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3 Glotov A.G., Glotova T.I. The effect of colostral immunity on efficiency of calves vaccination against viral infections (The review)

Respiratory diseases are widespread in our country and cause enormous economic damage to dairy and beef cattle breeding. The great importance in their prevention is the observance of the technology of obtaining and rearing calves, as well as the timely feeding them of high-grade colostrum. Vaccination is an important tool for control of viral infections, and its effectiveness is largely determined by the correct timing of immunization, depending on the presence, intensity and duration of colostral immunity. It has been shown that passive immunity has a double meaning: on the one hand, timely feeding of colostrum provides protection for the calf against infections, and on the other hand it has a negative effect on the formation of post-vaccination immunity. The characteristic of the main components of colostrum, passive, innate and acquired immunity, as well as their interaction with each other, is briefly described. The presence on the Russian market of various vaccines dictates a more careful attitude to their use especially in large dairy units. One of the reasons for the low effectiveness of special measures is the presence of colostral immunity in calves, which must be taken into account when developing effective vaccination schemes for animals. Theoretical approaches to planning vaccination programs against respiratory syncytial infection, parainfluenza-3, bovine viral diarrhea and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis are given. Key words: cattle, calves, respiratory diseases, colostrum, colostral immunity, viruses, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis, bovine viral diarrhea, arainfluenza-3, bovine respiratory syncytial infection. 



12 Balyshev A.V., Abramov S.V., Abramov V.E., Kashkovskaya L.M., Matrenov I.S. Florox OR in the treatment of poultry with bacterial infections

Florox OR has a high therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of poultry with a diagnosis of colibacteriosis, salmonellosis and pasteurellosis. Florox OR, when applied, has a positive effect on the recovery dynamics of the poultry, which supportt to its safety. Key words: bacterial infections, poultry, broiler chickens, colibacteriosis, salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, therapy, efficiency, Florox OR, florfenicol.

16 Gubin Ya.A., Mashnin A.V., Mashnin D.V., Gorodov V.S. Bead-based multiplex assays in veterinary diagnostic

Bead-based multiplex assays (BBMAs) are applicable for high throughput, simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in solution (from several to 50 – 500 analytes within a single, small sample volume). In veterinary medicine, various nucleic acid and protein-coupled beads can be used in, or for the development of, antigen and antibody BBMAs, with the advantage that more data can be collected using approximately the same amount of labor as used for other antigen and antibody assays. Veterinary-related BBMAs could be used for detection of pathogens, genotyping, measurement of hormone levels, and in disease surveillance and vaccine assessment. The current review summarizes the BBMA technology and some of the currently available BBMAs developed for veterinary settings. Key words: bead assay, cytometric bead array, Luminex, diagnostics, xMAP,  multiplex. 

19 Birukova G.A.,  Dorofeeva S.G.  Bacterial diagnosis is an important step in the management of antimicrobial therapy in poultry

Main points of choosing antimicrobial product for treatment in poultry are diagnostic monitoring of circulating pathogens and determination of sensitivity of isolates to drug. A professional approach to the treatment of diseases of bacterial etiology in poultry helps to prevent the disease and to avoid additional economic costs. Key words: bacteria, epizootic situation, bacterial resistance, bacterial background, antibacterial drugs.

22 Petrova O.G.,   Barashkin M.I., Milstein I.M.  Assessment of disinfecting activity of disinfectant "DEO-VET Ultra"

The problem of introducing new highly effective disinfectants in recent years has become particularly relevant due to the continuing spread of African swine fever virus in the Russian Federation, which poses a great threat to the pig production. The results of laboratory studies have shown that «DEO-VET Ultra» has bacteriostatic and bactericidal activities with respect to gram-negative (E. coli) and gram-positive (S. aureus) bacteria test cultures. The drug exhibits virucidal activity against ASFV at a concentration of 0,5  and 1% at a consumption rate of 0,3  l/m² and an exposure of 45 and 30 minutes, respectively. In such regimens, it can be used in the outbreaks of ASF infection. Key words: African swine fever, antiviral action, bactericidal action, bacteriostatic action, bioassay, disinfectant, virus.


25 Khotmirova O.V.  Peculiarities of poultry seroconversion to IBV after vaccination       

Authors studied the intensity of the antibody response of chickens during immunization against infectious bronchitis vaccines in field conditions. The lowest antibody titers up to 120 days of age were observed in cocks. In hens up to this age, on the contrary, the highest antibody titers were noted, their decrease occurred upon reaching 210 – 230 days of age. It could be due to stress caused by regrouping and a period of maximum egg production. By the end of the latter the average antibody titers in birds with a body weight of 2 250 g turned out to be 47,2 % lower than that of the “light” bird (weighing 1 900 g). By the end of the observation period the situation changed to the opposite: a birds weighing 1900 g exceeded the “heavy” birds by an average antibody titers on 32,27 %. Key words: chicken, immunity, infectious bronchitis of chickens, vaccines, viruses.


28 Orlova S.T., Sidorchuk A.A.,  Grebennikova Т.V. Optimization of cloning and sequencing of mycoplasmas isolated from respiratory tract and conjunctiva of dogs and cats

There were optimized the methods of cloning mycoplasmas isolated from dogs and cats (including cultures containing a benzylpenicillin-resistant bacteria) and the subsequent identification of clones by the molecular genetic techniques. It was demonstrated that single cloning without preparatory procedures is often sufficient for relatively clear separation of mycoplasmas and identification their clones by sequencing. Key words: cat, cloning, dog, mycoplasmas, PCR, sequencing.



