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Zakutsky N.I., Gouzalova A.G., Lounitsin A.V., Yurckov S.G. Characteristics of morbilliviruses, their interrelationship and role in mammal pathology(Analytical review)

A general characteristic of infections caused by viruses of Morbilliviruses genus, Paramixoviridae family, is given. The analysis of evolutionary relationships of the pathogens of these infections is represented, also, some antigenic affinity and virus tropism similarities are shown, biological features of morbilliviruses are discussed, as well as their role in mammal pathology. Finally, some relatively newly emerged and little-known diseases like Hendra and Nipah whose agents have been temporarily classified as morbilliviruses but which, unlike classified viruses, infect both animals and humans, are described. Key words: morbilliviruses, disease, evolution, virus variability, pathogenicity, virulence, antigenicity.


13 Naymanov A.H., Tolstenko N.G., Vangeli E.P., Gulyukin M.I., Bukova N.K.Peculiarities of macroscopic postmortem examination of cattle with tuberculosis

There are described the principal tubercular lesions and time of their revealing in cattle. The errors of pathomorphological study of animals killed with diagnostic aim are analyzed. Key words: cattle, diagnosis, guinea pig, granuloma, lymph node, organs, pathomorphological changes, tubercle, tuberculosis.

17 SaninA.V.,ProninA.V., Narovlyansky А.N., StepanovaT.N., SavoyskayaS.L., ZubashevI.K., ElisbarashviliE.I., BakulinaE.A., VyshivkinaN.V., OzherelkovS.V. Experimental study of sodium polyprenyl phosphatis antiviral effect against feline infectious rhinotracheitis virus

Authors studied the effect of sodium polyprenyl phosphatis (SPP) on feline rhinotracheitis virus in vitro and in vivo. The drug at a dose of 200 mcg/ml inhibits reproduction of the virus in cell line CFRK. Its application to experimentally infected cats significantly increases their survival, reduces recovery time and severity of the disease, contributes to a significant increase of titer virus neutralizing antibodies. These observations open up broad prospects for the use of phosphorylated polyprenols for the treatment of herpesvirus infections. Key words: feline herpesvirus rhinotracheitis, sodium polyprenyl phosphatis, antiviral activity.


22 Yusupov O.Y., Hairov S.G., Kabardiev S.Sh., Skliarov O.D., Klimanov A.I., Oshepkov V.G., Degtiarenko L.V., Devrishov D.A. The effectiveness of IHT in brucellosis of cattle, sheep and goats

The results of study the effectiveness for diagnosis brucellosis in cattle, sheep and goats by IHT with new erythrocyte antigen developed by authors are presented in the article. Key words: brucellosis, diagnostics, indirect hemagglutination test, erythrocyte antigen.

26 Raev S.A., Arutyunova M.A., Tsibezov V.V., Alekseev K.P., Bulgakov A.D., Musienko M.I., Verhovsky O.A., Zaberezhny A.D., Aliper T.I. Effect of colostral immunity to antigenic activity of vaccine "VERRES-CIRCO" and distribution of isotype-specific antibodies in the immune response to porcine circovirus type 2

The article is about the influence of colostral immunity to porcine circovirus type 2 on the formation of post-vaccination immunity. In the experiment were used clinically healthy piglets free of PCV2 in the peripheral blood. On the basis of differences in IgG-antibodies the animals were divided into 4 experimental groups and one control group. For immunization "VERRES-CIRCO" vaccine was used. Previously isolated from pig with PMWS on porcine alveolar macrophages cell culture "TM 2014" PCV2 was used as a challenge. The virus infectious activity was104,0 TCID50/ml. Vaccination of seropositive pigs did not induced the production of IgM-antibodies, but led directly to an increase the level of IgG-antibodies, which is typical of a secondary immune response. Vaccination of seronegative animals led to induction of IgM-antibody and then, following isotype switching - virus-specific IgG-antibodies. Similar results were obtained after experimental infection of piglets. Postinfectious IgM-antibody synthesized in only initially seronegative piglets or in piglets after the complete disappearance of colostral antibodies. Challenge of seropositive piglets resulted only in a quantitative changing of IgG-antibodies. Despite on presence IgG at point of vaccination the level of seroconversion after vaccination did not differ. Serological survey of herds for presence of IgM, IgG is the effective tool of early diagnosis and has an important prognostic value for outcome of PCVAD. Key words: porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2), vaccination, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, antibodies, IgG, IgM.


