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3 Balyshev V.M., Balysheva V.I., Shkayev A.Е., Guzalova A.G, Knieze A.V. Monitoring and long-range forecast of the global epizotic situation for Rift valley fever for the period up to 2030

The report presents the results of studying Rift Valley fever (RVF) spatial-dynamic features and revealing the regularities of the infection prevalence worldwide. The developed long-range forecast provides for the trend the RVF epizootic tension will be further aggravating to remain up to 2030. The highest probability of the disease registration in 2017 – 2030 (the range of values is 0.6 to 1.0) is predicted for tropical agroecosystems of the African continent and Arabian & Southern regions of Asia. Also, the forecast for the RVF epizootic situation in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries is given. The RVF nosoarea that potentially might exist in the Russian Federation and neighboring countries is divided into 4 disease occurrence probability zones in terms of the intensity of natural and socio-economic factors & prerequisites . The estimated infection occurrence in the Russian Federation is below the average probability level (namely, within 0,2 to 0,4). Key words: Rift valley fever, epizootological monitoring, stationarity index, incidence index, forecast.


8 Stekolnikov A.A., Ladanova M.A., Tolkachev V.A., Kolomyicev S.M. Prevalence and interrelation purulent- necrotic damage of fingers and obstetric-gynecological diseases in cows under condition of fastened management

This article shows seasonal and age dynamics of diagnosing at purulent - necrotic defeats of tissues of fingers and obstetrics – gynecologic pathology of cow's in the conditions of fastened contents, their interrelation is studied, the community in seasonal and age dynamics of frequency of filing is revealed and it is established that particular types (detention of an afterbirth, an endometritis, mastitis) obstetric and gynecologic pathology promote increase in number of damages of extremities. 280 dairy cows and heifers from the educational-experimental farm "Znamenskoye"of the Kursk State Agricultural Academy were examined. It was established that the predisposition of animals to reproductive disorders increases during service life. The incidence of limb diseases was minimal in summer (12,78 – 13,92 %), in the autumn-winter period it increased to 27,88 % and in the spring – to 29,02 %. In 172 animals, purulent-necrotic lesions of the fingers were revealed, including deformation of the hoof horn (47 animals; 27,32 %), ulcers (33; 19,18 %), arthritis (26; 15,11%), sprains and ligament rupture (12; 6,42 %), pododermatitis (10; 5,81 %), wounds and phlegmon of crumb (16; 9,30 %) and corolla (10;5,81%). Positive correlation between obstetric-gynecological pathologies and diseases of the limbs was noted: with retention of placenta simultaneously were diagnosed the deformity of the hoof cover (8; 8,08 %), wounds and phlegmon of the corolla (4; 4,04 %) and crumb (6; 6,06 %); with mastitis – ulcers in the area of he fingers and pododermatitis (4; 4,04 %); with endometritis – purulent decomposition of the horn sole (3; 3,03 %); with vaginitis-laminitis (2; 2,02 %). Key words: arthritis, vaginitis, laminitis, cattle, mastitis, pododermatitis, wounds, phlegmon, endometritis, ulcer.

11 Djavadov M.E., Vikhreva I.N., Djavadov E.D., Solokhin A.D. Immunological aspects of prevention infectious anaemia of chickens

The article presents data on the immunogenic activity of various vaccines and the transfer factor against infectious anaemia in chickens. The best result was provided by a complex preparation - inactivated vaccine with a transfer factor. Key words: vaccine, transfer factor, immunogenicity, infection, prevention.

14 Aphonuchkin V.N., Dudareva E.V., Cherepuchkina V.S., Philipenko M.L., Kozlova U.N., Berezin S.M. Prospects for using bacteriophages as an alternative to antibiotics

The wide spread antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria dictates the need to search for alternative means of control and treatment infectious diseases. The review analyzes the possibility of using bacteriophages with this aim. Key words: antibiotics, bacteriophages, infections, farm animals, poultry, small pets.


18 Arakelyan P.K., Yanchenko T.A., Rasnitsyna G.V., Dimov S.K., Dimova A.S., Christenko N.V. The comparative study of immunogenic properties of live vaccines from strains 19, 82 and RB-51 B. abortus in experiments with guinea pigs

It was compared the immunogenicity of the vaccine strains B. abortus 19, 82 and RB-51 in experiment conducted on guinea pigs. These strains were subcutaneously administered to the animals at a dose 109 CFU/ml and strain 19 also by conjunctival method at a dose 108 CFU/ml. Animals were experimentally infected with virulent strain B. abortus 544 at a dose 102 CFU/ml after 90 days post vaccination. Equal amount (80 %) of subcutaneously and conjunctival immunized guinea pigs survived challenged. Also in these groups of animals was the same infection index (1,1). Since the dosage of strain 19 in subcutaneous vaccination was 10 times higher than in the conjunctival vaccination, the last of the above methods should be considered more technologically. Both remaining vaccine strains protected from virulent strain 544 in the same but smaller level compared to strain 19 (60 %). The index of infection in the group of animals immunized by strain 82 was lower than in the group vaccinated by strain RB-51 – 8,8 and 13,9, respectively. In the control group all animals become infected (infection index – 45,6). Key words: brucellosis, experimental infection, immunogenicity, protective effect, vaccine.

