described. Key words: Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP), porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), vaccination, swine.

13        Kolosov V.V. The injector with automatic injection of drugs to large and aggressive animals    

A new technique for intramuscular injection of drugs in the rendering of veterinary help to large, aggressive farm animals in the case of their insufficient fixation with our injector is brought forward. Practical tests were conducted, the results were obtained, the most significant cases of its application were defined. Key words: injector, safe for veterinary specialist intramuscular drug administration.  


16        Makarov V.V., Sukharev O.I., Vasilevich F.I. Bluetongue-8 in Europe Biology and epidemiology of the vector

This analytical paper describes the main bioecologic particularities of Culicoides, «pathogen ↔ vector» system, insect immunity in context of bluetongue emergency in Europe. The Palearctic Culicoides sp are presented as principal vector of infection in north-west Europe. Key words: bluetongue, unendemic area, vector.

22        Kozlova A.D., Obukhov I.L., Astakhova T.S., Kuleshov K.V. Phylogenetic analysis of PRRS virus, isolated in Russian Federation in 2009 – 2013

The aim of this study was to evaluate the genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships of Russian PRRSV isolates (n=37) from the several pig farms (n=15) during 2010 – 2013 in Russia Federation. Analysis of tested isolates was performed by comparing the nucleotide sequences obtained for ORF7 gene. We additionally used set of sequences (n=85) downloaded from GenBank which were previously isolated in various countries as well as in Russia during 1991 – 2008 related to the main genotypes of PRRSV. As a result, Bayesian phylogenetic analysis revealed clustering the Russian PRRSV nucleotide sequences within I and II subtype of European genotype. We didn't observe any clustering of tested isolates with Lelystad-like viruses. Furthermore the nucleotide sequences of tested isolates were different in comparison with strains' ORF7 sequences which are included in the domestic and foreign vaccine commonly used to prevent PRRS disease in Russia. Key words: porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, phylogenetic analysis    


26        VasiljevichF.I., KaplichV.M., SuhomlinE.B.On biological REGULATORS of bloodsucking blackflies (diptera: Simuliidae) of mixed forests of Europe

In mixed forests of Europe, the major regulators of preimaginal phases of bloodsucking blackflies are microsporidia, caddis worm (caddis fly larvae), fish, and of adult blackflies – insectivorous birds. Among the most effective biological products are Bactolarvicid and BLP-2477. Keywords: blackflies, parasites, predators, biologicals.  

31        ArisovM.V., StepanovA.V., SmirnovaE.S. Pharmaco-toxicological evaluation of new drugs stuff RolfClub 3D for dogs and cats

Studied parameters of acute toxicity when administered orally and cutaneous application of preparations RolfClub 3D for dogs and cats. Identify local action of the drug on the skin – not have an irritating effect. In therapeutic and twice increased doses for 5 days not have a negative impact on the overall health of dogs and cats, their physiological status and behavior, does not change the morphological structure and biochemical indices of blood and urine. When arachnoentomoses drugs have clearly expressed stuff activity at all stages of mites and insects. When handling animals does not cause any side effects and complications. Key words: preparations RolfClub 3D, toxicity, rat, mouse, hematology, biochemistry, indicators, arachnoentomoses, efficiency.  


34        KlimovaL.A., RiaposovaM.V., ShkuratovaI.A., TarasenkoM.N., TarasovM., PavlovaN.A.Experience of Startvac use on LLC «Nekrasovо-1» against bovine mastitis, Sverdlovsk

Region Monitoring herds to identify clinical and subclinical forms of mastitis showed that mastitis in cows in the agricultural organizations of Sverdlovsk region is widespread, and the level of this disease tends to increase, so in 2011 – 2012 years the number of animals affected with mastitis was 26,67 % and 28,85 %, respectively. One of mastitis prevention is vaccination. Key words: cattle, mastitis, milk quality, the vaccine Startvac.  

37        SklyarovP.N. Vitamin-hormonal preparations for pharmacological correction reproductive disorders of sheep and goats

Developed original vitamin-hormonal preparations for pharmacological correction of reproductive disorders of sheep and goat in farms where the elimination of vitamin A deficiency is not possible or is associated with certain difficulties. Keywords: sheep and goats, reproductive function, pharmacological correction, vitamin and hormonal treatments.  


40        PleshakovA.V. Water is the key to success in poultry!  

The article presents evidences of the water quality and the watering lines condition importance to achieve high production indicators at poultry farms. There are comprehensive information about the complex water treatment program for watering lines with professional products: CID 1000, CID 2000, AGROCID SUPER OLIGO, also it is indicated why it is important to use a combination of preparations. Key words: birds, watering lines, bacterial count, biofilm, water treatment, drinking water quality, organic acids, acidifier.                                                                                                                                                             PHARMACOLOGY AND TOXICOLOGY

44        Sazonov A. A., Novikova S.V., Dragunkina O. S., Domnitsk I. Iu., Uljanv R.V. Features of morphogenesis Bursa fabricii in cockerels under the influence of feed additives Strolitin and Butofan OR

This article describes the results of studies of the impact of feed additives Strolitin and Butofan OR on Bursa fabricii cockerels. It was established that the combined use of feed additives leads to faster development of the immune system by 45% and increase the number of linear dimensions of lymphoid follicles by 22 and 30%, respectively, and reduce mortality from 4,2 to 3,4 %. Key words: Сarnitine, Butafosfan, Bursa fabricii, cockerels, histological studies, morphology and development, morphological structure.

47        KadikovI.R., SaitovV.R., PapunidiK.Kh.,TremasovM.J., IdiyatovI.I.The combined influence of dioxins, mycotoxins and toxic elements on animals

This article contains the results of experimentally-chronic divided and combined influence of dioxin, lead and T-2 toxin on clinical status, hematological, biochemical and immunological characteristics of blood, ultrastructure of tissue cells of rabbits, pigs and sheep. Key words: 2,3,7,8-tetrachlordibenzo-p-dioxin, T-2 toxin, lead, alimentary poisoning, hematogenesises, lipids peroxidation, biochemical profile, phagocytic activity, podocytes, hepatic cells.  


52        Kazakova A.S., Sereda A.D., Strizhakova O.M., Zhivoderov S.P., Lyska V.M., Balyshev V.M., Morgunov Yu.P., Shubina N.G., Khukhorova I.Yu., Kolbasov D.V., Gusev A.A. Test-system for rapid diagnosis of African swine fever by immunoblotting assay with using recombinant protein p30  

The article is devoted to the characterisation of a test-system for rapid diagnosis of African swine fever (ASF) through the detection of virus-specific antibody by immunoblotting assay with using nitrocellulose immunostrips containing recombinant protein p30 polypeptide immobilized on them. Key words: African swine fever (ASF), recombinant protein p30, immunoblotting assay, test system.  

56        Doronin M.I., Pylnov V.A., Nasarov N.A., Rybakov S.S. Latex-agglutination tests for detection of salmon infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus antigen

Methods of preparation and control of latex-agglutination tests for detection of antigen ofinfectious hematopoietic necrosis were developed. Sensitization level of latex particles was determined. The analytical sensitivity of latex preparations was estimated as 100 µg/ml. The values of diagnostic specificity of the test was found to be 100%. Modalities and evaluation criteria of latex-agglutination tests were selected. Key words: infectious hematopoietic necrosis of salmon fishes, latex-agglutination test, analytical sensitivity, diagnostic specificity, viral antigene, immunoglobuline.      

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