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3 Naimanov A.H., Gulukin M.I., Tolstenko N.G., Vangeli E.P., Kalmykov V.M. Organization of the fight against animal tuberculosis in Russia

The article presents a brief analysis of health measures for bovine tuberculosis in the Russian Federation - from the beginning of these activities to the present. Key words: tuberculosis, cattle, disadvantaged items, instructions, sanitary and veterinary regulations, health measures.



8 Belkin E.A.  Deltanil – the drug of choice at ectoparasitosis of cattle

Diseases caused by different ectoparasites, including tics, lice and gadflies, are ubiubiquitous in beef and dairy cattle. The treatment of livestock with insectoacaricides prevents a decrease in productivity and economic losses associated with ectoparasites. Information on the effectiveness, efficiency and adaptability of the use for this purpose the drug Deltanil (Virbac, France) on the basis of deltamethrin is given. Key words: ectoparasites, cattle, insectoacaricides, choriosis, deltamethrin, Deltanil.

10 Bryuhova I.V., Vostroilova G.A., Nezhdanov A.G., Parshin P.A., Bliznetsova G.N. The therapeutic efficiency of antibacterial drug Primalact in chronic and subclinical endometritis in cows

The article presents data on the effectiveness of the antibacterial drug Primalact for the treatment of chronic and subclinical endometritis in cows. It was found that in the treatment of cows with chronic endometritis using Primalact the efficiency was 90,0 %, which is 12,7 % higher than in the treatment of cows of the basic variant. The use of Primalact for the treatment of cows with chronic endometritis allowed to reduce the period from the beginning of treatment to fertilization in comparison with this period in the treatment of cows with the use of metricur by 1,1 times, the fertilization rate – by 1,2 times and to increase fertilization by 12,3 %. A single intrauterine administration of Primalact in the treatment of subclinical endometritis 6 – 24 hours after insemination was accompanied by a recovery of 86,7 % of the animals, which is 11,7 % higher than in the treatment of metricur, while fertilization was 13,3 % more than in the administration of the comparison drug. The use of Primalact for treatment of cows with chronic and subclinical endometritis demonstrated a positive influence on morphological and biochemical indicators of blood. Key words: cows, chronic and subclinical endometritis, treatment, Primalact, efficiency.



15 Vlasov M.E., Sibgatullova A.K., Balyshev V.M. The course of disease in pigs infected with ASF virus isolates, obtained in different regions of the Russian Federation

The African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) isolated from domestic pigs and wild boars in the Russian Federation in 2016 – 2017 causes animal deaths in acute, subacute and hyperacute forms of the disease without the manifestation of a complex of characteristic clinical signs and gross pathological changes (particular animals infected with the strains isolated from wild boars). These data show that the circulation of ASFV among wild boars in the territory of the Russian Federation may lead to a decrease of virus pathogenicity that makes disease diagnostic and carrying out anti-epizootic measures more difficult. Key words: African Swine Fever, isolates, clinical signs, pathological changes.


19 Aliev A.S., Emelyanova S.A. Test system for the detection of antibodies of the virus of infectious anemia of chickens by ELISA

An ELISA test system was developed for detection the antibodies to the virus of infectious anemia of chickens. It was designed for testing sera in one dilution. Developed test-system has high specificity and sensitivity. Key words: virus of infectious anemia of chickens, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, bird, antigen, antibodies.


24 Trefilov B.B.,  Nikitina N.V.,  Iavdoshak L.I.,  Trubitsyn M.M. Comparative evaluation of antigenicity of live and inactivated vaccines against duck viral hepatitis type I

Specific prevention have an important role in the control of duck viral hepatitis type I. The article presents the results of a comparative evaluation of the antigenicity of live and inactivated vaccines against this disease. There was shown that the inactivated emulsified vaccine has a pronounced antigenic activity and induces the formation of a high level of specific antibodies to its causative agent. The vaccine can be widely used for specific disease prevention in permanently affected farms. Key words: antigen, antibodies, vaccine, duck viral hepatitis type I.



28 Kashkovskaya L.M., Balyshev A.V., Abramov V.E. Efficient coccidiostastic Eimicid for prevention of course eimeriosis

Installed high efficacy of the drug Eimicid in the fighting broiler chickens eimeriosis (96 %). The drug contributes to the safety of poultry stock, provides poultry resistance to disease and maintains productivity. The results of the experiment allow us to recommend Eimicid as the effective drug against eimeriosis. Key words: anticoccidial drugs, salinomycin, Eimicid, eimeriosis, broiler chickens.

31 Trukhina T.I., Solovyova I.A., Bondarenko G.A. Features of the distribution Trichinella spiralis larvae in the muscles of the badger

One of the reservoirs of Trichinella spiralis in the Amur region is the population of badgers. Samples of muscle tissue of 21 badgers from different regions of the Amur Region were investigated for determination the peculiarities of the distribution of trichinella larvae. The extent of invasion in infected animals was 14,3%. The largest number of trichinella larvae in the badger is concentrated in the muscles of the head, and there are no significant differences depending on its side. It is recomended to study badger carcasses for trichinellosis with the selection of muscle samples predominantly from the head. Key words: badgers, intensity of invasion, muscle tissue, trichinella, extensiveness invasion.


