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3 Kulikovskii A.V., Panin A.N. Monitoring of Salmonellosis in the EC countries and Russian Federation

Foodborne infections and intoxications are widely spread human diseases. Many of them are a zoonotic nature. The paper presents results of monitoring data from the EC and Russia on surveillance of foodborne diseases. The results of monitoring, in particular, reveal that in the EC countries Campilobacter infection take a first place in the list  of registrated food poisoning, follow by Salmonella. Level of poultry salmonella infection in the EC was quite low (less than 1%) due to implementation national programmes on prevention and control of salmonellosis. Key words: monitoring, food zoonoses, epidemic/epidemiological monitoring of the spread of food infections and intoxications, factors of transmission of infectious agents.


7 Teplykov E.G. Effective management of the veterinary service

There are discussed in the article on the example of the Tomsk region the tasks of the state veterinary service and present the author's position at the problem of disposing biological waste. Key words: biological waste, state veterinary service.

11 Abramov V.E.,  Balyshev A.V.,  Kashkovskay L.M.,  Safarova M.I. 

Leksoflon – new drug for treatment respiratory diseases of calves

Leksoflon, the drug based on the new generation of fluoroquinolones (levofloxacin), reduces the time of treatment cattle respiratory diseases. Therapeutic efficacy of Leksoflon at these diseases is 94,7 – 100 %. Key words: cattle, leksoflon, levofloxacin, calves, fluoroquinolones, enrofloxacin

16 Molero C. Tilmicosin – effective drug for treatment of respiratory syndrome in livestock

The article concerns issues connected with respiratory diseases in livestock, their effects on animal health. It discusses effective guidelines for treatment of respiratory diseases by injectable Tilmicosin (manufactured by INVESA) from macrolide group.  Key words:respiratory syndrome, Tilmicosin, enzootic pneumonia, Pasteurella sp., Manhemia, Histophilus somni, Mycoplasma, Pasteurella multocida, Mannhemia haemolytica, апоптоз.


19 Gordienko L.N.Kulikova E.V.,. Gaydutskaya G.M, Elantseva N.B., Volkova T.I., Guskova T.V. Specifics of immunological status of curing from brucellosis imported cattle stock immunized with vaccine from strain 82 Babortus

Breeding of high-producingimported cattle stock at dairy complex requires intensive schedule of vaccination of the animals during their life which leads to a major antigen load on the immune system and increase it’s reactivity. It has been revealed, that when curing brucellosis in animals at cow units using vaccine from strain 82 B. abortus during 6 months 4.49 % of animals showed positive immunodiffusion test results with polysaccharide antigen, which was in most cases (93%) non-specific. To prevent unreasonable disposal of the vaccinated animals it is rational to evaluate serological analyses by the complex of serological tests (immunodiffusion test with polysaccharide antigen, agglutination test, complement-fixation test). Key words:cattle, brucellosis, curing, vaccination, serological reactions, immunological status.

23 Mischenko A.V., Mischenko V.A., Bolortuya P., Purevkhuu Ts., Bat‑amgalan K. Distribution of foot and mouth disease in Mongolia

In 1963 – 2014 foot and mouth disease recorded in 12 (57,1 %) out of 21provinces (aimags) of Mongolia; 53,3 % of them were in the border areas with the Russian Federation. There were identify types O (60,05 %), A (39 %) and Asia-1 (0,95 %) of agent. The disease was diagnosed in cattle, sheep, goats, camels and gazelle. Key words: black-tailed gazelles, camels, cattle, epizootic situation, gazelle, goats, FMD virus, vaccination, Mongolia, serotypes, sheep.

26 Stafford V.V.,  Raev S.A., Alekseev K.P., Yushakov A.G., Aliper T.I.,  Zaberezhny A.D., Gulukin M.I.,  Verkhovsky O.A.  Immunohistochemistry method for the detection porcine reproductive and respiratory  virus

This article describes the immunohistochemistry method for the detection of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus. Indirect immunohistochemistry method based on monoclonal antibody to capsid protein of PRRSV. Key words: porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, pathomorphology, piglets, immunohystochemestry, sections, monoclonal antibodies.

31 Staroverov S.A.Rumina M.V., Gabalov K.P., Tarasenko T.N.,

Volkov A.A. The link of phagocytosis & growth of Staphylococcus aureus in blood plasma in vitro with energy metabolism of bacteria

The relation of the Staphylococcus aureus growth with blood plasma aminotransferase activity was stuied in vitro. It was show that adding alanine and aspartate to blood plasma inhibits the growth of staphylococcus and simultaneously stimulates phagocytosis of its cells. These effects may be explain by changes in concentration of products aminotransferase reactions.  Key words: alanine, aspartate, Staphylococcus aureus, α-ketoglutarate, bacteria, pyruvate, phagocytosis, enzymes.


