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3 Naymanov A.H., Tolstenko N.G., Vangeli E.P., Kalmykov V.M. The diagnostic value of the multiplicity of intradermal injection and the time of recording results tuberculin test

The article provides the findings on a diagnostic value of the single and double intradermal tuberculin test for calves which were experimentally sensitized and infected with various species of mycobacteria, for cattle from free of tuberculosis farms, where animals with nonspecific reactions to tuberculin are detected, and farms which are affected by tuberculosis, where health-improving measures are carried out by different methods. The present research has established that experimentally sensitized and infected by M. bovis and M. tuberculosis calves respond to a single injection of tuberculin in 96,4 – 100 %. Up to 15,3 % of healthy animals from free of tuberculosis farms are revealed. In non-free of tuberculosis farms infected animals are revealed after the second injection and within the test after 24 hours. The authors believe that in non-free of tuberculosis farms the study of the allergic reactions in cattle should be tested by single intradermal test. Check and estimation of reactions should be made at least in 72 hours after injections. Key words: allergic reactions, calves, diagnostic, intradermal tuberculin test, nonspecific reactions, sanitation, tuberculosis.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.2.03-08


9 Teymurazov M.G.,  Svetoch E.A., Manzenyuk O.Yu., Tazina O.I., Fedorov Т.V., Istomin I.I., Istomin A.I., Yakovlev S.S. Antimicrobial activity of Lucilia caesar larvaes on bacteria, pathogenic for human and industrial poultry

In this paper, the antimicrobial activity of L. caesar larvae is demonstrated on test strains of microorganisms pathogenic to humans and industrial birds. Growing of L. caesar fly larvae on minced meat, artificially contaminated Salmonella enteritidis, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecium, Listeria monocytogenes, Clostridium perfringens, Escherichia coli O157, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, led to the disappearance of the listed bacteria from the substrate. The larvae were also free of them. It is assumed that the antimicrobial activity of L. caesar can be used in the future to combat pathogenic for human and animal bacteria, including decontamination of organic poultry waste such as cadaver and fecal matter. The resulting zoohumus - the remains of organic waste, processed by larvae is supposed to be used as a valuable organic fertilizer. The larvae themselves will be used as a protein concentrate as an additive to animal and poultry feed. The data obtained on the antimicrobial activity of L. Caesar larvae against a number of pathogens of bacterial infections of humans and birds are apparently the first such work. Key words: bacteria, decontamination of organic poultry waste, flies, Lucilia caesar, antimicrobial insect peptides.

14 BochkarevaV.V. Modern approaches to specific prevention and treatment of neonatal diarrhea in piglets

Diseases of suckling pigs, accompanied by diarrhea, cause great economic damage to industrial swine farming. Diarrhea of pigs has a different etiology: non-contagious (violations norms of technological processe, feeding conditions, drinking, keeping, breeding), viral, bacterial, fungal & parasitic. Among the infectious agents that can cause diarrheal syndrome in pigs, rotavirus of pigs, diarrhea variants of Escherichia coli and Clostridia spp. have the greatest epizootic significance. Protection from these agents is provided by vaccination of sows. The author gave the characteristic of two vaccines manufacture by the company Venco (Brazil): Enteromerax against mentioned higher infections and Millennium against clostridias. For the symptomatic treatment of diarrhea in young pigs the author suggests the use of Hydratonik, and as a substitute of sow’s colostrum – Fenergik PRO. Key words: vaccines, E. coli, clostridia, piglets, rotavirus, sow.


18 Balashova E.A., Sgivoderov S.P., Titov I.A., Nogina I.V., Lunicin A.V., Gogin A.E., Kolbasov D.V. Virulent properties of the African horse sickness virus after 32 years of storage in the laboratory

The article presents the results of determining the virulence and infectious activity of the African horse sickness virus strain which was stored for 32 years under laboratory conditions. Key words: African horse sickness, virus, virulence, infectious activity.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.2.18-20

20 Trefilov B.B.,  Nikitin N.V., Iavdoshak L.I., Trubitsyn M.M. Inactivated emulsified vaccine against viral hepatitis of ducklings type I

Viral hepatitis of ducklings type I is recorded in all countries of the world, which is associated with epizootic features of the disease, especially stationarity of foci due to the significant stability of the pathogen and the difficulty of sanitation the effected stocks of ducks. The infection causes significant economic damages to farms (especially industrial) due to mass death of ducklings in the first month of life and decrease in the productivity of ducks. The article describes the results of the development inactivated emulsified vaccine against viral hepatitis ducklings. The methods of manufacturing the vaccine and the results of studying its immunobiological properties are given. The vaccine can be used for specific prevention of the disease. Key words: antigen, antibodies, vaccine, viral hepatitis of ducklings type I.

