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3  Makarov V.V., Lozovoy D.A. Bat viruses (henipa- and coronaviruses)

Virological aspects of the most dangerous diseases associated with bats are considered in this paper. Actual data on henipa- and coronaviruses heving important significance in veterinary and epidemiology are taken and interpreted in its first part. Key words: Chiroptera, bat viruses, natural nidality, Hendra disease, Nipah disease, severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS, Middle East respiratory syndrome, MERS.


9  Kostenko U.G., Chramov M.V., Davleev A.D. Problem of food salmonellosis and ways for it decision

Modern methods of detection Salmonella in animals products applications of bacteriophages for the inactivation this pathogen in meat. The recommendations for the disposal of contaminated by Salmonella products are gave. Key words: bacteriophages, food, salmonellosis.

12 Burdov G.N., Yavkin S.G., Marasinskaya E.I. Improvement of control measures against wild rabies in the Republic of Udmurtia

During the last 15 years Udmurt Republic became the region with permanent unfortunately by rabies of wild animals. With the aim to help to state organizatioms involved in the rabies control we developed "The order of carrying out anti-epidemic, sanitary-epidemiological, organizational and economic measures to ensure the welfare of regulated rabies areas ". The document demarcates the authorities of various structures, specifies subordination within them and illustrates the fulfillment of some activities, reveals the mechanisms for restrictive and control measures. Key words: rabies, anti-rabies measures, epizootic situation, normative documents.

16 Lozovoy D.A.,  Mikhalishin D.V., Lyozova T.N., Mikhalishin V.V. , Konstantinov A.V., Starikov V.A., Borisov  A.V. Laboratory studying efficacy of sorbate vaccine against heterologous strains of type A FMD virus.

Results of studying immunogenic activity of FMD sorbate vaccines from production strain A Turkey/06 are shown in the paper. Results of studying antigenic relatedness between FMD virus strains A Turkey/06, № 2187/Kuti/2013 and A № 2171/Kabardino-Balkarsky/2013 are demonstrated. Key  words: FMD, vaccine, virus, immunogenic activity.


20 Naimanov А.H., Vangely E.P., Tolstenko N.G., Kalmykova M.S. Using PCR at bovine tuberculosis

There are made the analysis of strengths and weaknesses the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis in cattle by PCR. The ways of improvement and opportunities of application PCR for the control of this infection. Key words: immunology, mycobacteria, sensitivity, specificity, tuberculosis, PCR.

24   Lepekhova S.A., Grigoriev G.E., Koval E.V., Fadeyeva T.V., Goldberg O.A., Tsirenzhapov A.V., Ilyina O.P.  Evaluation of microbial wound contamination

During study of skin wounds of cattle there were isolated 12 bacterial species. In all samples we found association of bacteria, most commonly – Pseudomonas aeruginosa (15,2 %), Staphilococcus epidermidis (30,0 %), Klebsiella spp. (10%), Escherichia coli (43,5 %), Fusobacterium necrophorum (1,3 %). Cultures of microorganisms were resistant to such widely used antimicrobial drugs, as penicillin, ampicillin, cefazolin, ceftriaxone, pefloxacin, ciprofloxacin and erythromycin. P. aeruginosa and Enterobacter agglomerans demonstrated polyresistance. Key words: antibiotic resistance, microbial contamination, skin, wound.

26 Tatarnikova N.A., Chugunova E.O. Circulation of various Salmonellas serotypes in population of animals and birds in Perm region

In the article are considered the questions concerning serotypes of Salmonella spp. in populations of animals and birds of Perm region. Salmonellosis are the group of infectious diseases mainly young growth of agricultural and trade animals (calves, pigs, foals, lambs, fur animals, birds), and also human. The leading role in developing of food salmonelloses belongs to meat. The meat and an offal (a liver, kidneys, etc.) received from forcedly the killed animals are especially dangerously [3]. A research of investigation was definition of the prevailing serotypes of animal's and bird's Salmonella in Perm region. Our researches showed that S. dublin, S. typhimurium and S. enteritidis were infected cattle much more rare than S. hamburg. Serotype S. choleraesuis had prevailed in pigs. Serotype S. enteritidis inhabit on poultry farms in the Perm region. It was infected poultry and especially eggs more than other serotypes of Salmonella. Loss of poultry and culling of production are extensive economic damage for poultry keeping. Key words: Salmonella spp., serotypes, pathological material, infection, bacteriological crops, colonies, biochemical identification, reaction of agglutination.