34 VasilevichF.I., KascheevaM.A. Immunoprophylaxis of poultry coccidiosis

The major poultry parasitic disease, coccidiosis, causes a great amount of losses due to subclinical form. Because of extremely rapid development of drug resistance in Eimeria sp. it becomes more and more difficult to control the disease with chemoprophylaxis. Vaccines can solve this problem by replacement of field strains by vaccine strains sensitive to anticoccidial drugs. This review gives information about mehanisms of activity and methods of using attenuated vaccines, assessment of their efficacy and characteristic methods of vaccination. Key words: vaccines, immunoprophylaxis, coccidiosis, poultry, eimeria.


39 Brigadirov Yu.N.,  Kotsarev V.N., Shaposhnikov I.T., Chusova G.G., Mikhaylov E.V., Boldyrev I.A., Filippova M.S. Immunobiochemical indices of uterocervical mucus under latent endometritis in sows and their diagnostic value

The article represents the results on determination of immunobiochemical indices in uterocervical mucus of sows under latent endometritis. It is stated that uterocervical mucus of the sows with this pathology demonstrates an increase of gamma-glutamyl transferase activity, increase of glucose and lipid content under the decrease of total immunoglobulin level, characterizing an amplification of hydrolysis and glycoproteid decay processes, catabolic processes in uterine tissues against the background of evident immunodeficiency according to the indices of which it is possible to reveal latent inflammatory processes in reproductive organs. Key words: sows, latent endometritis, uterocervical mucus, immunobiochemical indices, diagnostics.

43 KuzminaT.I. , NovichkovaD.A., ChistyakovaI.V., EpishkoO.A. Effects of highly dispersed silica nanoparticles on the chromatin in somatic cells of porcine follicles

The positive influence of 0,001 % nanoparticles highly dispersed silica on the swine somatic ovarian cells cultivated in vitro was shown. The presence of highly dispersed silica in the medium increased the viability of the granulosa cells and proliferative activity of cumulus cells. Key words: apoptosis, cumulus cells, granulosa cells, highly dispersed silica, pycnosis, swine.


46 Lashin A.P., Simonova N.V., Simonova N.P.  Phytocorrection of oxidative stress in calves

The possibility to correct free radical lipid oxidation cell membranes of the calves was studied in experimental conditions with the oral introduction of the tincture of plantain leaves and herb chickweed It was found out that the introduction of the tincture which contains the complex of natural antioxidants to calves in the conditions of oxidative stress contributes to the reliable decrease the blood content of lipid hydroperoxides by 28 %, of diene conjugates by 25 %, malonic dialdehyde by 23 %. While analyzing the effect of the tincture on the activity of the components of antioxidant system it was shown that the level of ceruloplasmin in the blood of animals was reliably higher by 38 %, of vitamin E by 50 %, of catalase by 30 % in comparison with the same parameters of the calves of the control group. So, the application of the mentioned tincture in the conditions of oxidative stress leads to the stabilization of the processes of peroxidation against the increase of antioxidant system activity. Key words:infusion of leaves of a plantain and grass of a zvezdchatka, antioxidant system, oxidizing stress, perekisny oxidation of lipids, calf’s.

49 A.G. Belova, E.V. Zimina, N.P. Simbirtsev, V.D. Iliech, P.L. Gorelikov Morphology features of some weasel’s organs

There are describe morphological features of some weasel’sinternal organs. Authors found 3 successive narrowings of the esophagus, the absence of the cecum and colon iliac valve which can serve as predictors of anatomical abnormalities of the digestive system. Essential features of the structural organization of the stomach walls and intestinal canal are not mentioned, but revealed a large number of goblet cells in the mucous membrane of the colon and small intestine. Morphology of adjacent to the diaphragm organs of chest and abdominal cavities indicated on the commission by the diaphragm amplitude movements in the conditions of narrowed (keeled) chest and on diaphragmatic type of breathing. Consequently, in cases of disfunction of the diaphragm increases the risk of involvement organs of thoracic and abdominal cavities in the pathological process and subsequent development of relevant complications. Key words: ferret, mink, morphologic features, pathology, sable.


53 Nikolaenko V.P., Shestakov I.N., Mihaylova A.V. Pharmaco-toxicological characteristics of a complex antimicrobial preparation

The studies are devoted to the domestic complex antimicrobial preparation. Pharmacological and toxicological characteristics of preparation are given. Material in acute toxicity determination and skin-irritant action is demonstrated. A sustained bactericidal, anti-fungal and virucidal effect of the preparation is established. Key words: acute toxicity, complex antibacterial preparation, skin irritant action, virucidal, bactericidal and anti-fungal effect.

57 Salomatin V.V., Varakin A.T., Murtazaeva R.N., Kharlamova E.A., Medvedev A.Y. Metabolism and natural resistance of calves at inclusion complex mineral supplement in the ration

The article presents the results of the study of the influence of natural bischofite on metabolic processes and natural resistance of calves. It has been established that calves treated with this mineral supplement surpassed calves who received the same diet without bischofite had a higher metabolism of proteins and lipids, as well as the intensity of humoral immunity. Key words: bactericidal activity, bischofite, calves, lysozyme, magnesium chloride, nitrogen and lipid indexes, phagocytic index, ration.


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