34 Samoylovskaya N.А. The application of salt briquettes with ivermectin for wild animals for parasitos

On the basis of the research work carried out by the Laboratory of Biology and Biological Principles of Prevention: «Testing of new generation therapeutic preparations for the protection of wild animals from parasitic diseases in specially protected natural areas», according to paragraph 22 of the FNI Program of the State Academies of Sciences for 2013 – 2020 «Molecular-biological and nano-biotechnological methods of creation of new generation biologics, technologies and methods of their application with the purpose of combating especially dangerous infectious, parasitic and nezar (№ 0577-2014-0002) №115050610022» to develop the instruction on the use of the tested preparation Ivirsolt (salt briquettes). Key words: nematodes, wild animals, specially protected natural territories, Losiny Ostrov National Park, anthelmintics, instructions for use, Ivirsolt, salt briquettes, ebrootoxic and teratogenic action of ivermectin, toxicology, residual amount of ivermectin in organs and tissues.


37 Pugovkina N.V. Akbaev R.M. Therapy cattle with bovicolosis by amorphous silica powder agent

In the field conditions the insecticidal efficacy of a finely dispersed powder of diatomite (amorphous silica of biogenic origin) with respect to the ectoparasite of cattle Bovicola bovis was studied. The experiment was carried out on black-and-white holsteinized cows. The drug sprayed in evenly thin layer over the body of animals using a accumulator dusting device at the rate of 100 g per cow. The treatment was carried out twice with an interval of 10 days. The drug showed a 100% insecticidal effect due to damage of the wax layer of the insect's cuticle, pulling moisture out of its body and preventing entering oxygen through the spiracles. Thus fine diatomite powder, which does not contain xenobiotics, can serve as an alternative substitute for chemical insecticides. Key words: amorphous silica, bovicolesis, Bovicola bovis, cattle, ectoparasites, therapy.



41 Belozertseva N.S., Fedotov S.V., Yachsaev I.M. Dependence of reproductive capacity of black-and-white cows on physiological status

In dairy cattle breeding of the Russian Federation, a situation that prevents n⁤formalin⁤WMD in⁤DSPD⁤oisvodsto Matochnogo pogolovia and capacity geneticistogo pthe capacities of molochnoh Productionspine to'ors. Pthe mA⁤WMD developed⁤was with⁤beremennyh met⁤od⁤s selection of livestock to be ⁤DOSsOh withochrann⁤spine Matochnogabout the herd, providing highokie pthe Hale molochnoh Production⁤spine. In the article, the materials of the reproductive performance and milk productivity of black-motley cows of different body type, belonging to the Federal state unitary enterprise experimental farm, stud farm "maple-Chegodaev". The analysis of reproductive ability and milk productivity of black pied cows of different body type in the same conditions of feeding and housing showed that it is preferable to further productive operation were animals of III experimental group. They had the best reproductive performance and milk production in comparison with the peers, making them more valuable from a breeding point of view in conditions of modern livestock complex of the FSUE AH "maple-Chegodaev".  As a result of purposeful breeding work was obtained the reliable information indicating that improvement in body type have a positive effect on fertility and milk productivity of cows under control. Key words: reproduction, service period, dry period, black-and-white cattle, reproductive ability, milk productivity.


44 Narizhny A.G., Zasukha Yu.V., Grishchenko S.N., Grischenko N.P. Intensification of the use of boars in pig breeding

The results of the reproductive capacity of sows, which fertilizes the sperm with a reduced number of active sperm cells with intense use of breeding boars and feeding them high levels of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. Key words: boars, intensive use, sperm, reproduced functions.



48 Pereslegina I.O., Zhavnis S.E. Achieving remission by the complex treatment of feline infectious peritonitis

Despite all the progress in veterinary medicine feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) remains one of the most serious and incurable diseases. There is describe a case of complex treatment of exudative form of FIP by the original author's technique. The primary diagnosis of FIP made on the basis of clinical and ultrasound researches was support by hematological and biochemical blood analyses, PCR and immunochromatographic test. The cat positively responded to the complex treatment including inoculation of warmed phosprenyl into the abdominal cavity after aspiration of the exudate. Repeated analysis of blood following 6 weeks revealed no signs of anemia, normalization of liver enzyme activity and bilirubin concentration. At the recent time (6 months after diagnosis) there is disease remission, cat is clinically health and active. Key words: cat, FIР, phosphorilated polyprenols, therapy.

52 Kuzmina I.Yu., Lykov A.S. Influence of feed supplement from mountain pine and lichens on the organism of calves

The influence of feed supplement from mountain pine and lichen on the organism of young cattle was tested. It had a positive effect on the morphological and biochemical parameters of the blood of calves in milk period. Key words: blood, cattle, hematological analysis, feed additive, lichen, mountain pine.



55 Okolelova T.M., Merzlenko O.V. The results of comparative tests for adsorbents in compound poultry feeds contaminated with mycotoxins

The article presents experimental data on the comparative effectiveness of adsorbents in compound feeds for broilers contaminated with T-2 and ochratoxin at the concentrations higher than MPC (maximal permissible concentrations). The positive effect of adsorbents on the zootechnic and physiological-biochemical values of poultry is shown. With high degree of contamination of compound feeds with T-2 and ochratoxins, AntaFarm MT 80 was the best adsorbent for broilers according to the set of measurements. Key words: mycotoxins, broilers, adsorbents, body weight, feed consumption.

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