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3          Orlyankin B.G., Aliper T.I. New swine viruses

The review brings together the most recent data on 14 new swine viruses discovered over the last 20 years. Keywords: new swine viruses, natural reservoir, pathological role.


9          Zakutsky N.I., Zubairov M.M., Anisimova L.I., Neverovskaya N.S., Ignatov I.V., Khailov N.N. Combined application of chemotherapeutic drugs (Abaktan-D and Abaktan-R) with associated inactivated vaccine against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and parainfluenza-3

The efficacy of a combined application of chemotherapeutic drugs Abaktan-D and Abaktan-R with associated inactivated vaccine against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) and bovine parainfluenza-3 (BPI-3) was studied. Such approach provided the protection 98-100% animals against these diseases. Key  words: bovine infectious rhinotracheitis, cell culture, chemotherapy, parainfluenza, vaccine, virus.

12        Orynbayev M.B., Kospanova M.N., Kerimbayev A.A., Kopeev S.K., Rystayeva R.A., Burashev E.D., Sansyzbay A.R. Serological monitoring of equine influenza in the Kazakhstan

The results of monitoring of equine influenza conducted in Kazakhstan in 2010-2011 are presented. There were detected serum antibodies to subtype A/H3N8 and A/H7N7 of equine influenza virus in animals from 3 (North Kazakhstan, Kostanai and Zhambyl) and 4 (South Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, East Kazakhstan and West Kazakhstan) regions, respectively.  The obtained data indirectly confirm the circulation of both subtypes in Kazakhstan. Key words: antibodies, influenza, horse, serological monitoring, virus.

15        Mischenko A.V., Mischenko V.A., Karaulov A.K. Foot and mouth disease (FMD) of pigs in the Primorsky Krai

There are present the results of epizootic survey conducted during May-June 2014 in affected by FMD type O Spassky district (Primorye Territory) which located near border with China. The characteristic symptoms of the disease and pathological changes identified in different age groups of pigs. Key words: aphthae, erosion, foot and mouth disease, pathological lesions, pig, symptoms, vesicles, virus.


18        Dimova A.S., Dimov S.K., Sizov A.А., Sizov D.A., Arakelyan P.K. Efficiency of the diagnosis brucellosis in cattle in new test-system ELISA

The effectiveness of the new test system based on the ELISA antigen B. abortus for diagnosis brucellosis in cattle is confirmed. It provides significant time savings for research, recording and interpretation of results, a high levels of their objectivity and reproducibility. The possibility of its use as a rapid method of diagnosis of brucellosis in animals, including immunized against brucellosis by low agglutinated live vaccines, is proved. To resort to additional tests (RA, CFT, AGID) is only required for supporting negative and questionable results of ELISA. Key words: AGID, brucellosis, cattle, vaccination, diagnosis, ELISA, agglutination reaction, complement-fixation reaction, immunodiffusion reaction with O-PS antigen, diagnostic efficiency.

21        Feodorova V.A., Polyanina T.I., Zaytsev S.S., Laskavy V.N., Ulianova O.V., Dykman L.A.  Development of dot-ELISA for the screening rapid diagnosis of Chlamydial infection in sheep

A pilot version of the dot-ELISA for screening rapid diagnosis of Chlamydia pathogen that is based on sheep monospecific Chlamydial antibodies labeled with gold nanoparticles is developed. Key words: Chlamydia, zoonotic Chlamidial infection, rapid diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis, dot-ELISA, nanoparticles.

25   Balbutskaya A.A., Skvortsov V.N.,  Dmitrenko O.A. Antimicrobial resistance and virulence genes of Staphylococcus pseudintermedius strains isolated from healthy dogs

There were established S. pseudintermedius-carrier status in 30 healthy dogs with the help of traditional bacteriological methods and by using multiplex PCR. Isolates of bacteria remained sensitive to 7 tested antimicrobials. Some isolates showed intermediate sensitivity and resistance to doxycycline. The detection in 100% of the isolates toxin genes se-int, siet, lukS and lukF indicates their pathogenic potential. However, there were not found pyrogenic toxin genes with superantigen activity of S. aureus. Key words: antibiotic resistance, dog, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus intermedius, Staphylococcus pseudintermedius, virulence traits. 


28        Safiullin R.T., Novikov P.V., Nurtdinova T.A., Leontiev O.V., Kudrevich E.E., Kupyreva V.А.  The effectiveness of complex insecticide program of control flour-beetle in a poultry farm at the floor maintenance of chickens-broilers

There was state during a course of field scientific approbation in the poultry farm of the Moscow region a high effectiveness a complex insecticide program of controlimago (by Solfak®) and larvae (by Baytsidal®) of flour-beetle. Key words: broilers, flour-beetle, floor maintenance, insecticides.