21 Romanova S.E., Yakunina M.N., Treshalina H.M. Estimation of the sensitivity to Imatinib (Glivec) of spontaneous malignant с-kit positive mast cell tumor in dogs

The sensitivity to target therapy of spontaneous aggressive local tumor spread с-kit positive mast cell tumor (MC/c-kit+) with imatinib (glivec) was studied on 25 dogs. A significantly high sensitivity of MS/c-kit + to the drug was shown according to the morphometric criteria of effectiveness and the survival rate of animals. It can be made the conclusion about suitability of MS/c-kit + as a preclinical model of the c-kit positive solid tumor to evaluation the effectiveness of new combinations based on imatinib. Key words: preclinical model, imatinib, mastocytoma, dog, c-kit.

24 Vecherkovskaya M.F., Artemenko N.K. Effect of antiseptic drug on biofilms of bacteria causing odontogenic infections in dogs

Dental plaque formation is the most widespread oral condition in domestic dogs. Dental tartar and dental plaque frequently lead to paradontosis, tooth loss, systemic complications. Bacteria comprising dental plaque form biofilms, which allows them to survive and cause disease often despite adequate hygienic measures. Multiple cultures of gram-positive, gram-negative, aerobic, facultative-anaerobic and anaerobic bacteria were isolated from canine dental plaque formations. Strains with the most pronounced ability to form biofilms were selected from those cultures. It was shown that the antiseptic drug based on poly-n1-hydrazino(imino)-methyl-1,6-hexanediamine exhibit broad spectrum antibacterial activity, prevents the formation of biofilms, penetrate, penetrates mature biofilms causing bacterial death. The drug can be use to effectively fight against bacteria causing mouth cavity diseases in dogs. Key words: antiseptic drug, dental plaque, oral microbiota, dog, periodontitis.


28 Kabardiev S.Sh., Gazimagomedov M.G., Magomedov O.A., Abdulmagomedov S.Sh., Bittirov A.M., Kabardiev Sh.S., Gazaeva A.A., Shakhmurzov M.M., Uyanaeva F.B., Bittirova A.A. Helminths fauna depending on the type of content of cattle in the region of the North Caucasus

In Kabardino-Balkaria Republic in the context of fixed-grazing cattle found biohelminthes 7 species, 15 species geohelminthes. The species composition among geonematod cattle-grazing fixed by the values of EI and II dominant species Ostertagia ostertagi – 100 % and 493,4±32,8 ind., Ostertagia circumcinta, respectively, 86,3 % and 569,6±41,3 ind.; Trichostrongylus axei – 81,3 % and 235,8±27,3 ind.; Nematodirus spathiger – 86,3 % and 257,4±28,7 ind.; Bunostomum phlebotomum – 82,3% and 258,3±30,8 ind.; Oesophagostomum radiatum – 78,6 % and 262,9±35,1 ind. The fauna of worms in cattle grazing year represented 27 species typical of ruminants with EI and II 19,0 – 100 % from 6,4±0,5 to 324,3±21,8 ind. As the prevalence in cattle dominate species D. lanceatum, O. ostertagi; O. circumcincta; T. axei Cobbold, 1879; T. columbriformis, N. spathiger, N. helvetianus, Oes. radiatum, Oes. venulosum, B. trigonocephalum, B. phlebotomum, H. placei, which also depends on the type of EI are fluctuations with much higher values from 79,0 to 100 %, the II from 372,6±28,0 to 617,0±56,4 ind. Key words: North Caucasus, region, Kabardino-Balkaria Republic, cattle, type of content, bio- and geohelminthes, fauna, view, helminthоsis, epizootology.

32 Postevoy A.N. Modelling of the fastsiolоzis at laboratory animals

The model of a fasсiolez in the conditions of laboratory on white rats and rabbits is provided. The parasitological method of consecutive washings in case of diagnostics of a fasсiolоzis invasion at naturally and experimentally infected animals is studied. The survival indicator fasсioles in an experiment is registered within 35 – 41%. The sizes of adult parasites in an experiment are made by 2,8 and 2,9 cm, under natural conditions – 3,8 cm. In an experiment it is established that the functional condition of blood in case of a fasciolozis invasion is characterized leykocitozis, an eozinofiliya, increase in activity of enzymes of a liver. Key words: invasion, laboratory animal, leykocitozis, cattle, fasciolozis, eozinofiliya.

