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3 Glotov A.G., Glotova T.I.  The role of infectious rhinotracheitis virus in the pathology reproduction of cattle

Susceptibility to infection has heifers before artificial insemination during the estrus and at early stages of pregnancy when infection of which causes embryonic mortality and infertility. The virus entered into the ovaries, corpus luteum and fetus due to iremia for 4  – 14 days after estrus. Abortions between 4 and 8 months of pregnancy causes by respiratory strains. Drift virus into the dairy herd leads to abortions of 25 – 60 % of the breeding stock during the year, and to the beef stock – 50 %. Vaccination is the only specific way of prevention reproductive disorders. Modified-live and killed vaccines are used. Key words: virus, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, cattle, pathology of reproduction,  conception, heifers, estrus, artificial insemination, ovaries, late-term abortion, latency, vaccination.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.3.03-09


10 Balyshev A.V., Abramov S.V., Zhuravleva M.S. Efficiency of the use of medicament Hymatil in bronchopneumonia of calves

In the course of the conducted studies on the therapeutic efficacy of the medicament Hymatil, a positive dynamics of recovery of calves with bronchopneumonia was established and 100 % safety of the experimental group of animals was ensured. Key words: calves, bronchopneumonia, tilmycosin, efficacy, Hymatil.

13 Vecherkovskaya M.F.,  Artemenko N.K.,  Zaslavskaya N.V. Activity of the veterinary antiseptic drug against Malassezia pachydermatis and its biofilms

Malassezia spp. are widespread among domestic, agricultural, as well as wild animals and birds. Otitis and dermatitis caused by these fungi are often chronic, prone to secondary bacterial infections and require combined systemic antimicrobial therapy. Prolonged repeated courses of therapy with existing drugs lead to side effects and resistance. Susceptibility testing according to CLSI standards of a new veterinary antiseptic (VAP) based on poly-n1-hydrazino(imino)-methyl-1,6-hexanediamine against Malassezia pachydermatisisolated from dogs with otitis showed its high efficacy. It has been established that VAP has a pronounced fungicidal activity at a very low minimal inhibitory concentration (0,07 μg / ml). There were studied the influence of VAP on formation of biofilms and its activity on fungi cells in the biofilms. The data obtained in this and another studies allows to suggest that VAP can be used in veterinary practice for monotherapy infections caused by fungi and bacterial-fungal associations. Key words: antiseptic, antifungal, biofilms, dermititis, fungi, Malassesia pachydermatis, otitis.

16 Rudenko P.A. Adhesive properties of lactic bacteria isolated from healthy cats

There are studied adhesive properties of lactic bacteria isolated from clinically healthy cats. It’s shown that the adhesive properties of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli are relatively variable within one species. The strains of Bifidobacterium adolescentis № 23, Lactobacillus plantarum № 8 and «Victoria» № 22, L. rhamnosus № 6 and № 26, L. acidophilus № 12 and № 24 had the highest adhesive activity. The isolates in the ecological niches of the cats' organism probably can effectively compete with opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms for the receptor. Therefore, it can be considere the possibility of using these cultures as probiotics for treatment and prevention of surgical infections in the given species of animals. Key words: adhesive activity, cats, lactic microflora, probiotics.


21 Tselueva N.I., Kugelev I.M.  Features of the epizootic situation of rabies of animals in the Smolensk region

The article presents the analysis of rabies epizootic situation in the Smolensk region. Key words: cat, dog, domestic animals, epizootic situation, fox, rabies, raccoon dog.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.3.21-24

24 Ivanov N.P., Arysbekova A.T., Namet A.M., Bakiyeva F.A.,  Sattarova R.S.  Camel’s milk examination on brucellosis

The article presents epizootological data on brucellosis of camels in the erritory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, examination of the camel’s milk for brucellosis. Key words:  antibodies, brucellosis, camel, immunological tests, milk ring test, milk, serum.

27 Tarasenko T.N., Galkina O.A., Gabalov K.P.  A case of severe hemoplasmosis in a cat and its treatment using injectable combination of methyluracil and riboxine

In this study, a clinical case of treatment of severe hemoplasmosis of the cat is described, using an aqueous injection solution of methyluracil (0.8%) and riboxin (2%) as an immunostimulant and anabolic agent. The recommended therapy led to a rapid stabilization of the general condition of the animal. Key words: anemia, hemobartonellosis, hemoplasmosis, inosine, cat, methyluracil.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.3.27-31


32 Smolensky V.I., Kiselev A.L. Titova T.G. Scientifically-based approach to the choice of rotational program for prevention of coccidiosis in poultry

The article describes the approach to the choice of coccidiostatics for prevention of coccidiosis in poultry by evaluating sensitivity of Eimeria circulating in the farm. Key words: coccidiosis, broilers, coccidiostatic, anticoccidial activity.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.3.32-34

34 Andreyanov O.N., Postevoy A.N., Gorokhov V.V., Danilenko A.V. New form of mollyuskotsidny means as prevention of helminthosis of farm animals

