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3          Makarov V.V.,  Sukharev O.I.  Ebola virus disease

The Ebola virus disease brief history, common characteristics, parasitic system and epidemic process are considered in this paper. Key words: epidemic, zoonoses, virus hemorrhagic fevers, Ebola virus disease.


7          Abramov V.E., Osyanina M.N., Balyshev A.V.,  Glukhareva E.V.,  Safarova M.I.  Effectiveness of a new drug Azithronit calves for gastroenteritis

For the first time for the veterinary market developed product containing azithromycin. Conducted research on the effectiveness of the drug for gastroenteritis calves. According to the results of experiment, the use of the drug in the therapeutic dose of 1 ml/20 kg body weight shows a high therapeutic effect in relieving core symptoms of gastroenteritis, improving the overall condition of the calves via 12-16 hours after the first application. The drug is well-tolerated by the calves (administering intramuscular injections) and has no hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic. The results of the study helped to determine the maximum tolerated dose and the threshold. Key words: Azithromycin, antibiotic, therapeutic efficiency, gastroenteritis, calves.

12        Litenkova I.Y., Pestova G.V., Kruglov A.A., Surnev D.S., Elnikov V.V., Zenov N.I. The protective properties of the dry live vaccine against Newcastle disease of birds

The article is devoted to study the efficacy of immunization of chicken’s vaccine against Newcastle disease of birds from strain "La Sota" with the different methods of its introduction. Key words: chickens,pseudopestis avium, vaccine, blood serum of chickens, a method of vaccinating.

14        Eliseeva E.N. Complex antimicrobial drugs in poultry industry

The correct choice of complex antimicrobial drugs with broad-spectrum activity ensures the safety of poultry and increase its productivity which results in increased profits of farms. Key words: poultry, antimicrobial drugs


17        Novikova M.B., Sidlik M.V.,  Zhuravleva V.A.,  Koltsov A.Y.,  Vyalykh I.V., Panferova A.V., Kurinnov V.V. The study of bluetongue virus serotype 14 infection among cattle and sheep & goats in Smolensk region

In the course of a laboratory parallel examination of 71 heifers imported from Germany in August, 2011, as many as 5 animals were found positive for bluetongue following RT-PCR and ELISA results after their 27-day quarantine in a LLC “Breeding Farm Smolensky Galloway” (Smolensk Region). From blood samples of animals NoNo 01051, 01244 and 75981 (and also from a blood sample of a born calf), bluetongue virus serotype 14 was isolated. In the same period, serological screening of random samples collected over 6 administrative areas of Smolensk region determined seroprevalence against BT virus serotype 14 at a rate of 29 and 78% for sheep & goat and cattle, respectively, at a herd level, and 7 and 33%, respectively, at an animal level. Also, bluetongue virus serotype 14 circulation among aboriginal livestock is suspected.  Key words: virus, bluetongue, virus isolation, imported cattle, RT-PCR, competition ELISA, seroprevalence.

23        NaymanovA.H., UstinovaG.I., TolstenkoN.G., VangeliE.P., KucherukO.D.Sensitizing properties of fast-growing non-tuberculous mycobacteria fourth group according to the classification of Runyon

Presents the results of studying the sensitizing properties of various species offast-growing non-tuberculous mycobacteria fourth group according to the classification of  Runyon.  Key words: tuberculosis, mycobacteria, non-tuberculous mycobacteria, sensitization, Guinea pigs, PPD-tuberculin for mammals, cattle.

28        Sarbasov A.B., Irsa V.N., Repin P.I., Starov S.K., Frolov S.V. The study of protective properties of the vaccine strain “La-Sota” when infected chickens virulent strain of the genotype VII of the virus Newcastle disease

 The results of experimental study of protective properties of the vaccine against Newcastle disease in infected chickens virulent strain of the virus VII genotype. It is shown that the vaccine against Newcastle disease from strain “La-Sota" protect chickens from death and disease while infecting them virulent strain VII of the genotype of the virus Newcastle disease. Key words: Newcastle disease, genotype VII, vaccination.     

31        Laktyushina O.A., Pleshakova V.I., Vlasenko V.S. Hematological and immunological parameters of dogs at Lyme-borreliosis before and after treatment by Ceftriaxone

 We have studied the hematological and immunological parameters of blood of dogs with Lyme-borreliosis. There was revealed that the disease is accompanied by mild anemia, increased of B-lymphocytes, T-killer and circulating immune complexes, as well as a sharp decrease in neutrophils and T-lymphocytes. The disease is characterized by fever, anorexia, general weakness and apathy. There was proven effect of Ceftriaxone, as an increase in the content of cellular immunity and thus improving the clinical condition of the dogs. Key words: dogs, Lyme-borreliosis, immunity, neutrophils, T-lymphocytes, circulating immune complexes, Ceftriaxone.


35        ShodmonovI.,  RazikovS.S. Echinococcosis of dogs in the republic of Tajikistan

The information about spread of E. granulosus in dogs in the south-western regions of the Republic Tajikistan. Key words: echinococcosis, distribution, dog.

37        ArisovM.V., SmirnovaE.S.The therapeutic efficacy of drugs Gelmintal syrup in the nematodoses and cestodosis of dogs and cats

Studied the efficacy of drugs Gelmintal syrup when nematodoses and cestodosis of gastrointestinal tract of dogs and cats.In the first step examined drugs that were used in doses of active substance: for dogs – moxidectin – 1,25 mg/kg, praziquantel – 5 mg/kg; for cats – moxidectin – 0,5 mg/kg, praziquantel – 5 mg/kg. The result has been awarded a 100 % therapeutic efficacy, but he animals were depressed state after the administration of drugs. Based on the findings for future research were presented drugs: Gelmintal syrup for kittens and small cats (moxidectin – 0,3 mg/ml and praziquantel – 5 mg/ml), Gelmintal syrup for cats, puppies and small dogs (moxidectin – 0,6 mg/ml and praziquantel – 10 mg/ml), Gelmintal syrup for dogs (moxidectin – 1,5 mg/ml and praziquantel – 25 mg/ml). The drug is used in a daily dose of the active ingredients for dogs and cats: moxidectin – 0,3 mg/kg, praziquantel – 5 mg/kg. According to the study, the drugs have shown high efficiency, with no side effects and complications were noted. Key words: moxidectin, praziquantel, Gelmintal syrup, efficiency, dogs, cats, nematodoses, cestodosis.