35 Khlopitsky V.P., Skorikov V.N., Mikhalev V.I. Endometramag-Green® – modern preventive maintenance and treatment of a postnatal pathology at cows without restriction on milk

In article results according to preventive and therapeutic efficiency of new complex preparation Endometramag-Green® in the conditions of manufacture are presented. It is shown, that the preparation is an effective remedy in preventive maintenance and treatment of a postnatal pathology at cows. Except high treatment-and-prophylactic efficiency Endometramag-Green positive impact on regenerative processes of an organism of cows that proves to be true decrease in the service-period and an insemination index makes. Key words: cows, antimicrobic means, postnatal diseases, it is purulent-kataralnyj endometritis, Endometramag-Green®, Мagestrofan®, Akvitin®.


38 Levchenko M.A., Silivanova E.A., Bikinyeva R.H. Application of insecticidal baits for Musca domestica: reality and prospects

There are briefly described methods of control Musca domestica in livestock. The most effective and widespread chemical method of fight against these insects by means of insecticides can be performed in various ways. Use of insecticide baits is most preferable. Authors described modes of action of the insecticides applied and not applied as a part of the baits existing in the Russian market. There is the possibility of increase the effectiveness of the houseflies control by including in baits the insecticides with different modes of action. Key words: disinsection, insecticides, mode of action, Musca domestica.


43 Batracov A.Y., Yashin A.V., Donskaya T.K., Vinnikova S.V. The metabolic state of highly productive cows, its correction and prevention

The organizational and technological causes that disrupt processes of metabolism in cows' organisms are outlined in this article. The negative influence of unbalanced nutrition, incorrect conditions of keeping and wrongs of selective works to physiology and biology processes was reflected in details. Through such mistakes motor, secret, suction, barrier, immune functions are breaking. Besides functions of digestive, cardiovascular, reproduction, urinary, endocrine and neurohumorous systems are breaking too. In this context, some diseases such as ketosis, hepatosis, nephrosis, endometritis, mastitis, pododermatitis, neonatal dyspepsia appear and become a cause of long infertility. This factors increase the number of culling of animals from the herd premature. Adding fiber, propyleneglycols, glycerol, increase of potassium iodide and cobalt chloride to the ration can normalize physical condition of animals and biochemical blood counts of protein and its fractions, urea, urea's nitrogen, glucose, magnesium and chloridis. Due to this diet correction, prophylactic and treatment of group of cows the morbidity of pododermatitis shortened by 23%, the fecundity increase by 18 %, the period of service shorten by 42 days. Key words: metabolic disorders, ketone bodies, hepatosis, volatile fatty acid, hyperglycosemia, endocrine system, correction, propylene glycol, glycerin.

46 Tarnuev A.S., Tarnuev Y.A., Abidueva E.Y. Electrogastrography at horses

In extreme conditions of Zabaykalsky Krai, the Republic of Buryatia and Mongolia the horse is simply irreplaceable as she has high meat efficiency, ability to quickly gain a weight, unpretentiousness to a forage. Horses get forage as wild deer, digging out oddments of herbs from under snow. On endurance they robust and fast on the run, are capable to transfer a hot icy cold, hunger and long driving. Horses of the Transbaikal, Buryat and Mongolian breeds are on year-round pasturable contents. One of the major problems in horse breeding is also body height of incidence among animals which greatest percent is the share of noncontagious diseases. Work is devoted to studying of motor and secretory function of a stomach of horses normal and at pathology by means of an electrogastrography technique, by means of this technique many parties of digestion of pets, birds and fur animals are revealed. Key words: biopotentials, electrogram, the electrode, section of the stomach, muscle wall.

50 Manukyan V.A., Joly J., Tretyakov S.V., Matitsina Y.N. Nutritional additive for prevention of oxidative stress in poultry breeders after peak of productivity

With the purpose to increase birds’ productivity and to low the level of oxidative stress, the French company Qalian has been developed a nutritional additive. A water-soluble tablet Acti’z Anti Ox composites a complex of 4 plants which has a proven antioxidant action, and selenium. Acti’z Anti Ox improves zoo technical parameters at the latter half of productivity period of breeders. Key words: breeders, antioxidant, eggs, hatching eggs, fertile eggs.


53 Shumilova I.N., Kononova S.V., Manin B.L., Koropova N.V., Kononov A.V. Reproduction of lumpy skin disease virus in the cell cultures

In this paper we report the adaptation of LSDV to immortalized cell lines. The most suitable were YADK-04 and TM, which hold promise as sensitive cell types to produce high virus yields. Key words: lumpy skin disease, cell culture, infectious activity, cattle.

57 Nityaga I.M., Usha B.V., Shamanova L.A. Speed control of natural toxicants in production facilities, water and products using immunochromatographic indicator elements

Was tested methods and test-systems using immunochromatographic indicator elements of domestic production for the quick control of Salmonella serogroups A, B, C, D, E, and Escherichia in the facilities of the food and biotechnology industries, in the artificially contaminated samples as well as by direct monitoring of the production of these objects. The effectiveness of control using the test systems as with the registration of the final result both visually and with the reflectometer. Key words: toxicants, control, food production, immunochromatographic indicatory elements.

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