32 KubaliyevaM.M., KarmalievR.S.Seasonal dynamics of cattle with digestive tract helminthes in West Kazakhstan oblast

West Kazakhstan Oblast cattle are being parasitized by nematodes of trichostrongylidaes group. The cattle were infested by strongylidaes and moniezis of digestive tract in autumn period of a year. Extensity of the infestation in average is 35,4 %. 117,5 exampes of helminth ovum was found in a gram of faeces. Key words: cattle, Strongylata, Moniezia, seasonal dynamic, West Kazakhstan oblast.

33 SafiullinR.T., BondarenkoL.A., NovikovP.V., EngashevS.V., SalnikovaO.G., Lesnichenko I.Yu. Efficiency anticoccidial treatment by Maduvet of replacement chickens egg breed

There were given food with anticoccidial drug Maduvet (500 g/t) to chickens of egg breed daily during first 2 months of life The birds well tolerated this drug, which had a positive impact on the viability, feed-conversion and farm economy in whole. Key words: anticoccidial drugs, chickens, coccidia.


37 FedotovS.V.,UdalovG.M.,KolyadinaN.I. Reproduction features of dogs in Central canine servise

Artificial insemination provides great opportunities in the selection of females and males as well as storage and transport of sperm best sires allows the use of the latest within the area, the county and even some countries. At the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and bioengineering of animal reproduction MGAVMiB developed guests on freshly sperm males, as well as improved methods of artificial insemination of dogs using domestic instruments according to the requirements of the Code of terrestrial animals. Using advanced andrology and gynecological check-ups in the nursery using a portable veterinary ultrasound scanner, as well as hematology analyzers will ensure consistency and continuity of health monitoring, as well as working dogs and reproductive function. Key words: clinical examination, dog, ultrasonic characterization, proestrus, the quality of sperm.


42 SelyaninovYu.O., KushnirA.T., BureevI.A., NiphontovN.O., EgorovaI.Yu., KurochkinE.V. Efficiency of disinfectants in the form of bactericidal foams and aerosols

The article presents the results of testing some disinfectants at different methods of their application. Key words: aerosols, bactericidal foams, disinfection, microorganisms, test objects.

47 AlekseevaS.M., TsydypovV.C.The results of testing disinfectant Anavidin

The experiments revealed that the disinfectant Anavidin exhibits a pronounced bactericidal effect against E. coli, Staph. aureus and spore-forming bacterium B. cereus (strain 76). Key words: bactericidal activity, disinfection, microorganisms, test objects.


49 AnaevM.S., OzdemirovA.A., RamazanovaD.M., AygubovaS.A., MusaevaM.N., AlievA.U.Etiology calves diseases accompanied by diarrhea in the Precaspian region of Russia

There are present the results of study the etiology of gastro-intestinal diseases of calves, accompanied by diarrhea, in the Caspian region of Russia. Key words: blood, calves, diseases, dyspepsia, gastrointestinal, ration.

52 GimranovV.V., FisenkoN.V., VahitovR.R.Influence the drugs Vetosporin and Vitamelam on immunological parameters in bulls before and after castration

There are present in article data on the effect drugs Vetosporin and Vitamelam on immunological parameters in bulls before and after castration. Key words: castration, immunity, calves, Vetosporin, Vitamelam.

55 SleptcovI.V., PoskachinaE.R., VoronovI.V., ZhuravskayA.N. Influence extracts of Scutellaria galericulata L., Polygonum aviculare L. and Dryopteris fragrans L. on mice with chronic poisoning of cadmium chloride (II)

There was studied the biochemical composition of Scutellaria galericulata L., Polygonum aviculare L. and Dryopteris fragrans L and their freeze-dried extracts. 50 % of control mice died from chronic poisoning of cadmium chloride (II) and all 100 % of mice treated by these extracts survieved. Freeze-dried extracts decreased the concentration of cadmium in the liver and malondialdehyde in the red blood cells and hepatocytes increased the total content of low molecular weight antioxidants in red blood cells. Key words: antioxidants, hepatocytes, Polygonum aviculare, cadmium, malondialdehyde, chronic intoxication, liver, mice, red blood cells, Scutellaria galericulata, Dryopteris fragrans, extract, erythrocyte.


58 Strizhakova O.M. Adaptation of a field isolate of swine transmissible gastroenteritis virus to continuous cell cultures

A virus identified as swine transmissible gastroenteritis virus was isolated from pathological materials of sick 1- to 5-day old piglets, and adapted to cell cultures PTP and PK-15. The virus infectious titer at the 5th passage in continuous cell cultures PTP and PK-15 was 5,0 lg TCID50/cm3 at 95 % confidence interval (4,7 to 5,3) of lg TCID50/cm3. The isolated virus was designated as strain “Gubkinsky-94” and deposited for storage to the ARRIVVaMR Collection of Microorganisms. Key words: transmissible gastroenteritis, pathological material, viral isolation, cell culture, cytopathic effect, adaptation.



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