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3 Burdov G.N., Yavkin S.G., Tchernov A.N., Marasinskaya E.I., Burdov L.G.  Epizootoligical analysis, prevention and eradication of rabies in the Udmurt Republic

During the past 10 years the Udmurt Republic maintains the status of territory permanently unfortunate by natural rabies. Most often disease affects wild animals (up to 89 % of diagnosed cases), among which the fox (to 74 %) is the main reservoir of the pathogen. Integrated approach to rabies control and prevention was chosen in the Udmurt Republic on the government level. It includes trapping of homeless animals, vaccination of dogs and cats, population control and oral immunization of wild carnivorous, public campaign of rabies threat to human, first aid to people bitten by animals. While carrying out the task there were some problems with cooperation of departmental structures and fulfilling functions by them that are not provided by the normative documents. CVM of republic developed recommendations allowing to adjust the interaction mechanism to increase the responsibility for carrying preventative measures and to control them. The month campaign for rabies prevention in the Republic attracted the attention of the departmental structures and inhabitants of the region, activated agitation activity in rabies prevention and provided the complex approach to the solution of this problem. Key words: rabies, vaccination, wild animals, control, fox, oral immunization, prevention, recommendations.


11 Khlopitsky V.P., Skorikov V.N., Mikhalev V.I. Therapeutic efficiency new gestagen preparation «Progestamag®» at treatment ovarialis dysfunctions at cows

In article results on studying of therapeutic efficiency of new domestic preparation «Progestamag®» are presented at treatment ovarialis dysfunctions at dairy cows of different breeds. Efficiency of the examinee of a preparation is defined and are recommended, by results of researches, complex schemes for hypofunction treatment ovarium, follicular кист and increases of productivity of fertilisation. Key words: cows, ovarialis dysfunctions, hypofunctions, follicular cyst, fertilisation, Progestamag®, Folimag®, Magestrofan®.

15 Orobets V.А., Abramov V.E., Balyshev A.V.  Gluhareva E.V., Kashkovskaya L.М.  Effective way to combat of sheep’s ked the during winter

There are describe results of treatment of sheep with ked itch by insecticide drug Cyphlunite Flock in winter stall period. The drug is easy to use and its effectiveness in relation to sheep ked is 100%. Single treatment protects animals against reinfestation of this ectoparasite within 1 month. Key  words: sheep diseases, treatment, ked itch,  cyfluthrin,  ectoparasites, efficiency.

19 Sedov S.A.  Treatment of respiratory mycoplasmosis, associated with colibacteriosis, in broilers

In this article discussed mycoplasma infection of poultry, associated with colibacteriosis, in rearing broilers. At such diseases, attention focuses on clinical and pathological signs, as well as on the results of laboratory tests: bacteriological and serological (ELISA method). Based on the results of conducted studies recommendations on treatment of broilers against micoplasmosis and colibacteriosis were made. Key words: mycoplasmosis, colibacteriosis, treatment, ELISA, bacteriology, antibacterials, Pulmosol®, Solutystin®.


23 Hu B., Krasochka P.P., Lamaka Yu.V., Zubouskaya I.V.  Immunogenic activity and prophylactic efficacy of inactivated vaccine against colibacillosis and klebsiellosis of calves

There are present the results of approbation the new inactivated vaccine against colibacteriosis and klebsiellosis of cattle on 210 cows in the dry period and 180 their calves. The titer of serum antibacterial antibodies in cows increased after immunization on 3,5 – 6,4 log2, which indicated a high immunogenic activity of vaccine. According to the preventive efficacy (90 – 92,5 %) against bacterial enteritis of calves new vaccine was significantly superior to the vaccine OKZ (Agrovet, Russia). Key words: vaccine, immunogenic activity, klebsiellosis,  colibacteriosis, cows, prophylactic efficacy, calves, antibody titers, enteritis.

27 SimanovaI.N., MakarovaV.N., BadeevaO.B., KorukinaM.V., SokolovaN.A., MnikovaL.A., GorbatovA.V., IshkovaT.A., YurovK.P.  Сolostral and active immunity in calves on vaccine against gastrointestinal infections  

The article contains experimental data characterizing the immunogenicity in calves developed by the inactivated viral and bacterial vaccine against rotavirus, coronavirus and E. coli infections. Key words: gastrointestinal disease, antibody titers, adhesins E. coli, young cattle.

31 Strizhakova O.M.,   Malogolovkin A.S.,  Titov I.A.,  Zhivoderov S.P., Kurinnov V.V. ,  Strizhakov A.A.Biological characteristics of an epizootic isolate BS-08 of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus

From 7 continuous cell lines tested Vero showed the greatest sensitivity to isolate BS-08 of virus PED. Agent had no hemagglutination activity. It’s pathogenic for suckling piglets in which it was present in the highest concentration in the kidneys, small and large sections of the intestine and faeces. Phylogenetic analysis fragment of gene M showed that isolate BS-08 is not comprise to any of the known groups of American or Chinese PED virus strains, which indicates its endemicity. Key words: virus, hemagglutination, cell culture, phylogenetic analysis, epizootic diarrhea of pigs.