33 Nikolaev S.V., Konopeltsev I.G. Efficiency of various therapeutic methods in cows with hypovarianism

Hypovarianism is considered to be the significant problem of a short term economic use of highly productive cows and restoring their reproductive capacity after calving. It is diagnosed in 15,3 % of cases. The article presents data on the therapeutic and economic efficiency of different schemes for the pharmacological agents use in case of hypovarianism in cows and their reproductive function restoration. In the work the authors have tested an oily solution of progesterone, progestamag, cider and follimag in various combinations. The experiments were performed on animals with severe form of illness (when follicles diameter is less than 5 mm, progesterone concentration in the blood is from 0,15 to 1,57 nmol/l and 17β-estradiol concentration  is from 13 to 33 pg/ml) and with mild illness (follicles diameter is 7 mm and more, the level of progesterone in the blood is from 2,15 to 3,13 nmol/l and 17β-estradiol concentration is from 14 to 47 pg/ml). Under severe form of gonatal dysfunction the combination of oligovitis, cider and follimag for 3 months determines the fertilization rate of 60 % of cows with the index being 1,7±0,33 and the treatment cost is 1155,0 rubles. Under a mild form of hypovarianism the combined use of these drugs provides pregnancy in 80 % of animals, and the combination of oligovitis, progesterone and follimag provides pregnancy in 66,7 % of cows and the costs account for 1456,3 rubles and 799,5 rubles respectively for one animal. To prescribe a gonadotropin-releasing hormone to animals with this hypovarianism is not justified. Under a high daily milk yield in cows, progestagens on the prolonged basis and then gonadotropin should be used to restore ovary cycle. Key words: cows, hypovarianism, therapy, conception rate, costs.


38 Kuzmina T.I., Epishko O.A., Usenbekov E.S.  Effect of vitrification on mitoсhondrial activity of oocytes during in vitro maturation

The functional activity of mitochondria determines the ability of donor oocytes to the maturation, fertilization and development of embryos. The functional activity of oocytes mitochondria in conditions of ultra-low temperatures was determenied. Prior to cultivation the level of mitochondrial activity was significantly higher in devitrified intact and treated with follicular fluid oocytes compared with non-vitrified ones. Treatment of oocytes with follicular fluid increased the level of mitochondrial activity in devitrified oocytes at the stages of metaphase I and II. No significant differences were found in native and devitrified oocytes treated with follicular fluid at the stage of metaphase I and II. The results of the research indicate the feasibility of treatment of native oocytes before vitrification by liquid follicles having a diameter ≤ 3 mm. Key words: vitrification, mitochondria, oocyte, pig, follicular fluid.



42 Kоvalionak Y.K., Kurdeka A.P., Kоvalionak N.P., Scherbakov G.G., Yashin A.V., Batrakov A.Y. Absorption pathways of copper in the forms of salt and chelate by the cattle intestines

The aim of the work was to identify the fundamental sources of significant differences in the absorption of copper by the intestines of cattle in forms of salt and chelate. Determined, that the absorption of salt forms of copper is implemented mainly along the transcellular pathway, mainly due to the realization of the mechanisms of secondary active transport. The chelate form of the element most likely absorbed along the paracellular pathway on the flow of absorbing water, changing the physico-chemical characteristics of the tight junctions. Key words: copper, absorption, intestines, bull-calves.


46 Varakin A.T., Salomatin V.V., Kulik D.K., Kochayan V.D., Kharlamova E.A. The change in hematological parameters in boars-producers at the introduction in the rations of mineral additives

The article contains the results of studies of the Volgograd bishofite’s effect separately and in combination with selenoorganic preparation Selenopiran on morphological and biochemical parameters of blood of boars-producers. It is established that it is more intensive metabolism in boars, which treated with these supplements. This is reflected in the increase in blood the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes, hemoglobin, total protein and its fractions, total calcium, inorganic magnesium, vitamins A and E. Key words: boars-producers, ration, natural bischofite, Selenopiran, erythrocytes, hemoglobin,  total protein, blood serum, inorganic magnesium, vitamin A.



50 Keller S. Explanation of the principle of action and the basis of the current innovative means for healthy digestion

The article presents data on the feed additive AVIMATRIX® (Novus Int.) – eubiotic preparation for poultry, meeting the above requirements. Its unique composition provides an optimal balance of intestinal microflora. Key words:            
bird, intestines, microflora, droppings.


53 Doronin M.I., Guseva M.N., Starikov V.A., Lozovoy D.A., Michalishin D.V.  The method of determining the infectious titer of foot-and-mouth disease virus in the material for vaccine using  reverse transcription  polymerase chain reaction in real time

A method for determining the infectious activity of FMDV in the raw material for the vaccine in real time RT-PCR is proposed. There was found a negative regression model to determine the value of the infectious titer of the FMDV on the basis of the values of threshold cycle of amplification. The method is highly sensitive, specific, allows quickly and with a high degree of reliability to evaluate the infectious titer of the FMDV in the raw material for the vaccine. It is reliable and characterized by a high correlation (95,5 – 99,7 %) with the results of virus titration in sensitive cell cultures. Key words: the foot-and-mouth disease virus, the infectious titer, real-time RT-PCR, the threshold cycle.



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