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Gaffarov Kh.Z., Yarullin A.I., Gumerov V.G., Karimullina I.G., Usoltsev K.VBiological properties of adenoviruses and their role in respiratory-intestinal pathology of cattle (review)

The information about taxonomy, main structural, morphological and physicochemical properties, antigenic structure, especially of intracellular reproduction, the nature and mechanisms of the cytopathology in cell cultures of bovine adenoviruses, pathogenesis and clinical signs of their infection are given. Key words: adenoviruses, antigens, biological properties, calves, cattle, cell culture, pathology, taxonomy.



9 Kazanovsky E.S., Karabanov V.P., Klebenson K.A. Optimization of the annual treatment and preventive measures in the reindeer breeding

There were established in laboratory and field conditions a possibility of subcutaneus inoculation of mixture live vaccine from strain 55 VNIIVViM against animal anthrax with ivermectins and avermectins for simultant prophylaxy of anthrax and therapy of edemagenosis in reindeer. Key words: anthrax, prophylaxy, reindeer, reindeer breeding, therapy, ivermectins, avermectins, vaccination, edemagenosis.


12 Andreeva Ju.N.  The advantages of modern technology microgranulation for anticoccidials of company Huvepharma

The article is about the benefits microgranulation anticoccidials of Huvepharma in comparison with analog drugs, including anticoccidials made on the basis of simple mixing of active substance with auxiliary ingredients. Key words: microgranulation, coccidiostatics, dust potential, fermentation, laser diffraction.


16 Semakina V.P., Akimova T.P.,  Mischenko V.A., Karaulov А.К. An Analysis of the FMD Epidemic Situation in Russia between 2010 and March 2019

Over the past 10 years, FMD cases have been reported in the Russian Federation annually. Most FMD outbreaks have occurred in settlements located in close proximity to the China-Russia and Mongolia-Russia border.  Key words: virus, epidemic situation, FMD.


20 Gulyukin M.I.,  Zaberezhny A.D., Iskandarov M.I., Fedorov A.I., Gulyukin A.M.,  Iskandarova S.S., Sleptsov E.S., Vinokurov N.V., Savvinova M.S. Analysis of the effectiveness of measures against brucellosis in farm animals

Provided data on a brucellosis status in farm animals and the effectiveness of anti-brucellosis measures are based on the official veterinary reports. Despite the rich arsenal of tools and methods for the diagnosis and specific prophylaxis of brucellosis in farm animal, the epizootic situation for this disease is still tense. Currently, specific prophylaxis of brucellosis in Russia is carried out only in cattle and small ruminants, as well as reindeer. For other animal species susceptible to brucellosis (pigs, horses, camels, yaks, buffaloes, dogs) specific prophylaxis has not been developed. Mainly live vaccines, which, despite their effectiveness, have many disadvantages, are used to prevent brucellosis in animals. They can provoke abortions in vaccinated animals, some vaccine strains are able to migrate to unvaccinated animals. They are also potentially epidemiologically dangerous. Moreover, there is a problem of postvaccinal antibodies which hinder differential diagnosis of immunized and sick animals. Taking into consideration potential ecologic danger, we consider that it is time to abandon live vaccines and use instead vaccines constructed from protective antigens of Brucella. Key words: brucellosis, diagnosis, prevention, vaccination.


25 Ivanova S.V., Melnikova L.A.,  Rodionov A.P., Makaev Kh.N.  The use of erythrocyte diagnostic in assessing the effectiveness of cattle immunoprophylaxis against anthrax

There are more than 35 thousands permanently contaminated by B. anthracis zones in the Russian Federation. Outbreaks of the disease are recorded every year despite the vaccination of all susceptible livestock. It’s necessitating the control of the efficiency preventive measures with their subsequent correction. With such aim the indirect hemagglutination test with erythrocyte-linked-antigen was approved. The immunological status of herds vaccinated against anthrax was assessed and were compared the changes of serum antibody titres in animals after one- and two-time vaccination on the base of testing 7716 cattle sera from different regions of the Republic of Tatarstan. The results of the study showed the feasibility of the annual two-time cattle vaccination made with 6 months intervals and its control with the help of ʺAntibody test kit for animals vaccinated against anthrax in the reaction of indirect hemagglutination (RIHA)". Key words: anthrax, antibodies, cattle, immunity, test system, vaccination.


29 Galnbek T.V., Kalinin A.G., Kuleshov K.V., Vasilyeva A.N., Potapova I.V.   Hybrid cell lines and their importance in biotechnology

The importance of hybrid cell cultures for various branches of biotechnology is shown. The stages of development of methods for obtaining cell lines that are unique in their species and tissue composition are described. The karyological and virological properties of the created cultures are reflected. Key words: hybrid cell lines, chromosomes, cell cultures, viruses, fusion.



34 Bolatchiev K.H. Results of epizootological and epidemiological monitoring of echinococcosis in southern Russia

The article describes the spread of echinococcosis in farm animals and humans in different regions of southern Russia. Its wide distribution both at farm animals and the person is established. Key words: echinococcosis, Echinococcus granulosus, Karachay-Cherkess Republic.