35 Bittirov A.M., Kabardiev S.Sh., Gazimagomedov M.G., Magomedov O.A., Abdulmagomedov S.Sh., Kabardiev Sh.S., Gazaeva A.A., Shakhmurzov M.M., Uyanaeva F.B., Bittirova A.A. Expansion of bio- and geohelminthes in North-caucasian meat-wool and Stavropol sheep breeds and their hybrids in the low land zone of the North Caucasus

There are present results of helminthological survey two sheep breeds (North Caucasian meat-wool and Stavropol) as well as two first generations of their hybrids in the low land zone of Kabardino-Balkaria. The most frequent sheep helminthes are Fasciola hepatica, Dicrocoelium lanceatum, Echinococcus granulosus, Avitellina centripunctata, Chabertia ovina, Bunostomum trigonocephalum, Bunostomum phlebotomum, Trichostrongylus axei, Trichostrongylus skrjabini, Nematodirus helvetianus, Nematodirus spathiger, Nematodirus filicollis, Haemonchus contortus and Protostrongylus hobmaeri. Analysis of the extensiveness and intensity of infection show that sheep of the Stavropol breed are infected by the majority of worms (except Fasciola hepatica and Dicrocoelium lanceatum) in significantly lesser degree than the North Caucasus meat-wool sheep breed and their hybrids. This is due to the implementation of the restoration program of the Stavropol breed, including the mandatory veterinary support. Key words: biohelminthes, breed, geohelminthes, Kabardino-Balkar Republic, sheep, North Caucasus.

38 Voronin V.N., Belova L.M., Kudriavceva T.M., Krotov V.I., Portnova E.I.,  Baeva E.V. Infestation of cyprinide fishes with metacercariae Pseudamphistomum truncatum (Rudolphi, 1819) in the Gulf of Vyborg, Leningrad region

Opisthorchiidosis is the dangerous natural focal parasitic zoonotic disease caused by trematodes of family Opisthorchiidae.  During 2015 – 2016 years 482 specimens of different species of cyprinide fishes from the Gulf of Vyborg, Neva Bay and Ladoga Lake were subjected by parasitological investigation. As a result, in Vyborg Bay four species of cyprinide fishes (roach, bream, rudd, vimba) were infected with P. truncatum metacercariae, and the total level of roach infection was 75,6 %. Fishes from Neva Bay and Ladoga Lake were not infected.   Epidemiology study for a new Russia   opisthorchiidosis focus and details of P. truncatum life cycle in the Vyborg region will continue. Key words: opisthorchiidosis, cyprinide fishes, roach, muscle, metacercariae, Pseudamphistomum truncatum, Vyborg Bay.


43 Borkholeeva A.V., Ochirova L.A., Budaeva A.B.  Prevention and treatment subclinical mastitis of cows by ozonated milk

It was explored the possibility of prevention and treatment subclinical mastitis of cows by intracisternal injection into the affected udder their own ozonated milk. The authors determined that this method is effective, economical, let to use cow milk for people nutrition without limitations soon after treatment. It can be an alternative to antibiotic therapy. Key words: cow, mastitis, milk, ozone, prevention, somatic cells, treatment.


47 Tashbulatov А.А. The scheme of use insectoacaricidic Alfa Vet and larva Clean for destruction of chicken mites, darkling beetles in poultry industry

There is proposed the method of destruction the imago of darkling beetle, chicken mite with insectoacaricidic adulticide Alfa Vet and larvicide Larva Clean. In the articles described issues of preparation poultry premises during sanitary break with the aim to maximize exemption from described parasitic agents. Key words:desinseсtion, red chicken mite, hen, darkling beetle, adulticide, Alfa Vet, larvicide, Larva Clean.

51 Biryukov K.N. Changes in the number of microorganisms in the organic waste animal during their active composting

The dynamics of changes in the number of microorganisms’ in the manure of cattle with his active composting. The number of microorganisms in the manure temperature dependent compost mixture, duration and number of thermophilic fermentation microorganisms. With the increase in the number of active thermophilic microorganisms there is a decrease, but vposleduyuschem death of coliform bacteria and coccus microflora. Key words: organic waste, manure, composting, thermophilic microorganisms’ biofermenter.

54 Khoroshevskaya L.V., Gorlov I.F. Factors of successful work with breeding livestock of meat breeds

The paper analyzes the factors that ensure the high efficiency of meat poultry breeding. One way to solve the problem is to control body weight and stimulate the sexual activity of males by drugs with selenium and vitamin E.Key words: hatchability, meat poultry breeding, selection, selenium, vitamin E.


57 EngashevS.V., Salnikova O.G., AbramovV.E., BalyshevA.V. Ketonorm - a new drug for the treatment of ketosis cows

The company Areal Medical and SVC Agrovetzaschita developed regulating metabolism drug Ketonorm based on propylene glycol, methionine and cobalt chloride. The drug belongs to IV class hazard (LD50 is 26750 mg/kg), non-allergenic, shows no irritating action on the skin and conjunctiva, and also no change in the study of subchronic toxicity. The drug helps to normalize metabolism in cows with subclinical ketosis. Key words: ketosis, cattle, prevention, treatment, toxicity.

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