32        Sarsadskikh A.A. Buserelin efficiency at treatment of cows with cysts of ovaries

Highly productive cows are particularly susceptible to the cystic disease. This problem leads to high economical losses due to productive parameters decrease of a dairy cow. The most effective and modern treatment method today is the therapy by hormons. Buserelin as a synthetic analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone showed great effect in treating of cystic disease. The long-term experiment conducted in Italy once more confirmed versatility, safety and efficacy of the product against all types of ovarian cysts. Key words: cystic follicle, ovarian cysts, reproductive disorders after calving, Buserelin, gonadotropin-releasing hormone, hormonal therapy, differentiation of cysts types.

35        Korennik I.V. An integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of cow mastitis

The article reflects the main aspects of the treatment and prevention of mastitis in cows. Particular attention is paid to the problems of diagnosing mastitis udder processing before and after milking. Some veterinary drugs for the treatment of mastitis during lactation, and for the drying cows are presented. Describes the treatment of mastitis in cows for example work experience in one of the farms. Key words: mastitis, milk, dry cow, Lactocloks, Bovacloks DC extra, Noroclav IMM LC Lactoclean, Lactoderm, somatic cells.


40        Kolychev N.M., Plechakova V.I., Kolotilo A.N., Metleva A.S., Lesheva N.A. Microbiocenosis of water using for livestock enterprises in Omsk Irtysh

The features of water supply technological systems and their effects on the microbiological and physico-chemical parameters of the water used for on livestock farms were studied in the Omsk region. There was set up dependence between the composition of the microflora of drinking water and diarrhea of calves. Key words: biocenoses, diarrhea, microflora, drinking water, calve, ecosystem.

45        Smirnova I.R.,Zotov V.V. Modern methods of prevention of bacterial diseases of pond fish

A dynamics of population change saprofitic bacteria (Pseudomonas and Аeromonas) in fish farm of Moscow region was studied. There was a coincidence titer growth of these bacteria in the water with periods of increased risk of consequent diseases of fish. Key words: aeromonosis, pseudomonosis, pond fish farming, saprophytic bacteria, eutrophication.


 48       Zaharov L.М.  Influence of feed additives from waste products of corn starch production on blood biochemical parameters of cows

Inclusion in the basic diet of protein supplement from waste products of corn starch had no negative impact on the metabolism and hematological status of the cows. Key words: blood biochemical parameters, cows, diet, protein additive.

50        Abramov V.E., Balyshev A.V., Safarova М.I. Azitronit – the new macrolide against         respiratory diseases in pigs

For the first time for the treatment of respiratory diseases in pigs applied formulation containing azithromycin. The experiment results revealed that Azitronit a therapeutic dose of 1 ml / 20 kg body weight of the animal has a high therapeutic effect relieves the main symptoms of respiratory diseases and improves overall piglets after 12 – 16 hours after the first application.
Compared with traditional antibiotics (florfenicol, amoxycillin and oxytetracycline) applying Azitronita reduces recovery time animals on days 2 – 4. Key words: Azitronit, azithromycin, bronchopneumonia, acute bronchitis, pigs, efficiency.


53        Lukashenko V.S., Ovseichik E.A., Karelina E.A., Zavbert E.S., Dugina J.L., Epstein O.I. Study of release-active  Polyferon drug influence on the broilers productivity

The paper presents the results of studies of the release-active Polyferon drug influence on broilers live weight before they are slaughtered, the meat yield at slaughter including byproducts. The effective dosing regimen of the drug was established. Key words: Polyferon, release-active drug, broilers, carcass weight, carcasses category.

56        Glukhareva E.V., Archipov I.A., Abramov V.E., Safarova M.I. The study of therapeutic efficacy of Ciflunit Flock at ovine oestrosis

The efficacy study of Ciflunit Flock (ciflunitrin solution) was performed on wethers infested by Oestrus ovis larvaes of different ages during clinical manifestation of oestrosis. Analysis of the data showed that 2-time application of insecticide in the dose of 10 ml are well tolerated by sheep, exhibits high therapeutic efficacy and prevent the development of disease in animals infested by the larvae of Oestrus ovis during 1 month. Key words: insecticide, larvae, ovine, ciflunitrin, oestrosis, efficacy, Oestrus ovis.


58        Yakupov M.R., Yakovleva м,  Kanshina A.V., Scherbakov A.V.  Use of recombinant p30 protein of African swine fever virus in indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Recombinant p30 protein of African swine fever (ASF) virus was obtained by E. coli expression. Basing on recombinant antigen an indirect ELISA was developed for the detection of ASF virus antibodies in pig sera. The developed test is characterized by high specificity and sensitivity. Key words: African swine fever, recombinant protein, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.


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