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3   Orlyankin B.G.  Adaptive antiviral immunity

The review is devoted to adaptive antiviral immunity and ways to overcome it by viruses. Key words: viruses, adaptive immunity, humoral and cellular factors.


12  Mishchenko A.V., Semakina V.P., Mishchenko V.A., Karaulov A.K. Wide-spread vesicular diseases of pigs

This study presents data on a novel emerging idiopathic disease of pigs which is associated with Seneca Valley virus classified in the genus Senecavirus of the family Picornaviridae and has been reported in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Brazil. In adult pigs this disease is characterized by vesicular lesions in the oral cavity, on the snout, on the interdigital skin as well as on the skin of the coronary band and the hoof bulb. Seneca Valley virus causes epidemic transient neonatal mortality.  Seneca Valley virus has oncolytic properties. Key words: pigs, Seneca Valley virus, idiopathic disease, epidemic transient neonatal mortality, oncolytic properties of the virus.

16 Burdinskaya O.N., Zhivoderov S.P., Glukhareva E.N., Bobrovskaya N.K., Gerasimov V.N., Lunicin A.B.  Detection of pathogens of Aujeszkyˈs disease in counterfeit products

The article presents the results of a study of samples of counterfeit sheep pox vaccine for the presence of virus of Aujeszky's disease. It was found that the samples provided by counterfeit vaccines containing live virus of Aujeszky's disease. Key words: Aujeszkyˈs disease, sheep pox, counterfeit products, vaccine, PCR-RT, DIF.


21  Gulyukin A.M., Shabeykin A.A., Belimenko V.V. Epizootological geographic information systems. Opportunities and prospects

Geographic information systems enables monitoring and study epizootic process and spread of dangerous animal diseases, including zooanthroponoses. The GIS is a modern tool for development of convenient management decisions and carrying out full-scale historical analysis of the epizooties. Key words: biological security, geographic information systems, epizootology.

25     Arakelyan P.K., Raznitsyna G.V., Yanchenko T.A., Bondarev E.G., Dimova A.S., Dimov S.K., Chekishev V.M., Vorobyev V.I.  Evaluation of the diagnostic value AGID with different OPS antigens at cattle brucellosis

The reaction of immunodiffusion (RID) in agar gel with O-PS A- (from B. abortus) and M- (from B. melitensis) antigens significantly inferior to the sensitivity of complex the reaction of agglutination and the complement fixation test RA + CFT.   The results of a comprehensive study on brucellosis 2172 samples of blood serum of cattle from 10 disadvantaged by brucellosis farms, as vaccination of animals against this disease and show that both RID allow to objectively assess the degree of epidemic risk herds for brucellosis, to differentiate naturally infected animals from vaccinated and even to assume B. melitensis migration of cattle. In particular, in the study of blood serum of cattle from 2 disadvantaged herds on brucellosis with the natural course of infection in one herd there was identified the certain species-specific O-PS A-antigen. With both O-PS antigens of the 139 samples in the RID there were reacted 20 samples: of its with the O-PS A-antigen were reacted 20 samples  (100 %);  and with the O-PS of M-antigen – 19  (95 %), that indicating on the circulation at animals only B. abortus. In another herd, conversely, it was revealed a certain species-specific O-PS M-antigen, so that of the 169 samples in the RID with both antigens there were reacted 87 samples, of its the O-PS M-antigen there was reacted to 87 samples  (100 %), and the O-PS A-antigen – 83  (95 %), which can be explained by the possibility of infection of cattle B. melitensis, confirmed the data of the epidemiological research of the farm. Key words: brucellosis, vaccination, diagnosis, cattle, reaction of agglutination, agar gel immunodiffusion test, complement fixation test, B. abortus, B. melitensis.


30    Safiullin R.T., Dagaeva G.A., Ageev I.S., Oleinikova V.P., Saveljeva O.A. The effectiveness of insecticidal comprehensive program to combat the imago of flies and their larvae in the stables-queen cells

Held in conditions of pig farm studies have shown a significant number of adult flies and their larvae. In pig houses-the Queen cells in the process of the entire technological cycle of growing pigs on the choke (23 days) after complete disinfection of adulticidal Solfac Duo SC 7,5 % and the larvicide was Bicidal EAP 25 % intensifications against adult flies amounted to 98,84 %, larvae 100 %; IE Alpaca Duo against adult flies was equal to 85,65 %, larvae 98,96 %; IE quick Byte granules (Imidacloprid 0,5 %) against flies amounted 71,22%, larvae 99,27 %. Key words: pigs, sows, piglets on the choke, flies and their larvae, the background number, pest control, adulticide Solfac Duo SK 7,5 %, Kwik Bytes (Imidacloprid 0,5 %), Agita, the larvicide has Bicidal EAP 25 %, instinctively.


