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3 Selyaninov Yu.O., Egorova I.Yu., Kolbasov D.V., Listishenko A.A.   Anthrax in Yamal: re-emergence causes and diagnostic issues

In given paper the data of Anthrax epizooty in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug within reindeer population are presented. As has been identified, the main cause of Anthrax re-emergence was activation of «old» soil burial places due to extremely high air temperature and deep soil thawing, lower obvious limit. The numerous animals deaths were caused by transmissive route of infection by blood-suckling insects. It has been practically shown, that decision making for implementation of veterinary measurements and velocity of laboratory results directly correlate to the accurateness of biological material sampling, storage and transportation condition.  Key words: reindeer, Bacillus anthracis, epizooty.




8 Yurov K.P., Anoyatbekova A.M., Alexeyenkova S.V. New pestivirus- Hobi - like virus- the contaminant of vaccine against Peste des Petits Ruminants

It has been noticed on the 84 Session of General assembly of OIE which took place in May of this year that Peste des Petits of small ruminants (PPRV) is a priority in development of national programs for prevention of diseases of a livestock in a number of the countries.  Vaccinal prevention serves as the main part in system of antiepizootic actions in case of PPRV. During the research of commercial vaccine against PPRV which is used in some administrative areas of Tajikistan, has been found a new pestivirus. Based on the phylogenetic analysis the virus is identified as the third genotype BVDV-3 of cattle - Ho-Bi like virus. Key   words: virus, vaccine, sheeps, phylogenetic analysis, PCR.

11 Sanin A.V., Narovljansky A.N., Pronin A.V., Timofeeva T.Yu., Sanina V.Yu., Stepanova T.N., Izmestieva A.V., Grigorieva E.V., Izmestieva A.V., Ivanova A.M.,  Kozhevnikova T.N., Ozherelkov S.V.  Efficiency of Phosprenyl for prevention experimental stress reaction in vitro

Experimental study was made to assess effect of known immunomodulator Phosprenyl upon in vitro induced stress reaction in P388D1 cells of macrophage origin. Phosprenyl was found to prevent stress-induced inhibition of macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) mRNA synthesis. Key words: phosprenyl, stress, cell cultures.




14 Arakelyan P.K., Yanchenko T.A., Rasnitsyna G.V., Tregubov A.N., Rudenko A.V., Khristenko N.V., Dimova A. S., Dimov S.K., Vorobyov V.I., Kurenskaya N.I. The search for rational schemes of specific prevention of brucellosis of cattle

We determined the timing of the extinction of post-vaccination reactions in 152 healthy animals after conjunctival immunization by vaccine from strain B. abortus 19 at a dose of 8 billion CFU/ml in the negative-brucellosis herds of cattle. We were detected the specific agglutinating and complementative antibodies in 15 – 30 days in different age groups at the level of 13,3 to 66,6 %. We were found high titers of specific agglutinins (≥ 200 IU) and complementative of antibodies (≥ 1:20) only in 6,6 % of heifers older than one year on the 15th day after immunization. The level of agglutination and complement-fixing antibodies in all animals was below detectable in 85 – 90 day after conjunctival immunization. We did not found the precipitins to O-PS antigen in all periods of research in both experiments, starting at 15 days. Thus, the unimpeded conduct of researches on brucellosis in cattle in order to identify of provoked Brucella-carriers by the conjunctival immunization has been possible for the registration of the high titers of agglutination and / or complement-fixing antibodies - after 30 days, and the positive reaction of immunodiffusion with O-PS antigen – after 15 days after vaccination. The number of identified Brucella carriers after the conjunctival immunization vaccine from strain B. abortus 19 in positive-brucellosis herd of cattle during the two studies was 32,2 and 6,5 %, respectively, without the introduction of an antibacterial preparation of Nitoks-200 (before vaccination this indicator was equal to 13,4 %) and with the preliminary introduction of preparation – 2,1 and 0 %, respectively (before vaccination – 7,6 %). The antibrucellar effectiveness of an antibacterial preparation Nitoks-200 additionally confirmed by the results of bacteriological research. Il. 4. Ref. 9. Key words: brucellosis, cattle, conjunctival immunization, antibacterial preparation, diagnostics, anti-epizootic efficiency.

19 Boudarkov V.A., Zenkin A.S. Radiological aspects of specific prophylaxis dangerous sheep infection diseases

The immune status and vaccination efficiency against anthrax and Rift Valley fever (RVF) at radioactive iodine-affected ovine thyroid in the areas polluted with Chernobyl NPP accidental release products are analyzed. We determined that the disorders of ovine immune status developing in animals at radiation damage of thyroid with 131I did not prevent successful immunization of animals against anthrax or Rift Valley fever. Key words: sheep, Chernobyl NPP accident, radioactive iodine, immune status, vaccination against anthrax, vaccination against Rift Valley fever.