38 Andreyanov O.N., Uspensky A.V., Sidor E.A., Timofeeva O.G. Biological indexes of the causative agent of trichinosis of artificially frozen invasive material

Determination of invasive properties of the causative agent of trichinosis was carried out after neutralization of the infected material in carcasses of animals by a freezing method at the negative temperatures. For a research carcasses of forest martens and ordinary foxes were used. Concentration of a glycogen in larvae trichinae was carried out by the technique based on use of biochemical reactions and measurements of an optical density. The presented modes of freezing reduce invasive ability and level of a glycogen in helminthes larvae. The quality of neutralization by freezing of carcasses of the infected animals can be controlled on an index of level of a glycogen in muscular larvae of the activator. Key words: glycogen, freezing, invazion, larvae, trichinosis, Trichinella sp.



41 Skorikov V.N., Nezhdanov A.G., Mikhalev V.I., Prokulevich V.A., Potapovich M.I. Prevention of acute postpartum endometritis in cows with the use of recombinant bull α-, γ-interferons

This article presents materials on the effectiveness of the use of recombinant bull α-, γ-interferons in cows for the prevention of acute postpartum endometritis.

It was shown that the use of α-, γ-interferons during the prenatal period provided a 3,4-fold decrease in the postnatal pathology, and their complex use with Uterotone on 1 – 2 days after calving – by 6,7 times, and a reduction in the period from calving to fertilization – by 35 – 39 days in comparison with intact animals.

2 weeks after calving, the latter showed a decrease in immunologic reactivity of the organism (leukocytes lower by 29,5 per cent (P<0,05), total immunoglobulins – by 22,2 % (P<0,05), serum lysozyme activity – by 28,6 % (P<0,001), with an increase in the intensity of lipid peroxidation (MDA higher by 33,3%; P<0,05). At the same time, an increase in the concentration of proinflammatory cytokines IL-2 by 3,99 times, tumour necrosis factor (TNF) by 2,49 times, interferon-γ by 2,28 times, are indicating the development of inflammatory process. The IL-2 and TNF parameters remained at the same level in cows with the administered α-, γ-interferons combined with Uterotone for prophylactic purposes, while the concentration of INF-γ increased by 32 %, which confirms the high prophylactic efficacy of recombinant α-, γ-interferons. Key words: caws, α-, γ-interferons, Uterotone, postpartum endometritis, prevention.


45 Khlopitsky V.P.  Causal relationships in controlling the development of non-specific inflammatory diseases of sows

In article results of long-term experience on preventive maintenance and treatment of a postnatal pathology at uterine a livestock of pigs are generalised. For manufacture the technological card for shop farrow with consideration of the basic, most important periods and processes in technology of reproduction of the pigs, making the most expressed impact on frequency of occurrence of a pathology farrow, development postnatal and post-weaning diseases of reproductive bodies of nonspecific inflammatory character is offered. The basic medical products and means for their rotation are designated, and also efficiency of their application in the conditions of manufacture is scientifically proved. Key words: pig breeding, a technological card, farrow, postnatal, gynecologic illnesses, endometritis, syndrome ММА, a relationship of cause and effect in veterinary science.


52 Rudenko A.A. Structural and functional remodeling of the myocardium of the left ventricle in dogs with dilated cardiomyopathy

Studies have shown that most often structural and functional remodeling of the left ventricle in dogs have dilatation character and, as the chronic heart failure syndrome progresses, it’s transformed into eccentric hypertrophy. Key words: dilated cardiomyopathy, dog, heart, structural and functional remodeling of the myocardium, chronic heart failure syndrome.


57 Denisenko V.Yu., Kuzmina T.I. Pore formation in swine granulose cells after the impact of chlortetracycline

The addition of guanosine triphosphate or diphosphate to the incubation medium had no influence on concentration of Ca2 + in swine granulosa cells (SGC) loaded with Fura-2AM. Addition guanosine triphosphate or diphosphate in the incubation medium with SGC treated by chlortetracycline or digitonin stimulated the release of Ca2 + from intracellular stores. The data obtained indicate the formation of pores on the surface of SGC as a result of the effect of chlortetracycline, which implies the penetration of macromolecules into somatic cells of animal ovarian follicles. Key words: calcium, chlortetracycline, digitonin, granulosa, swine.



60 Nikolaenko V.P., Ryabinkin M.A., Kononov A.N., Ojeredova N.A., Mihaylova A.V., Dzavadov E.D., Klimenko A.I. Bactericide for preventive care of poultry infectious diseases

A new domestic preparation of a new generation is developed, which is based on a highly concentrated tetrasubstituted ammonium salt. Antiseptic Bactericide is used for prevention of poultry infectious diseases, improving mortality and weight gain. Key words: preparation Bactericide, live weight, antiseptic, mortality, aerosol, poultry.


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