36  Melkishev A.V. An integrated approach for solving the problems of mastitis incidences and improvement in quality of milk

This article provides examples of the factors leading to incidence of mastitis in cows and speaks of the need to implement data analysis system for those factors. The need for use of rational means of prevention and treatment of mastitis is identified and proved in that article, with a particular focus on the importance of taking into account the economic damage from the loss of cows’ productivity. On the basis of the carried out research the author provides recommendations for optimizing the work in solving incidence of mastitis’ problems in cows. Key words: mastitis, prophylaxis, therapy, medications Zorka, cows.

42 Khlopitsky V.P., Sidorchuk A.A., Vasenko S.V., Gorbatova H.S., Filatov A.V., Dzhamaldinov A.Ch.Complex of diagnostic and treatment-and-prophylactic actions at inflammatory diseases of bodies of a reproduction

Results of microbiological researches by estimation antimicrobic are presented activity of medical products to field cultures of activators of pyoinflammatory diseases of bodies of a reproduction at cows. The complex of actions including preventive maintenance and treatment of sharp and chronic forms endometritis, with application of medical products is offered: Endometramag-K, Mixoferon®, Magestrofan®, Follimag®. Key words: cows, antimicrobic means, pyoinflammatory diseases of bodies of a reproduction, endometritis.


47        Maslova V.V., Lyushina G.A. , Solodnikov S.U., Terekhin G.A., Lytvinov V.V., Tatarnikova N.A.  Study parameters of safety checkers from pine oil

The introduction to veterinary practice the new drugs makes high demands on the study of the toxicity associated with the proposed scheme of it use.

The results of study the toxicity of thermo-sublimating smoke checker "Tambei" (OOO "Sanvetpreparat plus", Russia), containing as an active ingredient fir oil, are presented in the paper. Acute & sub-chronic toxicity were evaluated by inhalation route of administration in the exposure chamber on white mice and rats, respectively. Discovered CL50 concentration, which is equal to 98±6,80 mg/l. permits to attribute the thermo-sublimating smoke checker to the 3 hazard class for inhalants. The drug had no effect on the general clinical condition, behavior and function status of the main body systems of laboratory animals, but as shown histological examination, it caused a slight irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the trachea and lungs of rats which probably was attribute to the combined effect of high concentrations of thermo-sublimating mixture and pine oil spray. Key words: inhalation, pine oil, toxicity.


51        Salomatin V.V. , Varakin A.T. , Kulik D.K. , Salomatina M.V. Influence of natural bischofit on calves’ blood content

Continuous applying by calves from 15 days of age the enriched by natural bishofit diet resulted in a statistically significant increase the color index and the average content of hemoglobin in red blood cells in 4 months, as well as blood content of total and reduced glutathione in 5 months. Key words: hemoglobin, glutathione, differential white cell count, WBC, magnesium chloride, natural bischofite, red blood cells, calves, diet.

54        Belova A.G., Zimina E.V., Simbirtsev N.P. Pathomorphology exudative and nonexudative peritonitis of domestic ferrets

There are revealed 2 forms of peritonitis in ferrets – dry and rarer exudative. In animals with dry form prevails systemic inflammatory pathological changes, in ferrets with exudative peritonitis – signs of intoxication. Key  words: inflammation, domestic ferrets,  pathomorphology, peritonitis, exudates.

57        Vasiliev A.A., Guseva Y.A., Kosareva T.V., Mukhametshin S.S.  Influence of the feed additive Viusid-VET on the productivity and physiological state of carp

There were studied the effect on productivity and physiological condition of carp feed additive Viusid-VET which includes glucosamine, arginine, glycine, glycirrhizin acid, zinc sulfate, calcium pantothenate, folic acid, vitamins C, B6 & B12. It proved to be an effective immunomodulator, hepatoprotector, antioxidant, antiviral and anti-stress agent. Key words: immunomodulator, industrial fish farming, carp, feeding, feed additives.


60        Degtyarenko L.V., Vlasenko V.S., Sclyarov O.D. The estimation of immunological tests at dogs’ brucellosis caused by B. canis

Brucellosis antigens were designed for two variants of agglutination, complement fixation and indirect hemagglutination tests. There were approved high sensitivity and specificity of these tests carried out with such antigens for diagnosis the infection of B. canis in urban dogs. It was show the possibility of using the test with NBT to assess the immunological status of animals with brucellosis. Key words: antibodies, brucellosis, diagnosis, dog.

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