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3          Makarov V.V., Lozovoy D.A. Bat viruses (lyssa- and filoviruses)

Actual data on lyssa- and filoviruses heving important significance in veterinary and epidemiology are taken and interpreted in second part paper. Key words: Chiroptera, bat viruses, natural nidality, rabies, Ebola virus disease.


9          Iushkowa L.I., Donchenko N.A.  Information technologies in system of the veterinary service in region of the Russian Federation

The possibility and the need for implementation of information systems by Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation are analysed. Key words: veterinary service, information technology, scientific providing.

11        Sazonov А.А., Novikova S.V. Rational therapy of respiratory diseases calves

Studies conducted in the farms of the Saratov and Penza regions on calves with acute tracheobronchitis. A single treatment of animals by new antimicrobial drug Ceftonit Forte at a dose of 1 ml/30 kg body weight provided 100% of therapeutic efficacy. Key words: antibiotics, cattle, respiratory disease, therapy, ceftiofur.

15        Gorlov I.F., Nikolaev D.V., Fedorov Y.N., Balyshev A.V.  Influence of supplement Sporotermin in the ration of the sows on productivity and immunobiological status of weaned pigs

The inclusion of the probiotic supplement Sporotermin in the ration of pregnant sows stimulates protein and mineral metabolism, enhances the synthesis of immunologically active proteins with protective function. This provides higher levels of natural immunity; body weight and safety offspring of sows get a feed additive. Key words: average daily gain, blood biochemistry, feed supplement, immune status, immunoglobulin’s, probiotic, pig, safety.

19       Moukhamedshina A.R. Artificial insemination in poultry industry

The article presents modern equipment for high quality artificial insemination, which guarantees high efficiency of stock reproduction and of selection. Recommendations on roosters’ selection, sperm receiving and on insemination of the hens are brought into limelight. Key words: artificial insemination, equipment, fertility.


23        Kneize A.V.,  Guzalova A.G. Risk analysis system for emergence and spread of exotic highly dangerous animal diseases

In order to reduce biological threats resulting from transboundary spread of exotic or special danger animal infection pathogens, development and organization of a risk analysis system that would provide a continuing survey of the epizootic situation to substantiate anti-epizootic strategies aimed at pre-emption, containment and eradication of epizootics, is required. Key words: biological threat, special danger diseases, exotic diseases, risk analysis system, epizootic risks, epizootological method of research, epizootological monitoring, geographical information system, epizootological prognosis.

26        Teymurazov M.G.,  Platonov M.E.,  Tazin O.I., Manin T.B. The biological properties of the strains Avibacterium paragallinarum and Gallybacterium anatis isolated in the Russian Federation in 2015

The article presents data on the detection A. paragallinarum and G. anatis in the poultry farms of different regions our country in 2015. There were studied some biological properties of the isolated bacteria. Strains of A. paragallinarum were serotyped. Key words: antibiotic resistance, bacteria serotype, Avibacterium paragallinarum, Gallybacterium anatis.

29        Afonyushkin V.N., Cherepushkina V.S., Khomenko Yu.S.,  Harin A.V., Preobrazhenskij G.D., Schirschova A.N. Influence of flavofosfolipol on the Salmonella enterica in vitro

There were found a strong negative correlation between the concentration of flavofosfolipol and genomic eqvivalents of Salmonella enteritidis (r = -0,96) in PCR-RT. Statistically significant changes in number copy of genes pathogenicity SpvA in serovars enteritidis, infantis and typhimurium were not detected. Key words: broilers, flavofosfolipol, pathogenicity genes, Salmonella.     



33        Fadeeva A.N., Gorchakova N.G. Parasitic diseases of domestic carnivores in Nizhny Novgorod
There are presents data on invasive pathology of dogs and cats in Nizhny Novgorod. It’s established in domestic carnivores in this region acaroses (otodectosis, notoedrosis, demodecosis), flea dermatitis, helminthiasis (hydatigerosis of cats, dipiulidiosis and toxocarosis of dogs). Key words: acaroses, ascaridosis, demodecosis, tick-borne dermatitis, helminthiasis, notoedrosis, otodectosis, cat, dog.


36       Konopeltsev I.G., Nikolaev S.V. Using to ozoned emulsions at endometritis at cows-heifers

This is new method of therapy cows-heifers, sicks sharp endometritis. It is founded on using the ozoned emulsion. This emulsion allows raising efficiency of conducted actions and shortening period from calved to fertizations. Key words: endometritis, therapy, cows-heifers.