40        SaninA.V. , DeyevaA.V. , NarovlyanskyA.N. , ProninA.V. , RavilovM.N. , KabanovV.D. , BelousovaR.V. , GulyukinM.I. Use of Gamavit in pig farming

Immunomodulating drug Gamavit accelerates the arrival of sows in heat, improves their fertility and productivity, reduces the morbidity and mortality, stimulates immune system, growth and development, increases the feed conversion by piglets. Key words: feed conversion, Gamavit, fertility, reproduction, intoxication, average daily gain.


43        TashbulatovA.A., MishinV.S. Global disinvasion – reliable insurance against coccidiosis of poultry

Analysis of coccidiosis prevalence in Russia and effectiveness study of different concentrations (2 – 5 %) of disinfectants Virudez Universal and Fenosteril were conducted on non-sporulated and sporulated oocysts of coccidia species of Eimeria acervulina, E. maxima, E. necatrix and E. tenella. Trials were conducted in respect of intact coccidia oocysts on ten-day chickens of Ross-308 cross. Disinfectants Fenosteril (efficacy of 91 – 94 % in concentration of 3 – 4 %), and Virudez Universal (efficacy of 87 – 91% in concentration of 4 – 5 %) can be used in conducting of effective disinvasion against poultry coccidiosis with exposure of 24 hours in the system of veterinary preventive measures. It will increase the effectiveness of a comprehensive programme against coccidiosis with using of coccidiostats and vaccines during the preparation of poultry houses. Key words: disinvasion, chickens of Ross 308, Virudez Universal, Fenosteril, coccidia oocysts, intensive efficacy.


46        GolubtsovA.V., ShakhovA.G., AlekhinY.N., YerinaT.A.,PrigorodovaO.V. The impact of above venous low intensity laser irradiation on hemomorphological and biochemical status of calves with hypotrophy

The impact of low intensity laser irradiation on blood values of calves with hypotrophy has been studied. The positive influence of irradiation on leucopoiesis and erythropoiesis, vegetative nervous system and organism membrane structure states are shown. Above venous irradiation of blood, decreasing autointoxication, stimulating synthetic and metabolic processes, is recommended for the optimization of rehabilitative process in calves with hypotrophy. Key words: calves, antenatal hypotrophy, low intensity laser irradiation.

52        FilippovYu.I., SabitovaI.A.  Bioelektrografiya identification of pathological changes in a knee joint at dogs

The device, capable to visualize and fix for the further analysis, a field of various objects became result of long Russian scientists-physicists. GRV the Camera the hardware-software complex based on computer processing of caused gas-discharge luminescences. This equipment allows observing on the computer screen in real time changes of biological fields of an animal. Key words: bioelektrografiya, gas-discharge visualization (GRV), knee joint, image area, average intensity, ezoliniya length, BAT.


55        TeslinaA.D., RyadnovaT.A., RyadnovA.A., SalomatinV.V.

Fattened hybrid young growth of pigs at introduction in the organism of rostostimuliruyushchy preparations

In article results on use of rostostimuliruyushchy preparation CAT-COM-M separately and in combination with rostostimuliruyushchy preparation CAT-COM are given in pig-breeding. It is established that introduction to hypodermically hybrid young growth of pigs on growing and preparation CAT-COM-M sagination as separately, and in a complex with rostostimuliruyushchy preparation CAT-COM, promotes activization of a proteinaceous exchange at animals. Key words: young growth of pigs, rostostimuliruyushchy preparations of CAT-COM-M and CAT-COM, biochemical indicators of blood, general protein, proteinaceous fractions.

 57        HamidovM.G., TruhunaT.I.  Effective natural mineral additive in ration agricultural animals and birds

Present the results of research and development of technology of application natural zeolites Vangа deposits of Amur region in animal industries. Is set harmlessness and effectiveness of its use as a feed additive in the diets of cattle, pigs and poultry in the prevention and treatment of diseases, and efficiency increase. Key words: zeolites, safety, cattle, pigs, chickens, dose, morbidity, safety, productivity, technical conditions, instruction.

59        Isamov N.N. (Jr), IsamovN.N., SidorovaE.V., IsakovaV.N. Mineral composition of cow and goat milk in radioactively contaminated area

The microelement composition of cow and goat milk has been studied. Several main differences have been found in the quantitative content in milk of chemical elements. Goat milk contains more microelements. This is particularly pronounced for copper and manganese. The mean annual content of zinc, iron and lead in the milk of cows and goats was found to be the same. The contents of the other microelements in cow and goat milk were always higher in goats. Especially high was the content of chrome. An exception was molybdenum. No evidence was found of ferrocyn sorption of microelements other than radioactive cesium. Keywords: milk, microelements.

62        TremasovM.Ya., PapunidiK.Kh., ShanqаraevN.G.The causes poisoning of bees in the Republic of Tatarstan

Give reasons for the mass death of bees in the Republic of Tatarstan. Leading cause of death is the treatments are potential honey plants in the fields of organophosphate pesticides. Keywords: poisoning, insecticides, pesticides, bees, honey.


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