24 Chvala I.A., Mischenko A.V., Lozovoy D.A., Saushkin N.Yu., Samsonova Z.V., Kondakov S.E., Osipov A.P., Kuznetsov D.V., Chernykh O.Yu.  A/H5 influenza vaccination efficacy testing using dry blood spot technique

The paper presents the results of membrane strip use for transportation and storage of avian sera samples for the purposes of population immunity evaluation when testing vaccination efficacy against avian influenza (AI) subtype A/H5 by hemagglutination inhibition test and ELISA. Key words: poultry, avian influenza, membrane strips, post-vaccination immunity level, hemagglutination inhibition test, ELISA.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.2.24-27


28 Morozenko A.A., Tiulkov A.V., Yukanova T.I., Okhanov V.V., Sotnichenko A.I. Application the feed additive Alvisorb® to cows

There were studied the effect of the synthetic hydrophobized nonpolar polysilicate sorbent Alvisor® on the main characteristics of the cow's bulk tank milk in two dairy farms of the Moscow region. If there are weakly toxic fodders in the diet this feed supplement Alvisor® did not significantly affect the biochemical parameters of the blood serum and most of the milk quality indicators (with the exception of somatic cells count and bacterial contamination). Daily giving to cows the feed additive in a dose of 2g/kg of feed for 40 days led to decrease of the somatic cells count in milk by 64 % (from 338 to 121 thousands/ml) and to increase the mean daily milk yield by 2 l. Bacterial contamination of milk at the same time decreased by 34 %. In the second farm, the dose of the sorbent was increased to 5 g/kg of the ration because of the high content of mycotoxins in the feed. It allowed to reduce the somatic cells count in milk from 1100 to 400 thousands/ml and to increase the daily milk yield by 2,1 l for 40 days. The advantages of using nonpolar sorbents for improving the efficiency of dairy cattle breeding are discussed. Key words: Alvisorb®, biochemical parameters, blood serum, feed additive, immune system, mastitis, milk, mycotoxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, persistent organic pollutants, somatic cells, sorbent, toxins.

34 Fedotov S.V., Belozertseva N.S., Udalov G.M. Peculiarities of protein composition of milk of black-motley cows with subclinical mastitis

Subclinical mastitis has an adverse impact on the qualitative composition, physico-chemical properties, health indicators and technological properties of milk. In such milk dry matter content decreases by reducing the amount of milk fat, casein, lactose, calcium, and increases the amount of whey protein and somatic cells. Nutritional and biological value of milk and dairy raw materials determine amino acids, so we paid special attention to the determination of amino acid composition of milk as raw material. To fully characterize the amino acid composition was measured as a content of essential and non-essential amino acids, as well as calculation of amino acid index.  In the milk of cows with increased somatic cell count changes the contents of all amino acids, including essential and non. These indicators can be used in the development of new methods for diagnosis of subclinical mastitis in cows lacrouix. Key words: mastitis, fat, protein, somatic cells, essential and nonessential amino acids.

37 Brigadirov Yu.N., V.N. Kotsarev, I.T. Shaposhnikov, E.V. Mikhaylov, A.E. Chernitskiy, I. A. Boldyrev Theroleofoxidant-antioxidant status, nitricoxide and cytokine imbalance in pathogenesis of latent endometritis in sows