30 Parkhomenko S.A., Zeynalov O.A. Feliferon® efficacy in the feline panleukopenia treatment

Feliferon® is the first recombinant feline interferon in Russia. Indicators of the clinical efficacy of Feliferon® in the treatment of feline panleukopenia were studied. There were confirmed effectiveness and safety of drug while using it as a nonspecific adjuvant therapy of this disease. We established the reduction of febrile period, intoxication, and the duration of catarrhal syndrome. The optimal schedule and dose of Feliferon® in the feline panleukopenia complex therapy were established for adult cats and kittens. Key words: interferon, panleukopenia, parvovirus, feliferon, recombinant interferon, feline omega interferon.


34 Kuzhebayeva U.Zh., Karmaliev R.S. Age dynamics of an invasirovannost of sheep of a strongylates of a digestive tract in the West Kazakhstan region

With age, the sheep of different age groups decrease invasirovannosti strongylatosis digestive tract. 39,0 % of sheep are infected by gastro-intestinal strongylates. There are on average 113,78 eggs per gram of faeces. Key words: sheep, strongylata, age dynamics, West Kazakhstan region.

35 Bayramov S.Y. Reduction weight gain of chickens during experimental infestation of askaridias and heterakidas

It was show in experimental conditions that ascaridias and heterakidas (especially mixed infestation) significantly reduced weight gain of chickens. Key words: ascaridias, helminthes, heterakidas, infestation, chickens.


37 Saenko N.V., Kryshtoforova B.V. Prenatal determination of underdevelopment and vitality of newborn calves by morphofunctional status of the fetal part of the placenta

The fetal part of the placenta cows of red steppe breed was investigated by complex morphological and physiological methods at different levels of structural organization. Authors found that changes in the mother-placenta-fetus affects on the morphology fetal part of placenta and correlates with prenatal growth and development of the fetus. Fetal part of the placenta with high levels of morphometric parameters, relative area of blood vessels, number of cotyledons and their villuses cause the birth of calves with the status of the organism in 19 – 20 points and high vitality. Reduced morphometric parameters and changes of tissue components of fetal part of the placenta indicate prenatal underdevelopment calves. Keywords: cattle, placenta, fetus, calves.


45 Butko M.P., Popov P.A., Lemyaseva S.V., Bahir V.M., Ipatova L.G.  Modern technology for the electrochemical synthesis of disinfectants, their effectiveness and the prospect of practical application

This article contains information about how to obtain activated antimicrobial disinfectant by electrochemical synthesis of sodium chloride solution with the installation series "STEL-ANK-SUPER" OOO "Aqua Dolphin" and determine the effectiveness of funds Anolyte ANK-SUPER in the various sectors of agriculture. Key words: Electrochemical synthesis, disinfecting solutions, evaluation, application prospects.


51 Antonov N.I.  An external fixation to treat small domestic animals with the injuries of the pelvis, the hip and the spine

56 Bakyrov B. Violations of protein-carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in cows in Uzbekistan and their relationship with hepatodystrophy

There are given in article the results of analysis the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids in heifers and cows of different ages, depending on the type of diet, pregnancy and lactation periods. Author studied the etiological relationship of metabolic disorders with liver disease of dairy cows in different geo-ecological conditions of Uzbekistan. Key words: pregnancy, geo-ecological conditions, hypoproteinemia, hypoglycemia, glucose, liver,   cow, lactation, lipid, metabolism, total protein, dry period.


62 Salomatin V.V., Varakin A.T., Murtazayeva R.N., Salomatina M.V. Nitrogen metabolism in organism of calves when administered in the diets of natural bischofit

There was established the positive influence of natural bischofit on biochemical parameters of blood serum and urine of calves characterizing nitrogen metabolism, and the use by animals nitrogenous components of food. Key words: nitrogen metabolism, bischofit, blood serum, calves. 

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