The new pharmakopeyny form of molluskotsidny means which can be used in the field of veterinary helminthology as means of fight and prevention of various helminthosis of farm animals is developed. At contact effect of extracts of stalks, leaves, roots and flowers of a saponaria medicinal there is a death of mollusks due to the local irritating effect of a saponin on a vibrating epithelium and, in a consequence, a hemolysis of amebotsit of blood of invertebrates. The technology of lecture of medicine is available, cheap and ecologically safe. The dried-up plant of a saponaria (S. officinalis) is pounded in powder, then by extraction ethyl or liquid ammonia in a mass ratio 1:100 within 24 hours at a constant temperature of 28±2 0C and hashing at 100 rpm receive extract which is filtered through filter paper and concentrate in the rotor evaporator with a pressure of 4±2 kPa, temperature of 45±2 0C and 280 about/ min. To dry molluskotsidny means within a day make in a vacuum eksikatore with a pressure of 10 kPa. The received amorphous gel extract has dark green color and has 100 % molluskotsidny effect at application him in 1% water solution. Key words: molluskotsidny means, saponaria medicinal, saponin, spirit extract, Saponaria officinalis.


39 Klimov N.T., Zimnikov V.I., Еrin D.A., Malanych E.V., Prokulevich А.В., Potapovich M.I. Тherapeutic efficacy of application of recombinant α- and γ-interferons under subclinical mastitis in cows

The article represents the results of studying the efficacy of application of bovine recombinant α- and γ-interferons together with aminoseleton under subclinical mastitis in cows, their effect on biochemical indices of the blood and udder secreta. It is stated that developed method of treatment of subclinical mastitis in cows with application of recombinant α- and γ-interferons and tissue immunostimulant aminoseleton possesses high therapeutic efficacy – 87,5 % that is higher by 37,5 % and 27,5 %, respectively, comparing with application of only aminoseleton and only α- and γ-interferons. Key words: cows, subclinical mastitis, recombinant α- and γ-interferons, aminoseleton, therapy.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.3.39-41


42 Savinkov A.V., Guseva O.S., Lapteva E.I., Suvorov B.V., Glazunova A.A., Iliasov P.V. Effect of feed bentonite on hematology, blood chemistry and productivity in cows with nutritional osteodystrophy and anemia

The lack of mineral constituents in feed is one of the main problems of farms in the Samara region. It leads to a delay in the growth and development of young animals, a decrease in productivity, the occurrence of various diseases. There were conducted an experiment on the use of feed bentonite in the milk farm of «OAO Samarskoe» (Kinel district) in order to improve treatment and preventive measures fornutritional osteodystrophy and anemia in cattle. The studies found that regular supplementation of cow’s ration bythis mineral drug helps to restore the indicators characterizing the protein, calcium and phosphorus metabolism, improves the quality characteristics of milk. Key words: alimentary anemia, alimentary osteodystrophy, bentonite, cows, metabolism, milk, mineral metabolism, sorbents.

DOI: 10.30896/0042-4846.2018.21.3.42-47

47 Omarov M.O., Slesareva O.A., Osmanova S.O. Influence composition of the diet on the content of free amino acids in the tissues and organs of white rats

The article presents the results of studying the influence of the composition of the diet on the content of free amino acids in tissues and organs of white rats. In rats that received adjusted and deficient in most essential amino acids, lysine, methionine or threonine rations, the content of free amino acids in blood plasma and muscle did not differ significantly, despite the unequal consumption of protein. With a shortage of intake with feed, the concentration of the limiting amino acid decreased in the blood plasma and increased in the liver. At the same time, the content of the amino acid complex in the liver increased, and to a greater extent than when consumed by animals adjusted for most amino acids of the diet. The level of amino acid nutrition did not significantly affect the amino acid content in muscles. Key words: amino acids, protein, blood, laboratory animals, lysine, methionine, muscle, liver, protein, free amino acids, threonine.

52 Grechko V.V., Khonin G.A., Sul'din E.V., Koshkin I.N., Avdeev B.D. Changes in leukogram and morphology of rat blood cells at epidural anesthesia with Novocain solution

An increase in the number of granulocyte cells as well as a change in their morphological structure, the appearance of a significant amount of both young stab neutrophils and hypersegmented leukocytes were registrated in the peripheral blood of rats after repeated epidural blockade with 2 % Novocaine solution. Anemia was characterized by appearance of hyperchromic and then hypochromic erythrocytes, the average size of these cells was increased. There were determined the allowable number of epidural anesthesia by Novocaine for rats and factors predisposing for undesirable effects of this procedure. Key words: blood, epidural anesthesia, erythrocytes, globulins, leukocytes, novocaine.


57 Doronin-Dorgelinskiy E.A., Sivkova T.N. About draft program of increasing qualification of veterinary specialists in the field of veterinary-sanitary expertise

A draft program of raising qualification of specialists, whose activities are related to veterinary-sanitary expertise, is proposed. Key words: veterinary and sanitary examination, raising qualification.


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