The studies were realized with the aim to determine oxidative-antioxidant status, nitric oxide content and cytokine profile in sows with latent endometritis. The trials were realized in 2015 on a pig-breeding complex of Voronezh oblast and in the laboratories of the ARVRIPP&T on 25 animals of Large White/Landrace cross that were included into the trial on the 105th – 107th day of gestation. These animals were retrospectively divided into 3 groups according to the course of postpartum period and presence of inflammatory process in reproductive organs during estrus. The diagnosis of postpartum endometritis and metritis-mastitis-agalactia was realized by a common method, latent endometritis – according to the results of studying uterine cervical mucus obtained during the heat and determination of gamma-glutamiltransferase enzyme in it. Group I (n=7) contained sows without any deviations from the norm in clinical state during the whole trial, group II (n=9) – sows with normal course of postpartum period and sows with latent endometritis, group III (n=9) – animals with postpartum complications (acute postpartum pyo-catarrhal endometritis and metritis-mastitis-agalactia) and latent endometritis. Blood indices in sows were determined at the beginning of the trial and at the renewal of sex cyclicity. Sows with latent endometritis comparing with clinically healthy animals demonstrated higher concentrations of malonic dialdehide by 6,7 – 28,3 %, MSM at λ238 – by 2,9 – 10,3 %, at λ254 – by 4,0 – 8,0 %, index of endogenous intoxication (IEI) – by 4,9 – 20,0 %, under a lower activity of GPO – by 4,9 – 23,9 %, under a lower content of vitamins A and E – by 20,5 – 25,0 % and 5,7 – 24,3 %, respectively, concentration of NOx – higher by 4,6 – 36,7 % during pregnancy. Concentration of malonic dialdehyde during estrus was higher by 4,5 – – 18,0 %, MSM at λ238 – higher by 6,1 – 14,3 %, at λ254 – by 3,6 – 14,3 %, IEI – by 11,9 – 17,7 %, at a lower GPO activity – by 4,6 – 12,8 % and decreased content of vitamins A and E – by 12,6 – 28,4 % and 10,9 – 23,7 %, respectively. NOx concentration was higher by 10,3 – 48,6 % and indices of IL-10 – higher by 46,3 – 93,1 %. The stated values of these indices can be used as the tests for prognosis of the risk of development and diagnosis of latent endometritis in sows. Keywords: sows, latent endometritis, blood values.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.2.37-41


42 Kochish I.I., Shukanov R.A., Shukanov A.A., Sidorov S.V. Optimization of the antiradical system in calves of dairy period in the selenium-deficient region

The use of the bioactive additive Selenopiran for calves in the selenium-sufficient region provided correction of the postnatal variability of antioxidant and prooxidant factors – an increase in the activity of peroxidase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase and the concentration of selenium in the blood on the background of an opposite change of concentration malonic dialdehyde. This contributed to the functional stability of the antioxidant system in young cattle. Key words: antioxidant system, blood, calves.

45 Stepanova I.A., Nazarova A.A., Polishchuk S.D.  The effect of nanopowder of cobalt on lipid metabolism of holstein heifers

Authors studied the effect of oral administration of cobalt nanopower on body weight, clinical and blood biochemical parameters in Holstein heifers. In the course of experiment they investigated parameters of lipid metabolism (cholesterol, triglycerides, nonesterified and volatile fatty acids) in control and experimental animals. The results of the experiment showed that nonesterified and volatile fatty acids enhances weight gain, improves the biochemical blood profile, stimulates the absorption of nutrients and activates the process of lipid metabolism, which further should have a positive impact on the productivity of animals. Key words: biochemical parameters, Holstein breed, cobalt, blood, lipids, metabolism, nanoparticles, heifers.

49 BibikovS.O., ShapovalovS.O., KornilovaE.V., KalashnikovV.A.  The use of natural detergents sorption action for the regulation of homeostasis and resistance

The results of the study of the influence of detergents natural origin with absorbing properties in morphological and functional disorders in the digestive tract of pigs in intensive growing techniques. Established effect upon oral administration montmorillonite matrix at 0,5 % of the dry matter in feed for 21 days natural background gastropathy caused by chronic diarrhea. Key words: Montmorillonite, pigs, natural resistance, antioxidant status, intensive fattening.


54 Shuralev E.A., Aleksandrova N.M., Mukminov M.N., Faizov T.Kh., Khammadov N.I.,  Osyanin K.A., Valeeva A.R.,  Kazarian G.G. Effect of anticoagulants and blood clotting activators on serological test results

Cattle blood serum and plasma samples were tested by enzyme-linked and immunochromatographic methods. It was found that citrate and heparin inhibit the specific antigen-antibody reaction. It is recommended that for serological tests of tuberculosis, the blood samples should be taken into the tubes with silica coagulation activator or EDTA anticoagulant.  Key words: vacutainer, antigens, antibodies, Mycobacterium bovis, ELISA, immunochromatography, tuberculosis.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.2.54-57


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