Advertizing conditions

Announcements and commercials it is published only after advance payment, the price contractual.

  • Date of performance – not less than 3 months after receipt of materials in edition.

We accept files of the following formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator 7.0 – 10.0 *.  eps CMYK (PC), PDF.  At this option all raster images, surely owe CMYK, all text is transferred to curves;
  • TIFF (CMYK), 300 dpi.

Amount of paint:

  • the sum of all paints shouldn't exceed 300%.  C:100-M:100-Y:100-B:100 shouldn't be!

"Nuances" of black paint:

  • rather small objects of black color (the text a size to 20 пт, lines, etc.) always have to be printed over other image and only black color

(C:0 OF %, M:0 OF %, Y:0 OF %, % B:100).

  • big objects of black color (texts of big size, big dies) need to be painted so-called "compound black" (C:60 of %, M:50 of %, Y:50 of %, % B:95).

Otherwise we will receive a die "bald" (gray)

or transparent (from under it will look through a background).

  • don't use the line Hairline thickness. If the thin line is necessary to you, establish its thickness in 0,3 pt and only black color.

 Image conclusion for the sheet edge:

  • the size of a strip of imposition has to correspond strictly to a cut format of the edition –

168х235 mm;

  • all elements printed in edge of a strip (under a sawn-off shotgun), have to have "departure" for edge of a cut format (a dolivka under a sawn-off shotgun) – 5 mm;
  • all significant elements which are in a strip, have to settle down at distance not less than 5 mm from a cut format. In the presence of a framework on strips – distance not less than 10 mm from a cut format.
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Advertizing conditions