24 Gabalov K.P., Staroverov S.A., Rumina M.V., Tarasenko T.N.,  Volkov A.A. Interaction proteins of complement system with E. coli strains differ by virulence

It has been established that the speed of reproduction various strains of E. coli in rabbit blood plasma is dependent from concentration of complement system proteins, and this dependence is different to the virulent and avirulent strains as well as for young and adult animals. The proteins of the complement system interacted with all cultures of bacteria, but virulent strains overcome their activity due to rapid growth. Key words: bacteria, virulence, complement, Escherichia coli. 




28 Lozovaya E.G., Mikhalev V.I., Nezhdanov A.G., Chusova G.G. Bioelemental blood composition and disorders of embryonic development in dairy cows

The article represents the results of evaluation of bioelemental status in dairy cows during the period of early embryogenesis under physiological formation of embryo, its development delay and death. It is shown that manifestations of embryopathies in cows are associated with magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, and iodine deficit in their organisms. The article discusses pathogenetic mechanisms of diselementosis negative impact on embryogenesis. Key words: cows, blood, trace elements, embryopathies.

33  Khlopitsky V.P.  System of regulation of reproductive function at uterus a livestock of pigs

The order of the organization of reproduction industrial pigs in modern conditions is offered. The algorithm of work with uterus a livestock of the pigs, including planning, an estimation and the control of level of reproduction, algorithm of the basic stages on specification of the reasons of reproductive infringements, and also the basic schemes and medical products for correction of the reproductive function, including is presented: Pigulin®, Follimag®, Magestrofan®, Меtramag®. Key words: reproduction, reproductive infringements, system of reproduction of pigs, Pigulin®, Follimag®, Magestrofan®, Меtramag®. 




40  Bespalov A.P.  Complex preparation of water in poultry

Diseases of bacterial etiology are widespread in poultry and adversely affect on the cost price of poultry farming and production quality. In poultry farms ne of the major factors in the transmission of pathogens is water. Complex application of preparations LED 2000 and AGROSID SUPER oligo (CID LINES, Belgium) provides high-quality water treatment lines of poultry watering. Innovative lumеnometric method makes it possible to quickly conduct analysis of water supply lines and its drinkers for biological contamination. Key words: bacteria, biofilm, veterinary sanitation, water.




43  Zhukov V.M. The basics of animal population pathology analysis

This work deals with the proven procedure for conducting research in the field of animal organopathology. On the first stage specialists analyze the health status of the animal population on the base of available veterinary documentation for the recent years. This stage reveals the existing shortcomings in the records of the pathologies of organs and systems. The second stage includes the collection and analysis of data on the state of animal health based on the monitoring 10% or more of the animal population over certain time. Simultaneously or subsequently the animal health status is experimentally corrected by changing the housing conditions, nutrition and other essential factors. The results are analyzed in a special report by submitting tables, graphs, illustrative materials. Key words: animal health, diagnostic, pathologic anatomy, population pathology, system approach.

45 Rudenko P.A. Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant system activity in cats with inflammatory processes

There are developed deep biochemical changes in the cats with inflammatory processes, which become irreversible at unfavorable course of the pathological process. These indicate a significantly enhanced focus catabolic process and the accumulation of toxic metabolites, which leads to damage and reduce the regenerative capacity of tissues. Key words: antioxidant system, cat, infection, lipid peroxidation.




49 Poddubny I.A., Vasiliev A.A. Blood biochemical parameters Lensky sturgeon receiving iodized yeast

There was revealed positive effect of the inclusion high iodine doses (200 and 300 mg/kg body weight) in feed yeast on biochemical parameters of blood Lena sturgeon grown in conditions of industrial fish farming. It was lead to increase synthesis of hormones in thyroid gland, protein and carbohydrate levels of metabolism. Key words: blood biochemical parameters, feed additives, industrial fish farming, iodine, Lena sturgeon, thyreoid hormones.


54 Indyukhova E.N., Azarnova T.О., Maksimov V.I., Naydensky M.S.,


Zaitsev S.Yu. Monitoring of embryonic chickens with iodized in ovo nutrition under the conditions of hyperthermia during incubation

It reflects the results of observations of the development of embryos during artificial incubation with significant deviation of air temperature in the conditions of iodinated transovarial nutrition. The changes in concentrations of thyroid hormones in the blood of day old chicks during prolonged hyperthermia. It noted the intensification of growth and development in chickens in the application of iodine-containing preparation in the embryonic period of development.

Key words: chickens, embryogenesis, iodine-containing preparation, hyperthermia, incubation.




59    Andreychuk D.B.,  Kozlov A.A.,  Chvala I.A.,  Kolosov S.N.   Perevozchikova N.A.  Development of a new PCR-RT with exogenous internal control reaction system for detection of the goose parvovirus genome
A duplex real-time PCR with TaqMan probes for detection of the goose parvovirus genome was developed. The method included a three-component system of exogenous internal control, which consisted of an internal control DNA, a separate TaqMan probe for the DNA amplicon detection and primers for the DNA amplification. The system allowed to monitor the efficiency of the reaction and to identify false-negative samples regardless of tissue type and species of poultry. PCR-RT successfully approved on pathological samples and goose parvovirus field isolates revealed in the territory of the Russian Federation in 2015.  Key words: goose parvovirus, molecular diagnostic, RT-PCR.

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