41       Surov A.I., Serdyukov V.N., Malakhova L.S., Omarov A.A., Maltsev E.A.  Efficiency of gonadotropins in sheep

The study on different dosages of the drug Follimag, contributing to an increase in fertility among pervookotok and  adult queens. Key words: uterus, fertility, fertility, hunting, gonadotropic preparations, ovulation, the breeding season, Follimag.


44        Sereda A.D., Zhivodeorov S.P., Baluishev V.M., Strizhackova O.M., Sindryackova I.P., Lunitsin A.V., Kolbasov D.V. Experience of determining disinfection level in carrying out African swine fever eradication campaigns in pig farms using a sentinel method

Due to its structural features, African swine fever (ASF) virus is highly resistant to factors of various nature, and therefore its survival in environmental objects or products of swine origin is extremely high. The procedures for determining the effectiveness of sanitation and disinfection of environmental objects and veterinary supervision after an ASF outbreak eradication have not been finally adjusted yet. This article summarizes the experience gained in carrying out biological control campaigns in the former ASF foci on pig farms using a sentinel animal method. Specifically, the report discusses the sequence of operations and the schedule of measures for carrying out biological control in production areas including the procedures for preparing sentinel pig herds and feeds, organization and execution of clinical observation of the animals, the collection and the analysis of blood samples from sentinel pigs, and also the procedures for soil sampling to be examined for ASF virus. The soil samples were collected from the grounds adjacent to the containers of manure removal systems or livestock carcasses disposal stations. The eluates of the soil samples were inoculated to pigs vaccinated against classical swine fever. The presence of the virus in the animal blood samples was determined using an authohemadsorption test and/or through examination of intact pig leukocyte cell cultures for haemadsorption. In the blood samples taken from sentinel pigs on days 0 and 60 from the beginning of the biological control program, the DNA was determined using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and the antibody was demonstrated with indirect ELISA.  The results of the biological control carried out in several pig farms showed the high quality of the sanitation and disinfection campaigns carried out which enabled to recommend issuing  a permit for their restocking with pig herds. Key words: African swine fever, disinfection effectiveness, biological control, sentinel pigs.


49        Ussenbekov Y.S., Terletskiy V.P. On the absence of genetic defects BLAD, CVM, DUMPS and BC in stud bulls of the local Alatau cattle breed

Most often complex deformity of the spine (CVM), citrullinemy (BC), deficiencies of leukocyte adhesion (BLAD) and enzyme uridine monophosphate synthase (DUMPS) recorded in cattle of Holstein breed. Such lethal mutations are rare or non-existent in some breeds. The results of PCR show that tested Alatau stud bulls  are free from such mutations. Key words: autosomal recessive point mutation, cattle, genetics, lethal mutations, molecular diagnostics.

51      Bokarev A.V., Stekolnikov A.A. Intravenous retrograde angiography forearm and metacarpus in a dog  

In the scientific paper outlines the results of research concerning venography forearm and metacarpus in dogs. This publication presents data on the differential distribution of diagnostic drugs administered according to the affixing of hemostatic tourniquet on the limb. The publication gives clarifying advice on how to separate venography metacarpus and fingers, and separately for venography forearm. Key words: dog, limb, Vienna, radiography, Omnipaque, inflammation, tumor.

56           AzarnovaT.O., BogdanovaD.L., KochishI.I., NaydenskiyM.S., ZaitsevS.YSelen-Aktiv for prevention of an oxidative stress at embryos and young chickens 

It was established that the drug contain selenium and vitamin C can prevent negative effects of stress in the incubation and critical periods of chicken’s early ontogenesis. The mechanism of such action is based on correction of free-radical reactions which gave positive influence on the development and viability of chicken embryos and chicks. Key words: antioxidant, vitamin C, chicken, selenium, stress, embryos, chicks.


60        Garbuzov A.V.,  Smolensky V.I.   Assets of competitiveness of medicines for veterinary use on the basis of indications of their quality 

For the first time developed a method of evaluating the competitiveness of drugs, allowing to obtain objective data on the level of quality as an integrated digit indicator. The technique can be used at all stages of the drug market from design to implementation in the interest of consumers, developers and manufacturers medicines funds, as well as in the interests of industry. Key words: medicines funds for veterinary, competitiveness.



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